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  1. Hey /r/radiology!
  3. We are conducting a retrospective study, comparing the answers to the clinician, from MR and EUS assays of suspected pancreatic cystic changes. We would love some input on whether our questions to the material is fair to both modalities.
  5. Being 5th semester med students we'd appreciate input from more experienced MR/EUS-practitioners! Are we missing important signs? Are some superfluous? Thanks for your consideration!
  8. These are our questions to the material, same questions to both modalities. Material being the answers that the clinicians receive:
  10. * How is size stated?
  11. A mm
  12. B cm
  13. C some other way
  14. D not in answer
  16. * Are mural processes or solid components mentioned?
  18. * Are there other statements about malignity? E.g. septations, irregular borders?
  20. * How is the relation of the change with the pancreatic duct described?
  21. A There is a connection
  22. B There might be a connection
  23. C There is no connection
  24. D It is located in a side duct
  25. E not in answer
  27. * How is dilatation stated downstream of the change?
  28. A mm
  29. B cm
  30. C some other way
  31. D not in answer
  33. * How is dilatation stated upstream of the change?
  34. A mm
  35. B cm
  36. C some other way
  37. D not in answer
  40. * Is there a strong suggestion of diagnosis?
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