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  1. Error - The previous information relating to Ray Thomas is incorrect. The R Thomas living at 30 , Bolton is infact a Russell Thomas (available to see if you Haydn Thomas at the same address).
  3. In fact Raymond Thomas has a son called Andrew Thomas who was tagged in this picture
  4. and Raymond Thomas liked.
  6. Andrew has a profile of
  8. This leads me to believe Raymond Thomas is in fact MR RAYMOND CLIVE THOMAS who lives at 9 CROWN DALE, TURTON
  9. BOLTON, LANCASHIRE, BL7 0QY as per who is listed as living with an Andrew Thomas upto 2007 aged 64 which is old enough to have a son looking like Andrew.
  11. He is listed as being the director construction companies which may explain his link to Christopher Cook who is a builder by trade.
  14. or
  16. Rays email address to login into Facebook is for or for .
  18. Note: The only hashtag for #smashtheuaf leads to user @brokenbritain1 who also uses a gmail account. This user posted the pic
  20. Now @kafircrusaders also used the same picture This profile also uses a gmail account.
  22. If you also examine the profiles of both @kafircrusaders and @brokenbritain1 they use the term No. 2 I therefore conclude Ray Thomas is Broken Britain and the KafirCrusader.
  24. If you examine the wordpress site of the KafirCrusader it is very Manchester and Bolton based even liking the Bolton EDL site where Ray Thomas is an admin. and the email address of kafircrusader is
  26. Interesting eh.
  28. Supporting the ZHC and Anon.
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