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  1. mukk.barovian: im down is looking to undock carriers
  2. mukk.barovian: I think this is a terrible idea
  3. mukk.barovian: i wish he would go kill a 60 man test drake fleet or something
  4. mukk.barovian: the only activity I see from him is wanting to have carriers fight nastys on station
  5. Makalu: and tomorrow he'll want to login supers
  6. mukk.barovian: id be much happier if he managed to win some fleet fights
  7. smith: he's like Elena
  8. Makalu: i'm either stupid
  9. Makalu: or dumb or something
  10. Makalu: or this is the fucking worst 20 minutes of fleet comms i've ever heard
  11. Makalu: never ever let this guy fc anything half serious
  12. Herc: r we talking about i'm down?
  13. smithjdj: c
  14. Herc: i spoke with him yesterday
  15. Herc: told he to take it easy
  16. Herc: so today we r trying to undock carriers...
  17. Herc: thats
  18. Herc: "interesting"
  20. Kain Rehel [BUSA]: i think we just lost a jf on station to pl, after i did a global not to undock lol
  24. Lee: RDN ran faster than you could say the dot in their name. They didn't even RF the POS on their way out. Unlucky for us the hictor got decloaked too early and the PL cyno masters had ran out of ozone :-/.
  25. avisarfaraz: well, we just need to keep up attacks
  26. avisarfaraz: and keep mopping them up
  27. avisarfaraz: until we can crub their supers
  28. markus.dixon: they keep dropping NAPOCS
  29. markus.dixon: as the answer
  30. alchemy-x: we have an answer for that as well
  31. alchemy-x: << there ya go
  32. markus.dixon: Damn rights Thrashers.
  33. avisarfaraz: good stuff
  34. markus.dixon: are we *ACTUALLY* having a hard time getting Dictors/Hictors in fleet?
  35. avisarfaraz: then we need to kill those
  36. avisarfaraz: we could field mass napocs ~exbob~
  37. avisarfaraz: we need to mop that fleet off the field
  38. avisarfaraz: we've been taking higher than average losses against them as well.
  39. avisarfaraz: If we cant beat that with tengus we can just field our own
  40. Fafer: avicena they have upper hand ith that dread+carriers covered-by supers circle of escalation
  41. Fafer: our napocs would not work
  42. Lee: Farasoloni > good call.. no need to fight 20 dreads v
  43. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they will always have numbers, we need to beat them with firepower
  44. Avicenna Sarfaraz: supers + supers + more supers
  45. Markus Dixon: We need to beat them with Willpower.
  46. Fafer: we need 50 more supers
  47. Makalu: sooner or later PL will leave
  48. Markus Dixon: Whining about "THEY HAVE MOAR THAN US" is tiring
  49. Makalu: PL always leaves
  50. Markus Dixon: Always
  51. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well, if we mop their supers off the field
  52. Avicenna Sarfaraz: which we can....
  53. Fafer: this is a bit different if that moon buff with R64 works out for them
  54. Avicenna Sarfaraz: then there will be no problems
  55. Makalu: avi they have 3x our super amount
  56. Fafer: then they will stay
  57. Makalu: u don't just mop it off the field
  58. Makalu: they rr circle-jerk 700k dps worth of reps
  59. Avicenna Sarfaraz: then we need to focus on getting more of our own supers
  60. Makalu: well we have over 200 supers
  61. Fafer: avicena yes
  62. Avicenna Sarfaraz: bcause this being outnumbered in supers is fucking annoying
  63. Makalu: they just don't login
  64. Fafer: lets grind some and throw 300-400 supers on them
  65. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well, I'll see what I can do.
  66. Avicenna Sarfaraz: on my end.
  67. Fafer: and then mop up to north lol
  68. Avicenna Sarfaraz: we did it to the DRF
  69. Avicenna Sarfaraz: we'll do it the NC
  70. eleila.dostoyevskitty: so if we do log in all super at once and throw at them... thats a pretty big surprise attack!
  71. Avicenna Sarfaraz: you just need one fight to do that
  72. Avicenna Sarfaraz: but those supers would have to stay active multiple days
  73. Avicenna Sarfaraz: until we got the fight
  74. eleila.dostoyevskitty: kinda like how MM got owned by PL eh?
  75. Avicenna Sarfaraz: kind of like how PL got owned by IT
  76. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I dislike the notion that they are supposedly better than us and we cannot fight them toe to toe
  77. Makalu: you don't get super numbers until u start using supers actively for at least some time
  78. Lee: we cannto suprise them
  79. Lee: like they cannto suprise
  80. Lee: us
  81. Avicenna Sarfaraz: then dont
  82. Lee: 2 many spyes
  83. Avicenna Sarfaraz: just roll them
  84. Avicenna Sarfaraz: It did not care, it just put the dick on the table
  85. Makalu: and we can't use supers in our preset state
  86. Makalu: i already used them once
  87. Avicenna Sarfaraz: yeah
  88. Makalu: and we all saw the result
  89. Lee: yep
  90. Makalu: they had 100 super son the field
  91. Makalu: we've never even fucking fielded 100 supers
  92. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well, corps have not been working on getting new supers and new super pilots
  93. Lee: just do this psihycal war..push them..raiden push them..2 time today they go to fountain for nothing
  94. Lee: etc etc
  95. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its a scaling problem
  96. Makalu: the only time we even came close was c-j
  97. Makalu: with solar
  98. Makalu: we had over 100 yes
  99. Makalu: but that took months of war
  100. Makalu: and omg everyone log in cta
  101. Makk: I see avi is online, I like your speeches about justice and tire irons , how you been man???
  102. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if people arent interested in getting supers and KEEPing them on standby we get this prbolem.
  103. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I've been good
  104. Avicenna Sarfaraz: either way I will leave it to the pros of the war
  105. Fafer: we are doing good goven the circumstances, and its good strategy, but i feel we need to build and/or get more supers regardless - perhaps we can combine with raiden
  106. Makalu: i still maintain that u don't need to drop supers to win
  107. Makalu: but that's me
  108. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well, I want to kill those supers
  109. Makk: Thak says we should come together one day and drink like mad, how do u feel bout that
  110. Avicenna Sarfaraz: iI dont just want to win the war
  111. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I want to crush PL
  112. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and by crush I mean rape them in berlin crush
  113. Makalu: can we stay on topic here
  114. Avicenna Sarfaraz: anyways yes
  115. Lee: problem is they ar eusing regulr caps in format and to counter that quality we need to use caps and if we use caps they will use supers and we cant use we just need to push and we will c who go crazy first..
  116. Lee: ceos directors to explain members etc etc
  117. Avicenna Sarfaraz: RUTZ will have to start doing lots of damage
  118. Avicenna Sarfaraz: on my end we'll kick the pilots into gear
  119. Makalu: rutz can't win a ustz war
  120. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its not about winning
  121. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its about butchering
  122. Avicenna Sarfaraz: causing lots of havoc
  123. Makalu: these people don't care if they die
  124. Makalu: they lost 15k ships last month
  125. Makalu: most alliances would disband
  126. Avicenna Sarfaraz: then we help them out of them
  127. Makalu: after losing 15k ships
  128. Avicenna Sarfaraz: you beat someone with a tire iron hard enough
  129. Avicenna Sarfaraz: eventually they go braindead
  130. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and eventually they stop breathing
  131. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they need to lose the big fights with their egoes on the line
  132. Lee: this will be long and most of time borgin war and we need to exaplin no commetns like why w dont jump in them etc etc..
  133. Avicenna Sarfaraz: when they realize they ar egoing to die, they will panic
  134. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if they dont care its our job as -A- to ramp up killing them
  135. Avicenna Sarfaraz: 24/7
  136. Avicenna Sarfaraz: every minute
  137. Avicenna Sarfaraz: every day
  138. Avicenna Sarfaraz: every major system
  139. Lee: we cant m8
  140. Makalu: what do u think we've been doing? :P
  141. Lee: be realistic
  142. Avicenna Sarfaraz: yes
  143. Lee: we ar epushing them hard but we cant hit major systems
  144. Makalu: well we can
  145. Makalu: we've done it to drf
  146. Makalu: but that was a bit different
  147. Fafer: it was different
  148. Avicenna Sarfaraz: this war machine is driven by ideology
  149. Makalu: drf actually eventually cared if they lost shit
  150. Avicenna Sarfaraz: you have to break em
  151. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they wont break easily because they are loyal to reddit/sa
  152. Fafer: we will need to rf something so it gets out in our tz
  153. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its a matter of decapitating their super / cap supremacy
  154. Fafer: i think we can alarmclock moe than them
  155. Makalu: nothing will get out in our tz
  156. Avicenna Sarfaraz: which until we can counter they have an advantage
  157. Makalu: everything is fucking timed for ustz
  158. Makalu: and that's where we won the drf war
  159. Makalu: it wasn't all fucking timed for god knows what
  160. Makalu: except for c-j6
  161. Makalu: which was one system
  162. Makalu: which we brought 1000 people for eventually
  163. Lee: if they dotn use caps ok Hey You asked me todya 10 tiems to use sueprs on them i say no, so no caps no chance for us to make them like 40 50 bilions
  164. Makalu: and roflstomped them
  165. Fafer: well, we continue what we do ofc .. and get more supers
  166. Lee: we can make like 5 10 20 max
  167. Lee: yep
  168. Fafer: i would like to kill their supers
  169. Lee: only that we can
  170. Lee:
  171. Makalu: u don't fucking get more supers
  172. Makalu: as u get new supers
  173. Makalu: old supers go afk
  174. Makalu: the total number of active supers never fucking goes up
  175. Makalu: if i ask for supers right now i'll get 10
  176. Makalu: maybe 15
  177. Lee: yep
  178. TJ: ye
  179. TJ: but we need to use them
  180. TJ: if we use them often
  181. TJ: people have them
  182. TJ: keep them
  183. Fafer: no - how then others get that numbers
  184. TJ: but right now
  185. TJ: we dont use them
  186. Fafer: they did effort ove time
  187. TJ: PL uses them
  188. Fafer: so can we
  189. TJ: so they have high activity
  190. Makalu: yea cause right now if i use them i will get 3x the number dropped back on me
  191. Makalu: that i can't do jack fucking shit about
  192. TJ: ye thats the tricky bit
  193. Lee: hard 2 use them when they have so many spyes , effective use i dotn sya ninja 10 min ..
  194. Makalu: and 1000 test that will log in
  195. Makalu: to the cries of supers tackled
  196. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well when it comes to psies
  197. Avicenna Sarfaraz: spies cant do shit if you can overpower the enemy
  198. Makalu: people i'm fucing telling u
  199. Fafer: well alot of us has more than 30 years are we old enough to get one let it loged of and in like 6months-year we get again all and stomp them
  200. Eleila Dostoyevskitty: if we throw supers at somewhere else other than PL, wouldn't it bring all the afk supers back? then once we have enough people that are active we can get a true estimate of our strength?
  201. Makalu: the biggest single issue
  202. Makalu: is stupid USTZ timer
  203. Lee: we cannot overpower them lol
  204. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they have only been a factor due to our numberical and hardware is inferiority.
  205. Fafer: with 100-150
  206. Makalu: our hardware is not inferior
  207. Makalu: it's superior in many respects
  208. Makalu: PL doesn't log in
  209. Avicenna Sarfaraz: x3 times supers
  210. Makalu: until someone cries supers tackled
  211. Avicenna Sarfaraz: Supers = deciding factor
  212. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if we had = super hardware then we'd rip them all apart
  213. Makalu: and i can't guarantee that if i use supers tomorrow i won't welp again
  214. Makalu: yes i probably won't
  215. Lee: then we lose.. dont relay on suepers in this war..offensive one..
  216. Makalu: given that i've only welped supers once
  217. Avicenna Sarfaraz: shit happens
  218. Avicenna Sarfaraz: Im not worried about losing supers
  219. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I want to win the war
  220. Makalu: yea most peope in this channel aren't worried
  221. Makalu: the average scrub
  222. Makalu: is
  223. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if we can kill goons and pl and all of them I'll sacrifice the whole super fleet
  224. Eleila Dostoyevskitty: wouldn't crush their apoc fleet be a pretty good blow? if we cant work on their supers atm
  225. Avicenna Sarfaraz: winning at the end of the day is everything
  227. Lee: trench war like WW1 just keep pushin and we do what we do till now..
  228. Makalu: holy shit
  229. Makalu: get that across your brains people
  230. Mr Ozz: :^)
  231. Makalu: stop leaving in a fucking fantasy world where we kill goons
  232. Makalu: living*
  233. Makalu: they will die evetually
  234. Mr Ozz: lets go step by step, trashing armor BS rdy in 4-0 ?
  235. Makalu: on their own
  236. Lee: cant crash apocs till they ar esuported by multiple caps carier and dreds
  237. Makalu: but
  238. Lee: not possible with subs
  239. Makalu: just how they can't kill us
  240. Makalu: THEY CAN'T
  241. Makalu: we can't kill them
  242. Makalu: it's very fucking simple
  243. Eleila Dostoyevskitty: goons reminded me of that southpark episode, How do you kill, that which has no life?
  244. Lee: yep Maka is right
  245. Avicenna Sarfaraz: you do enough damage to something it will go down
  246. Makalu: our ideology is "you can take our space, you can kill our ships, and you can force us to LGK
  247. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if you dont even try you will never do.
  248. Makalu: and we don't give a flying fuck
  249. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and it works
  250. Makalu: we will annoy u till u leave
  251. Makalu: goons is...we will just blue enough fucking people
  252. Makalu: until we beat u
  253. Mr Ozz: =========================================================
  255. get trashing armor BS in 4-0, and u will see waht will happen in few days
  257. =========================================================
  259. PS: Avi, we will kill goons, 1 day
  260. Lee: i wanted to try m8 now we have bombers and all ready but why to try when they have 4 carriers and 18 dreads on fleet what to try there..
  261. Avicenna Sarfaraz: too me goons = everything allied with em they arent just gsfed
  262. Lee: we could kill 5 10 and lost entiire bs fleet..
  263. Makalu: unfortunately most people will blue goons over us
  264. Makalu: cause it's the easy fucking way out
  265. Avicenna Sarfaraz: thats fine, and we will kill our way through em
  266. Avicenna Sarfaraz: just like fucking drf
  267. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if you beat the retard with a tire iron hard enough
  268. Avicenna Sarfaraz: eventually it will stop breathing
  269. Makalu: well i'll tell u how we beat drf
  270. Makalu: drf ran out of people
  271. Avicenna Sarfaraz: the rule applies to anything
  272. Makalu: plain and simple
  273. Makalu: these guys aren't going to run out of people anytime soon
  274. Makalu: cause all the newbies in eve
  275. Makalu: join them
  276. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its a decimation war
  277. Fafer: good point maka
  278. Makalu: you wanna figure out how to fix that part?
  279. Makalu: be my guest
  280. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I've done it
  281. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I've wiped goons off the map like 4 times
  282. Makalu: test has 8k people
  283. Makalu: back then
  284. Makalu: goons weren't 50k people
  285. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they arent gonna be easy
  286. Eleila Dostoyevskitty: wait a few years so all the newbies become old vet and rage quit due to drama
  287. Makalu: right now it's a fucking numbers game
  288. Fafer: we all knew this will take long
  289. Makalu: all our l33t pvp tactics go out the fucking window
  290. Makalu: and btw
  291. Fafer: but hey we are not in lgk
  292. Makalu: wanna know what happens when we take back half of querious?
  293. Makalu: i'll tell u
  294. Makalu: goons and their blob will come back down
  295. Makalu: and take it all back in 5 days
  296. Avicenna Sarfaraz: so?
  297. Avicenna Sarfaraz: thats the cost of doing business
  298. Makalu: and then we gonna spend the next 5 months fighting shitty ustz timers
  299. Lee: if we take 4-9 we will take all thrust me..) but we cannot take 4-9 atm..or anytime soon..but we need to keep pushing..
  300. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I have faith in our people to win
  301. Avicenna Sarfaraz: So the details mean little me other than the end result
  302. Makalu: this doesn't depend on just us
  303. Makalu: unfortuinately
  304. Makalu: drf war depended on just us
  305. Avicenna Sarfaraz: emphasis = end result
  306. Avicenna Sarfaraz: then thats for herc to sort out
  307. Makalu: drf was always gonna die
  308. Avicenna Sarfaraz: politics etc
  309. Makalu: it was just a matter of time
  310. Avicenna Sarfaraz: but all eve gangbanging goons
  311. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and their friends
  312. Avicenna Sarfaraz: I think odds may turn around for us
  313. Fafer: theres alway question - do we make our own propaganda, do we recruit kitchen sink newbs and thrw them to them - but then we become like them
  314. Fafer: that we cant do i hope
  315. Avicenna Sarfaraz: there is enough angry people who dislike the enemy enough to want to party.
  316. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its also a matter of turning our own machine on
  317. Makalu: i have no interest in a 8000 man alliance
  318. Avicenna Sarfaraz: we could do it with our current size, activity however is another problem
  319. Fafer: or find some braindead people who can withstand newbs and let them make newb ally in our bloc perhaps
  320. Makalu: http://evemaps.dotla...e_Please_Ignore
  321. Makalu: these guys are gonna reach 10k soon
  322. Makalu: this is fucking retarded
  323. Makalu: http://evemaps.dotla...warm_Federation
  324. Makalu: 156 corprotations (worry)
  325. Avicenna Sarfaraz: yes
  326. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and these are abominations in eve
  327. Avicenna Sarfaraz: that need to be destroyed
  328. Avicenna Sarfaraz: so we can have proper fucking fights
  329. Avicenna Sarfaraz: without half of map vs half of map
  330. Avicenna Sarfaraz: its more than just a "fuck test lol"
  331. Fafer: i dont think there is way back to proper fights
  332. Makalu: 1.  Fatal Ascension  Fatal Ascension  20  Show on universe map57  2436  26
  333. Avicenna Sarfaraz: probably not
  334. Fafer: now that this box has been opened for so long
  335. Makalu: 12.  RAZOR Alliance  RAZOR Alliance  16  Show on universe map68  3265
  336. Makalu: 14.  Tribal Band  Tribal Band  15  Show on universe map41  3250
  337. Makalu: fucking tribal band
  338. Makalu: has 3k people
  339. Makalu: that is fucking retarded
  340. Makalu: 15.  Executive Outcomes  Executive Outcomes  14  Show on universe map50  1185
  341. Makalu: 16.  Gentlemen's Agreement  Gentlemen's Agreement  14  Show on universe map17  1705
  342. Avicenna Sarfaraz: well that is the nature of this game
  343. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if you cant get better people
  344. Avicenna Sarfaraz: get more
  345. Avicenna Sarfaraz: doesnt matter if they are spineless
  346. Avicenna Sarfaraz: that is what we are fighting
  347. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if you want to fight numbers then you have to have them
  348. Avicenna Sarfaraz: at least to a comparable degree
  349. Avicenna Sarfaraz: if we dont have numbers, we need hardware
  350. Avicenna Sarfaraz: they have shit people with some elite bandwagoner faggots with some nice gear in good numbers
  351. Avicenna Sarfaraz: and they are using the numbers to get an edge on us
  352. Avicenna Sarfaraz: there are ways to counter but its not pretty
  353. Avicenna Sarfaraz: this is becasue of CCP's koe toeing to the cool kids
  354. Avicenna Sarfaraz: either way we are where we are and its a matter of winning the long game
  355. Avicenna Sarfaraz: also goons without mittens would be game set match in about 2 weeks
  356. Avicenna Sarfaraz: goons are chairman mao's prc
  357. Avicenna Sarfaraz: test is less structured to die like that, though I think test is more susceptible to a collapse given the right conditions
  358. Avicenna Sarfaraz: so either way we just need to keep rolling with the punches
  359. Magnifikus: 352 messages in 4 hours
  360. Magnifikus: are you kidding me? ^^
  361. TJ: a scoll bar is useful
  362. organics this is good stuff
  363. mukk.barovian: Rand McKikas < spy and needs to be booted
  364. Makalu: what corp/alliance?
  365. mukk.barovian: trying to bump our cs out of a pos
  366. mukk.barovian: I can link in game
  367. Makalu: well is it -a- or en garde?
  368. Makalu: cause i can deal with that right now :P
  369. Makalu: if not then not
  370. lucifer.bigpud: rookie empire
  371. Makalu: change pos password
  372. Makalu: and be done with it
  373. organics.....: super tackled, need more in fleet
  374. Mr Ozz: whos supers ?
  375. organics.....: goon
  376. markus.dixon: Nice work
  377. markus.dixon: raped that guy
  378. Fafer: please poke your members Lee's CTA is today in 10 minutes
  379. Fafer: wrong date in mail
  380. Lee: same shit we will have them always
  381. Lee:
  382. eleila.dostoyevskitty: why are there test n PL on the goon super km? also is the montolio's 'get your shit out of deklein' thing real? ;p
  384. Lee: guys wtf is this fit 200 in allianc e120 in fleet from all alliances
  385. Lee: they have 200 rokhs atm and bobmers fleet 24 hour
  386. Lee: and half ppl whoa re bulshiting in ali chat right now are not in single fleet or bobmers or main one
  387. Mr Ozz: guys
  388. Mr Ozz: i want towers in K-6 like now
  389. Mr Ozz: every corp PUTS 1 tower each
  390. Makalu: u people need to fucking relax
  391. Makalu: like seriously
  392. Makalu: towers/rfing 49-u
  393. Makalu: u are killing our own people more than test is
  394. Makalu: by doing this shit that doesn't need to be done right now
  395. Mr Ozz: // example of pos , u can put more RES modules
  396. Mr Ozz: and welcome back maka
  397. Magnifikus: maybe seperate reimburseable from cta?
  398. Magnifikus: on midterm you grind cta participation down
  399. Magnifikus: k-6 tower serious? because its alot with covert haulers ^^
  400. Mr Ozz:
  401. i would like to see this1, with spare web/warp strup
  402. Mr Ozz: this kind of tower have 250m EHP
  403. Mr Ozz: to rf it they need dreads = fun to kill some idiot in SIEGE !
  404. Mr Ozz: dread in ssiege can not be REP remotly, so = DEAD with easy fleet, and u can always hide in pos
  405. Mr Ozz: come on guys, USE so imaginantion
  406. Mr Ozz: if they want to rf 5-10 pos they need dreads, nothing esles will shoot it, in sub fleet it will take ages ^^ so form up bomber and bomb the shit, anyway, w/e they do u can have nice green dreads on KB or plenty bs/bc
  407. Mr Ozz: fuel for 2 weeks and strond for 1.5 day
  408. Magnifikus: we are going online soon™ :P
  409. Magnifikus: need a titan in 49- soon too ^^
  410. Mr Ozz: good, use titans to bridge shit, i adivce to do it now fast or before DT, so they dont kill it
  411. Mr Ozz: when its not online
  412. angelroid1: "Do you remember Love"
  413. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: (Macross reference?)
  414. angelroid1: Oh man, a refined gentleman with tact and good acts
  415. angelroid1: I salute thee
  416. avisarfaraz: I love macross
  417. avisarfaraz: "3
  418. avisarfaraz: :3
  419. Magnifikus: can we cycle 4-0 please?
  420. alchemy-x: jammer is down already and beacon up
  421. Magnifikus: need to get the towers in ^^
  422. Magnifikus: 18:48:47 Notify You are unable to generate a cynosural field while there is a jammer present and active somewhere in this solar system.
  423. alchemy-x: wtf
  424. alchemy-x: ok give me a sec will turn it off
  425. angelroid1: Macross ftw
  428. Makalu: pop cyno 5s before shields go up
  429. Makalu: jump in jump freighter
  430. Makalu: done
  431. David: ^
  432. Makalu: just make sure the pos is configged so u don't bump out
  433. Magnifikus: and get banned
  434. Makalu: and so that the field goes up
  435. Makalu: since when do u get banned for that?
  436. Makalu: it's not an explot
  437. Magnifikus: its an exploit
  438. spc...: you get banned for that ?
  439. Makalu: exploit*
  440. David: bot an expliot..
  441. David: if it is, show me the notes that say so..
  442. David: not..
  443. Magnifikus: http://community.eve...&nid=1906&tid=1
  444. Magnifikus: since 2008
  445. Makalu: inside yea
  446. Makalu: while it's online
  447. Makalu: no one said anything about while it's onlining
  448. David: to bad they added the ability to turn them up manually now..
  449. Magnifikus: find out how gms interprete it
  450. David: that is for people who coast their ships into the shields to save the cyno.. that is a long standing one..
  451. Magnifikus: no
  452. Magnifikus: gaining certain advantages for themselves and their cyno-jumping allies
  453. Makalu: good thing no one that i know has ever been banned for it
  454. Makalu: and just about everyone has done it
  455. spc...: yea i think this was the case of bumping cyno ship into forcefield..
  456. Magnifikus: diff?
  457. David: not worth the discussion here tbh, but if I chose to jump to my cyno, then A) a force field go up for the first time after, or B) I enable the force field per the current game mechanics - I will take my chances with CCP.
  458. spc...: yea
  459. David: pretty sure I know what they answer to a petition would be if I jumped to a cyno, warped to a POS, but the shield were not up ( had not put in the password) and someone killed me..
  460. Makalu: also honestly the whole bumping fucking hard can it be to not let a cyno ship into pos?
  461. Makalu: i mean seriously it's a single fucking if statement
  462. David: no shit...
  463. David: IF cyno THEN no letty inny POS
  464. David:
  465. Magnifikus: how easy would it be to fix titan jump bug? ^^
  466. Magnifikus: so easy is no argument for ccp :P
  467. spc...: yea i agree with you maka
  468. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: Funny thing is you do not light cyno in forcefield.
  469. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: you light outside and drift in
  470. spc...: but ccp wants to do UI canges, instead of simple if statements
  471. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: so by the letter of that statement you have not lit inside.. thus not breaking rules
  472. Torin Zece  /TorinZece: (my 2 cents)
  473. Magnifikus: to be secure, you can selfestruct be cynoship before ff goes up, when you have never ever a cyno in a forcefield ^^
  474. Makalu: i'll take my chances with ccp
  475. Makalu: if they wanna ban me...well i'll just have a few thousand accounts unsub
  476. Makalu: and we'll see how they take it
  477. Magnifikus: jita burns 2.0?
  478. organics.....: lolol
  479. Magnifikus: free maka
  480. Makalu: i'm pretty sure enough ccp gms play themselves
  481. Makalu: to not be completely oblivious to who is who in game so...
  482. Magnifikus: can you jump some jfs in k-6 for me? ^^
  483. spc...: lol jita burns
  484. Makalu: let me see where my JF is
  485. Makalu: as long as i can get escorted into 49
  486. Makalu: yup i got a rhea in 4-0
  489. LAMBF Solon101: done
  490. Makalu: oh shit lambf has supers outside anomolies
  491. Makalu: that's fucking amazing
  494. Theng Hofses: This is a trusted channel and allies are not here... it even takes a lot of -A- corps a while to get here
  496. mukk.barovian: im not going to put heavy assets into 49- when the enemy have active fcs
  497. mukk.barovian: last night PL had FCs fighting us until after midnight
  498. mukk.barovian: some night when it gets slow and I can confirm none of the PL guys are around to stop us I'll kill 49- sbus
  499. avisarfaraz: Keep fighting and butchering them. You are doing good mukk
  503. mukk.barovian: lack of titan was killer
  504. Magnifikus: are you sure that raiden is also joining hbc?
  505. Magnifikus: hard to believe finfleet with goons
  506. Magnifikus: wtf
  507. Herc: yes
  508. Herc: 100%
  509. Herc: catch etxt
  510. Herc: in private
  511. avisarfaraz: Fucking IT traitors.
  512. avisarfaraz: This time they die for good.
  513. Herc: feel free to rage at them
  514. Herc: as former IT/BoB IT
  515. markus.dixon: Nail them to the cross. Well crucify them together.
  516. avisarfaraz: I alteady told ya I'll execute all of them
  517. Magnifikus: tomorrow 21eve raiden teamspeak, killboard, timerboard and other webtools will go offline enough for me
  518. Herc: ...
  519. avisarfaraz: Im the only IT ceo that has m
  520. avisarfaraz: Not went blue with em
  521. Theng Hofses: Don't do anything illegal, but if you have the legal rights to it, by all means
  522. markus.dixon: They gonna get raped when they try and launch an offensive against us.
  523. Herc: no they'd win
  524. Herc: they have complete and utter super-cap advantage
  525. Herc: + meatshield
  526. Lee: sigh
  527. Magnifikus: its lot illegal, their contract is running out on first of september
  528. Lee: but we cna fight and have fuuuuuuuuuuuun
  529. Lee:
  530. Theng Hofses: we will fight
  531. Theng Hofses: we have no other choice
  532. Lee: even if i have 10 choice i would pick fight
  533. Lee:
  534. Theng Hofses: Ave imperator morituri salutant
  535. Lee: rofl
  536. avisarfaraz: I want yo burn them all to the ground
  537. markus.dixon: BEAT THE WAR DRUMS - Shits about to get real.
  538. avisarfaraz: Ugh I hate digi keyboard
  539. markus.dixon: Burn them all to the ground.
  540. mukk.barovian: half our losses were failfits
  541. mukk.barovian: nice little skirmish with test and pl
  542. mukk.barovian: we lost the isk war by a little bit Im sure3
  543. avisarfaraz: I will destroy all former bob it corps
  544. avisarfaraz: You heard it here.
  545. Lee: muk m8 we lost 8 ships not 800.. ppl love to fight it wass perfect m8 if i was FC we would have 25 kils 40 loses for sure..)))
  546. Lee: so you played perfect
  547. markus.dixon: Between makka, mukk and lee and the others. We got the best team ive ever seen.
  548. Herc: ^^ yes we need to fix that
  549. markus.dixon: Something im proud to be a part of.
  550. avisarfaraz: We need to get our fcs more super pilots to cmd
  551. Lee: ahahah noooooo i cant fix that im same person 8 year in EvE.. ppl who flying long time with me know that..
  552. Herc: we'll fix it
  553. mukk.barovian: we did just fine
  554. avisarfaraz: If we need rants
  557. avisarfaraz: At the end of the day justice is on our side
  558. avisarfaraz: justice always prevails
  559. Herc: LGK will prevail!
  560. avisarfaraz: we're just gonna need a kicker corpse awake it's time to work.
  561. avisarfaraz: Kick our corps*
  562. eleila.dostoyevskitty: so majority of the old bob/IT forgot about the whole 'eternal war with goons' thing rite?
  563. avisarfaraz: They are spineless egoists
  564. avisarfaraz: they gave up what made them better than everybody else years ago
  565. avisarfaraz: I found that out the hard way in Fountain when IT collapsed.
  566. eleila.dostoyevskitty: miss the whole 'we are better than you/nice region we will take it' attitude, it is all about rifter swarm and overblob supercap now
  567. avisarfaraz: triple A is that were better than you/ nice region will take it alliance now
  568. avisarfaraz: why do you think I join AAA out of everybody else
  569. Herc: Avi - you joined cause we beat you in IT war
  570. Herc: or should I say
  571. Herc: we did not die when you made us go to LGK
  572. eleila.dostoyevskitty: probably like this
  573. Herc: and than we prevailed
  574. avisarfaraz: triple A is the new Bob did you know it was all planned out at the barbecue
  575. eleila.dostoyevskitty: I make a killer ribs
  576. Herc: too bad molle is inactive
  577. avisarfaraz: I can call him if you'd like
  578. Herc: nah
  579. Herc: if he has time - he wil come back
  580. Makalu: guys everyone make sure all your stations are set for europrime please
  581. Makalu: i have a feeling these faggots might try something sooner or later
  583. mukk.barovian: pl forming rohks for a visit
  584. mukk.barovian: pl stand rohks down and call me a coward on kugut
  585. mukk.barovian: pl mad
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