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How to win an argument

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  1. Key steps to winning an argument
  3. 1. Call the enemy debater's authenticity into question with by calling their key-points 'shitty' and
  4. 'dookie' ; the more vulgar you are here the more credibility you gain.
  6. 2. Throw a few unknown words from a thesaurus into the argument. It doesn't even matter if you used the words correctly.  Make your superior intelligence known.
  8. 3. Make sure to let them know you're an expert in the field especially if you don't anything about the topic.  This is helping out your validity.
  10. 4. Inflate your argument with made up statistics that are stacked in your favor.  the greater the hyperbole
  11. the better.
  13. 5.  If they ask you a question. Slam a few 'wow's or 'seriously's in mock disbelief to their face. They would dare question you? This argument isn't even worth your valuable time.
  15. 6. If all else fails just state the obvious and state the obvious, "I win, bitch"
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