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installing ettercap on backtrack 5r1

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  2. How to install Ettercap-0.7.4 on Backtrack 5r1
  3. tutorial by gh0st
  5. Big Shouts to my brothers at irc.anonops.li #anonops and #antisec
  6. especially ShitStorm and Poke (your guys commitment to Anonops is greatly appreciated and respected)
  7. daboogieman and evilworks (thank you for all of your hard work as well)
  9. Well it has been 6 long years since there has been and update from the great guys at Ettercap, but after all of
  10. that waiting our requests have been answered with Ettercap 0.7.4 codename Lazarus!
  12. As of writting this very simple tutorial the great and truly amazing and hard working guys at Backtrack have ye/t
  13. to add the new Ettercap version into their repo's collection. This is understandable since they are very busy over
  14. there at Backtrack so if you want to use the new version of Ettercap you are going to have to install it the old
  15. fashioned way...but don't worry it is not as hard as you may think...
  17. Here we go!!!
  19. Step 1.  Download ettercap, which you can get at: http://ettercap.sourceforge.net/
  21. Step 2.  You are going to need to install some dependencies in order for ettercap to work, some can be installed
  22.          from backtrack's repo's.
  24. Step 2a. apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libpango1.0-dev
  26. Step 3.  You need to install libnet which you can get here:
  27.          http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Libnet-Download-10275.html
  29. Step 3a. you can download libnet to any directory that you choose for this tutorial we will download
  30.          libnet into our root directory /root
  32. Step 4.  root@bt: tar -zxvpf /root/libnet-  (this will extract everything to directory -> libnet)
  34. Step 4a. root@bt: cd /root/libnet
  36. Step 4b. root@bt:~/libnet# ./configure, make, make install (this will install libnet for you)
  38. Step 5.  Okay now all the dependecies are install now we can get to the fun part!
  40. Step 6.  Go back to the directory that has the ettercap file (ettercap-0.7.4.tar.gz) in this case it is our root
  41.          directory.
  43. Step 6a. Untar it root@bt# tar -zxvpf /root/ettercap-0.7.4.tar.gz
  45. Step 7.  root@bt# cd /root/ettercap
  47. Step 7a. run the autogen.sh file in the ettercap directory root@bt:~/ettercap# ./autogen.sh
  49. Step 7b. Okay after you have run the autogen.sh shell script you will need to run ./configure in the ettercap
  50.          directory only you need to tell the ./configure script where you install the libnet directory
  51.          so we do this:
  53.          root@bt:~/ettercap# ./configure --with-libnet-includes=/root/libnet/include --with-libnet-libraries=/root/libnet/include/libnet
  55. Step 8.  make, make install
  58. Congratulations you have just successfully install Ettercap 0.7.4 codename Lazarus!
  60. root@bt:~/ettercap# ettercap --help
  62. ettercap NG-0.7.4_git copyright 2001-2011 ALoR & NaGA
  65. Usage: ettercap [OPTIONS] [TARGET1] [TARGET2]
  67. TARGET is in the format MAC/IPs/PORTs (see the man for further detail)
  69. Sniffing and Attack options:
  70.   -M, --mitm <METHOD:ARGS>    perform a mitm attack
  71.   -o, --only-mitm             don't sniff, only perform the mitm attack
  72.   -B, --bridge <IFACE>        use bridged sniff (needs 2 ifaces)
  73.   -p, --nopromisc             do not put the iface in promisc mode
  74.   -u, --unoffensive           do not forward packets
  75.   -r, --read <file>           read data from pcapfile <file>
  76.   -f, --pcapfilter <string>   set the pcap filter <string>
  77.   -R, --reversed              use reversed TARGET matching
  78.   -t, --proto <proto>         sniff only this proto (default is all)
  80. User Interface Type:
  81.   -T, --text                  use text only GUI
  82.        -q, --quiet                 do not display packet contents
  83.        -s, --script <CMD>          issue these commands to the GUI
  84.   -C, --curses                use curses GUI
  85.   -G, --gtk                   use GTK+ GUI
  86.   -D, --daemon                daemonize ettercap (no GUI)
  88. Logging options:
  89.   -w, --write <file>          write sniffed data to pcapfile <file>
  90.   -L, --log <logfile>         log all the traffic to this <logfile>
  91.   -l, --log-info <logfile>    log only passive infos to this <logfile>
  92.   -m, --log-msg <logfile>     log all the messages to this <logfile>
  93.   -c, --compress              use gzip compression on log files
  95. Visualization options:
  96.   -d, --dns                   resolves ip addresses into hostnames
  97.   -V, --visual <format>       set the visualization format
  98.   -e, --regex <regex>         visualize only packets matching this regex
  99.   -E, --ext-headers           print extended header for every pck
  100.   -Q, --superquiet            do not display user and password
  102. General options:
  103.   -i, --iface <iface>         use this network interface
  104.   -I, --iflist                show all the network interfaces
  105.   -n, --netmask <netmask>     force this <netmask> on iface
  106.   -P, --plugin <plugin>       launch this <plugin>
  107.   -F, --filter <file>         load the filter <file> (content filter)
  108.   -z, --silent                do not perform the initial ARP scan
  109.   -j, --load-hosts <file>     load the hosts list from <file>
  110.   -k, --save-hosts <file>     save the hosts list to <file>
  111.   -W, --wep-key <wkey>        use this wep key to decrypt wifi packets
  112.   -a, --config <config>       use the alterative config file <config>
  114. Standard options:
  115.   -U, --update                updates the databases from ettercap website
  116.   -v, --version               prints the version and exit
  117.   -h, --help                  this help screen
  120. Well i hope this tutorial has been helpful and enjoy ettercap it is such a great application!
  122. NOTE: it has been said on certain other linux distro's that you may have to restart to get ettercap working but this was not
  123. the case with Backtrack 5r1 it worked right away.
  125. NOTE: ettercap-gtk worked right away as well which you can run for either command line: ettercap -G or from the kde/gnome menu
  127. Again, i hope this was helpful!
  129. -gh0st
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