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  1. Why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech, and what do you hope to contribute to our community? (1,000 char limit)
  2.         I see my attendance at Georgia Tech as a way for me to aggrandize my knowledge, to utilize my talent, and to obtain a studious, yet satiable experience. Academically, I have prepared myself for the rigor Georgia Tech offers, this rigor is rather captivating to me.  I love a challenge and am more than willing to give the time and effort needed to achieve academic success.  For the community, I intend to invoke the leadership, social, and athletic skills I have gradually and intimately attained. I intend to contribute expediently to campus clubs, such as Robotics, Starcraft, and Tennis.  Particularly through Starcraft, often described as "Chess at a thousand miles per hour," I hope to significantly ameliorate Georgia Tech's CSL Team.  After having played Starcraft for one year, starting at rank 1,241,427, I achieved GrandMasters status for the North American server at Rank 31. In my attendance at Georgia Tech, I will strive to contribute significantly to academics and to the community.
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