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  1. We will not forget!
  3. We do not forgive!
  5. 16.03.2014 y KiberBerkut stopped the attack defenseless NATO resources
  7. We affirm the termination KiberBerkut DDoS-attack resources http://ccdcoe.org/, http://nato.int/ and http://nato-pa.int/. draw the attention of European taxpayers wasting your money on software notorious cyber defense. If NATO can not protect their resources, the protection of personal data of ordinary Europeans can not be considered.
  9. 15/03/2014, the NATO attacks KiberBerkut
  11. We KiberBerkut will not allow the presence on the territory of the NATO occupation of our homeland! Ukraine at the request of the Kiev junta wielding group of students under the guidance of Tallinn kibertsentra NATO (NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defence Centre of Excellence), who called themselves maydanovskoy "Kibersotney." Hiding behind them the west leads active propaganda among the Ukrainian population through the media and social networking, blocks objective sources of information, concealing criminal activities, calling themselves the "legitimate authority." To help maydaunam arrived in Kiev all color kiberrukovodstva NATO headed by Colonel Arthur Suzikov. We KiberBerkut, we want to say to Mr. Suzikov: "Rather Go home, and save your kibertsentr. And we strongly recommend that you change your password on your computer." We KiberBerkut declare that today at 18:00 we launched an attack on NATO resources:
  18. http://ccdcoe.org
  19. http://nato.int
  20. http://nato-pa.int
  21. We appeal to NATO kiberbanditam: "Get away from the Ukrainian land!"
  24. 03/14/2014 of DDoS
  26. From 12.00 today we have launched DDoS attacks on the media sector to sell the rights:
  27. http://litsa.com.ua
  28. http://viche.lutsk.ua
  29. 13.03.2014, NATO launched a fight against the Ukrainian people at the request of Ukrainian Government
  31. In Kiev it-arrived group of NATO experts for information processing Ukrainian public According to our source in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine illegally appointed Defense Minister I. Tenyukh ordered to meet at the airport in Kiev team of specialists Tallinn Cyber ​​Defence Centre of the North Atlantic alliance NATO. Group of foreigners arrived on a special flight of military transport aircraft of the U.S. Navy on March 9. arrived in the amount of 16 people techies NATO going to come to grips information processing of Ukraine's population, according to U.S. technology information warfare. Will be blocked objective sources of information and social networks. Particular attention is paid to them to restrict access to the Ukrainians ruskoyazychnyh media and Internet resources. As reported, the following steps coup organizers in Ukraine have taken on the recommendations of their European and American advisers and focus on distortion to your advantage and justify their aggressive actions in the eyes of the "public." photo telegrams from the Defense Ministry on behalf Tenyukh the arrival of the group of NATO kibertsentra . benefited from http://www.euromaidanu.net/archives/83
  39. 13.03.2014 No comment was
  41. Document Lviv branch of the party "kick." No comments yet. document for download
  42. 13.03.2014 was Hacked mailboxes parties "Blow" and "Fatherland"
  44. We KiberBerkut, like most people in Ukraine do not agree with the policy that the dictation of radical right sectors spend rulers impostors. Some identified themselves as prime ministers, interim president, others have dreams as president. But in fact - it is political traitors who are creating their dirty deeds in their own interest. They have already removed from the political arena of possible competitors, and soon claw each other.
  45. We do not agree with this situation and will do everything possible to deal with it, and with these "national leaders" and their pocket parties. We hacked mailboxes regional branches of the party "kick" in Lviv, Lugansk, Khmelnitsky, Donetsk and "Fatherland" in Lugansk. There are many interesting documents for the Ukrainian public. We promise the most honest election in the history of Ukraine, but pay attention to one of the documents, "Damages," as they troll, but essentially tricked! That's how these "Marichky and" Petrik "Now we are deceiving. And after the election of the interests of the people completely forget. Will feed the oligarchs and led them to the authorities right sector. " We offer links to archives: New
  55. 13.03.2014, the DDoS
  57. Confirm that the DDoS attack on sold out radicals media:
  58. http://expres.ua
  59. http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  60. http://strelaua.com
  61. continues. Sites "lie" with 16.00 12.03.2014 The impact of mobile phones on the same continues. UPD: problem filmed 13.03.2014 at 22.00 g
  62. 12.03.2014, the DDoS
  64. From 16.00 today we have launched DDoS attacks on the media sector to sell the rights:
  65. http://expres.ua
  66. http://sfera-tv.com.ua
  67. http://strelaua.com
  68. At the same time we block work up to 800 phones belonging participants neonatsistkogo movement in Ukraine.
  69. 12.03.2014 y banderlog
  71. We appeal to you, Bandera and aspiring people, duped and brainwashed them, in fact your dirty pisulek on our page.
  72. first. Immediately clear what you are uneducated, illiterate, and about the culture and say nothing. Right that you banderlog called! So you only place in Europe. They have a lot of zoos.
  73. second. Once you bark at us, then we are on the right track. Dogs bark, the caravan moves on! More we will not see and hear, and we press only!
  74. 08/03/2014 Citizens of Ukraine!
  76. KiberBerkut appeals to you, who care about what is happening in our homeland, to you, who understands that appeared in Ukraine neo-nationalists and anti-Semites russophobes should be punished for their crimes.
  77. Please send information about crimes committed by radical personal message on our Facebook page. We are interested in the facts of the crimes, names, names of criminals, email addresses, and phone numbers. And criminals should be punished!!
  78. 03/07/2014, the illegitimacy of the NSDC KiberBerkuta
  80. We remind you illegally appointed to the National Security Council that will fight your criminal gang Nazis and illegitimate activities!
  81. We demand the immediate release of people's governor of Donetsk Paul Gubaryov!
  82. appeal to law enforcement officials - not cooperate with criminals!
  83. 06.03.2014, the Hi Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko!
  85. We "KiberBerkut" to announce that today the political traitors, seized power in Kiev as a result of the neo-fascist coup in his betrayal had gone too far. We have learned that the new regime did not trust his people and ignoring his free will do everything so that our country was occupied by NATO troops, the U.S. private military companies and has become a platform for the deployment of U.S. missile defense. Apparently, we were not heard, but we were ready for it. Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko, as you like to record phone conversations between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and Ashton? Get ready yet and not to such surprises!
  86. Given the sharp aggravation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine, gross violations of the Constitution and laws of the country, the inalienable rights and freedoms, including the right to life, freedom of thought and expression, the right to speak their language, we " KiberBerkut "to announce that we have stopped the countdown and taking action.
  87. You Yatsenyuk Klitschko Tyahnibok and parolees Tymoshenko missed your chance, and you will not be spared. Have you had a chance to save themselves and prevent the development of tragedy in Ukraine, but you went ahead and want to hide from the people behind the NATO soldiers and more ready for this trade of our country. We "KiberBerkut" you do not let them. We help preserve the independence of Ukraine from military aggression of the West, ready to defend the government of neo-fascists.
  88. We have already been blocked by the work sites:
  89. http://banderivets.org.ua/
  90. http://helpmaidan.org.ua/
  91. http://maidanhelp.com.ua/
  92. http://maidansupport.com/
  93. http://tavrijci.org/
  94. http://samooboronaua.org/
  95. http://qha.com.ua/
  96. http://rada.gov.ua/
  97. http://kmu.gov.ua/
  98. http://article20.org/
  99. http://gordonua.com/
  100. http://tyzhden.ua/
  101. http://hromadske.tv/
  102. http://ua-ru.info/
  103. We will block every major resources from which being fascist and nationalist propaganda. Today it will be:
  104. http://rnbo.gov.ua/
  105. http://tsn.ua/
  106. http://aktsent.com.ua/
  107. http://nashkiev.ua/
  108. http://i.ua/
  109. During last week we were constantly blocked phones coordinators fascist groups, trying to prevent the possibility of escalating violence in the Ukraine. Today we will block more than 700 phones junta members, coordinators of neo-fascist groups and other participants coup. KiberBerkut We! We will not forget. We do not forgive.
  111. 03.03.2014, the
  114. Ukrainian people! Today fascists invaded our capital! Corrupt politicians use them to any means to seize power in the country. So they use and those who still believe in fairy tales about happy and carefree life in Europe. All these yatseniuk Nicknames and do not think about ordinary people and not going to make their lives better, and the crowd on Independence does not even know about it. While the "revolutionary masses" waiting for manna from new rulers unhappy before Rada of Ukraine, the crowd swells in helmets rampant in captured towns and on roads where rob and kill. They are cunning "mentors" who told a Bandera, but forgot to tell how he had finished, and both finished their shameful way all his followers. Evil with which they want to build the Great Ukraine was always punished. So it was and will be! They know it and so hide their faces behind masks. Only it will not save them! Today, when they celebrate their psevdopobedu prowl and cast them to mock cities in search of gratuitous profit, we, "KiberBerkut" declare "Right sector" outside the law. We announce the hunt for criminals neo-fascists! They can not be saved and will not escape retribution! Everyone will answer for their actions! As a die-hard "Berkut" stood up to the end, and "KiberBerkut" will hunt fascist scum until destroy her! Today we started hacking sites to plug the flow of lies terrified the media! We declare that we will defend Ukraine, save up its history and protect the future of its people!
  116. http://shtefuriak.com.ua/
  117. http://lustration.org.ua/
  118. http://kiomag.net/
  119. http://mb-kurier.com.ua/
  120. http://avers.cv.ua/
  121. http://samish.com.ua/
  122. http://andinna.com.ua/
  123. http://hotel-leoton.com.ua/
  124. http://lounge-bar-prime.com/
  125. http://karpatzirka.com.ua/
  126. http://tay-sen.com.ua/
  127. http://boris.cv.ua/
  128. http://orion.cv.ua/
  129. http://tudan-auto.cv.ua/
  130. http://eraled.com.ua/
  131. http://gluharei.net/
  132. http://proggroup.com.ua/
  133. http://ckbk.com.ua/
  134. http://dh.cv.ua/
  135. http://vasha-bezpeka.cv.ua/
  136. http://tutelarix.com/
  137. http://karate-do.com.ua/
  138. http://aktoriya.com/
  139. http://golossokal.com.ua/
  140. http://gytja.com/
  141. http://instrumbud.com/
  142. http://narodnasprava.com/
  143. http://shackijkraj.com/
  144. http://tutbud.com/
  145. http://tutlife.com/
  146. http://vbusk.com/
  147. http://vulyk.info/
  148. http://vzhovkvi.com/
  149. http://zhovkivchanka.com/
  150. http://batkivshina-kiev.com.ua/
  151. http://miroshnychenko.ua/
  152. http://vmu.ssu.gov.ua/
  153. http://bilshe.info/
  154. http://gentnews.com/
  155. http://british-express.net/
  156. http://donbas.net/
  157. http://trost-rada.org.ua/
  158. http://uzinform.org.ua/
  159. http://uzinform.com.ua/
  160. http://visti.if.ua/
  161. http://viche.rv.ua/
  162. http://zunr.net/
  163. http://zunr.info/
  164. http://expres.rv.ua/
  165. http://panorama.biz.ua/
  166. http://kyokushinkay.od.ua/
  167. http://odessafrb.od.ua/
  168. http://sdam.co.ua/
  169. http://obljust.rv.ua/
  170. http://sfera-tv.com.ua/
  171. http://pilon.rv.ua/
  172. http://avtovokzal-kiev.ua/
  173. http://kassa.net.ua/
  174. http://reisy.com.ua/
  175. http://versii.net/
  176. http://kv.com.ua/
  177. http://tachki.ua/
  178. http://1tovar.com/
  179. http://odessa-life.od.ua/
  180. http://highway.ua/
  181. http://foros.tneu.edu.ua/
  182. http://rovenkismi.com.ua/
  183. http://1-12.org.ua/
  184. http://5ek.com.ua/
  185. http://apologet.kiev.ua/
  186. http://bestlink.net.ua/
  187. http://chigirinzapovidnyk.org.ua/
  188. http://dssz.gov.ua/
  189. http://eap-csf.org.ua/
  190. http://edu-mns.org.ua/
  191. http://electrol.lviv.ua/
  192. http://hankevych.lviv.ua/
  193. http://itstep.lviv.ua/
  194. http://jcc.org.ua/
  195. http://kbp.co.ua/
  196. http://kda.org.ua/
  197. http://khotkevych.org/
  198. http://kotelyak.com.ua/
  199. http://kp-osvita.org.ua/
  200. http://medkol.cv.ua/
  201. http://miskrada.sokal.lviv.ua/
  202. http://monastyr.kiev.ua/
  203. http://npf-dnister.com/
  204. http://odkb.dp.ua/
  205. http://partner-visa.com.ua/
  206. http://perejaslav.km.ua/
  207. http://phrases.org.ua/
  208. http://portfinvestment.com/
  209. http://rivne-cerkva.rv.ua/
  210. http://sokal-rda.gov.ua/
  211. http://teplointeh.com.ua/
  212. http://upa.in.ua/
  213. http://vidomosti.kiev.ua/
  214. http://vw.lviv.ua/
  215. http://wsfiz.in.ua/
  216. http://vinnitsa.info/
  217. http://zhitomir.info/
  218. http://nuczu.edu.ua/
  219. We "KiberBerkut"! We will not forget and will not forgive!
  220. Home
  221. Video
  222. Contacts
  223. FacebookVkontakte 271Twitter  
  224. Cyber ​​Berkut
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