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  1. Dear Email user
  4. You have won the sum of {Three Million Pounds £3,000.000.00}from windowLive Award Program and your email address was generated in the recently drawn of windowLive Award Program for Last Quarter of the Year 2013. Payable through our Paying Agent in South Africa. This Unique Program is Organized Every year to create and improve a larger awareness record for all internet usage for worldwide.
  6. Kindly note that Your Ref: MDB/929/2013 falls within our Afro booklet Regional Headquarters representative office in Johannesburg, South Africa as indicated in the play coupon. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential until your claim is processed to avoid double claim.
  9.  Your winning details Below
  10.  Reference Number: MDB/929/2013
  11.  Amount Won: £3000.000.00
  12.  Payment File Number of Deposit:PPC/ZA5622/2013
  14.  You are hereby advised to Contact our Paying Agent (Payment Processing Center) for Immediate release of your fund.
  16.  Contact Persons: Mrs.Linda Rose
  17.  Direct Line: +27-74-460-5818
  18.  E-mail:
  20.  Full Names:
  21.  Sex:
  22.  City:
  23.  Country:
  24.  Direct Mobile:
  25.  Age:
  26.  Occupation
  27.  Email:
  28.  Alternative Email
  29.  Reference No:
  30.  File Number of Deposit
  32.  Congratulations'' once again from all our Staff and thank you for being part of our Promotions Program
  34.  Yours Truly,
  35.  Onbehalf of WindowLive Award Team
  36.  copyright©2013 window live Inc
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