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#OpWTF Intro

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  4. Hello people of the world.
  6. For a long, long time we have known that the #ITU (International Telecommunication Union) had internet governance takeover contingency plans scheduled for May 2013. This is known as #WTPF13, or the World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Policy Forum.
  8. The #ITU would rather you not know hear anything at all about #WTPF13 if they can help it and we hope to change this.  Having observed the #ITU at length, pressured it to open itself to the world before #WCIT12, and having participated in #OpWCIT, we see no signs of the #ITU backing away from its attempt at statist and hegemonic control.  We call for a  new effort to address the May meeting - #OpWTF.
  10. Many people are not aware that the ITU planned #WTPF13 with net governance proposals even before #WCIT12 began. In fact, Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of the #ITU on Jan. 10, 2013 released a 4th draft of #WTPF13 proposal supporting net governance takeover by the ITU. It is here:
  11. http://www.itu.int/md/S12-WTPF13PREP-R-0005/en This report will be the basis for the agenda of the meeting in May.
  13. Unfortunately the #ITU is still largely closed to public comment and does not provide a way for the public to give feedback on this report.  We encourage you to send them your opinions at the emails below:
  15. Emails: (Send to all three to make sure it gets through, not known which will work or be blocked in future)
  16. petko.kantchev@ties.itu.int
  17. petko.kantchev@itu.int
  18. 5ko.kantchev@gmail.com (gmail from pdf http://files.wcitleaks.org/public/Delegates List, 28 Nov 2012.pdf)
  20. Hamadoun Touré
  21. Secretary-General
  22. International Telecommunication Union
  23. Voice:  +41 22 730 5111 (ITU Switchboard, Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)
  24. Fax:    +41 22 733 7256
  25. Email:  itumail@itu.int (In subject or body send "Attention to Hamadoun Touré and Other ITU")
  27. International Telecommunication Union
  28. Place des Nations
  29. CH-1211 Geneva 20
  30. Switzerland
  32. We also encourage you to discuss action about what you want to do about this upcoming and ongoing #ITU threat to the net, any action you want to add to #OpWTF, at:
  33. irc.anonops.com / http://1.webchat.anonops.com
  34. Channel: #OpWCIT
  35. [At the time of the publication of this paste there is no channel for #OpWTF, so please dive into #OpWCIT and chat as #OpWCIT is the established channel.]
  37. Further information:
  39. http://pastebin.com/M8ykxmNt
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