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  1. Who made first non-stop flight in a single-seat aircraft from the United States to France across the Atlantic Ocean?
  3.     H.Farman
  4.     Ch. Lindbergh
  5.     P. Nesterov
  7. Who was the first man to break the sound barrier?
  9.     H. Rudel
  10.     Ch. Yeager
  11.     V. Chkalov
  13. What happens to your plane's speed when it dives?
  15.     It increases
  16.     It decreases
  17.     It stays the same
  18.     The aircraft explodes
  20. What happens to your plane's altitude if you perform a “chandelle"?
  22.     It increases
  23.     It decreases
  24.     The aircraft explodes
  25.     It stays the same
  27. Which was the best plane of WW2?
  29.     The Bf-109
  30.     The B-29
  31.     The IL-2
  32.     The Supermarine Spitfire
  33.     There were many good aircraft it is difficult to choose one
  35. What nation aircraft are you planning to fly in WoWP?
  37.     Only USSR aircraft
  38.     Only US aircraft
  39.     Only German aircraft
  40.     Only Japanese aircraft
  41.     I will fly the aircraft I enjoy, regardless of its national origin
  43. What will you do if you find forbidden content on the forums?
  45.     I will close the page
  46.     I will press the “Report” button
  47.     I will share the link with my friends
  48.     I will create topic on forum about it, to draw community’s attention
  49.     I will repost it onto social networks
  51. Which country made exceptional contributions to the aircraft industry of WW2?
  53.     Germany
  54.     The USSR
  55.     The USA
  56.     Various nations. It is impossible to choose one country and ignore the contribution of the others
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