A.U.O. CAST OFF (Translation might not be exact)

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  4. No way! Are you guys geniuses or something!?
  5. I tried so hard to keep you alive until the very end.
  6. If you'd just stayed locked up, you'd painlessly melt away, giving you a peaceful death.
  8. MC:
  9. Judging from Elizabeth's reaction,
  10. This seems to be the final puzzle.
  12. As I step forward to tell her to get out of Sakura's body,
  13. Gilgamesh suddenly calls out.
  15. Gilgamesh:
  16. Stop there, Master. Your job is to collect pictures. Allow me to discipline that worthless dragon.
  17. You should already know this, but you're about to reveal your third SG, are you not?
  19. MC:
  20. Third SG...?
  22. N-no, I don't understand at all, and the "Five Halted Mindfulnesses" isn't responding either.
  24. Gilgamesh:
  25. Hah hah hah hah. You have quite the rotten personality, to be feigning such ignorance.
  26. However, I will not allow it. It is a king's right to strum a pitiful girl's majestic voice.
  27. Even I can solve problems myself once in a while. You may just stand there and admire my royal authority.
  29. Elizabeth:
  30. Wh-what do you want, Gorgeous? Now that I think about it, you've been acting strangely mature this time around...
  31. B-but your eyes are as unsightly as ever. You're a snake. They embody everything about men. Their ruthlessness, their cruelty, their lack of delicacy. All in your snake eyes!
  32. The one I want to bully is that baby squirrel over there. I never called for you, but I'll let you off just this once. Now get lost.
  34. Gilgamesh:
  35. Hmph. I am not someone to be abused, you unsophisticated dragon's daughter. And, I am sorry. I apologize for my insensitivity.
  37. MC:
  38. Whaaa, bu-
  39. H-he really apologized!
  40. It was just a little bit, but that King of Heroes just lowered his head and expressed regret!
  42. Elizabeth:
  43. Wait, what are you apologizing for!?
  44. I never wanted you to-
  46. Gilgamesh:
  47. No, as a representative of men, I apologized for not paying attention to a girl's finer points.
  48. That's all, O Chaste Dragon. I'm sorry for ignoring you all this time, in spite of your appeal.
  49. You may take this as an apology. Here we go... King Of Heroes: Cast Off!
  51. Elizabeth:
  52. Waaaaaaaaaah!?
  54. MC:
  55. What the heck!?
  56. Has he turned into a Berserker!?
  58. Elizabeth:
  59. Eeeeeeeeeek! Creeper, creeper, creeper! Why are you exposing yourself in public!?
  61. Gilgamesh:
  62. Your embarassment is only natural. My naked form surpasses even the finest diamonds in this world. It must be even better for a virgin.
  64. MC:
  65. Huh?
  66. V-virgin, meaning Elizabeth?
  68. Gilgamesh:
  69. But, I shall forgive your chastity. Why don't you come closer? I shall grant you the king's favor!
  71. Elizabeth:
  72. A-a-a-a-a-a etc.
  74. MC:
  75. Elizabeth's entire body is turning red with embarassment, and probably anger as well.
  77. I don't want to believe it... but, that means the last SG is...
  79. Elizabeth:
  80. Are you retarded!? Who are you calling a virgin!? As if I'd be impressed by th-
  82. Gilgamesh:
  83. Then come closer. If you are so experienced, whether you stare even more intensely or not doesn't matter. (Not sure about this line)
  85. MC:
  86. And the naked king strikes a rather captivating pose.
  87. The effect is immense.
  89. Gilgamesh:
  90. Now, charge, [name]!
  91. Hahaha, now's not the time to be awestruck!
  93. MC:
  94. I reject that with all my might as I run towards Elizabeth.
  96. I'm sorry, Elizabeth... I'm really sorry.
  97. I'm so sorry for bringing such a servant here!
  98. --
  99. I got it. I took it from Elizabeth.
  100. Elizabeth's face looks so red from the shock that she could start emitting steam at any moment.
  101. --
  102. It's so unlike her, and I can't see any sign of damage on her body.
  104. Perhaps she wants to burst apart and disappear from this place.
  106. Elizabeth:
  107. You gorgeous creeper! Save me, father, there's a nudist after me!
  109. Gilgamesh:
  110. Hm, that was not according to plan. Worthless dragon, my numbing majesty should have left you on the floor.
  111. But, that was not your fault. I may just be too beautiful.
  112. She sought beauty in her own twisted way. Realizing the mistake in her methods must have left her trembling in fear.
  114. MC:
  115. I'll leave that with no comment.
  117. I can't tell what can of worms I'd be opening up with any unnecessary remarks.
  119. Rin:
  120. ...Well. That King of Heroes can be really dumb at times.
  122. Rani:
  123. There's a fine line between that and genius, I guess. The student council has decided to delete those five minutes from the records.
  124. President [Name], don't bring that up again, and get back to work on eliminating the virus.
  126. MC:
  127. Rani's completely right.
  128. I'll leave the question of whether he cast off just to mess with Elizabeth, or if he was serious untouched.
  129. Right now, I need to focus on saving Sakura.
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