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Cloaks of Skyrim: Unique Cloak Hints and Locations

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  1. - within the hole of the blind's temple, an orc warrior breathed her last.
  2.         Temple of Xrib in Sightless Pit
  4. - after the Great Collapse of Winterhold, the fallen washed up while survivors crawled into nearby caves along the coast of the Sea of Ghosts.
  5.         Bleakcoast Cave
  7. - even the ancients of the Voice welcome a warm mantle on their shoulders.
  8.         High Hrothgar
  10. - an unknown, unnamed traveler, honoured in the Pass.
  11.         Wayward Pass, south of Alftand
  13. - his death may have been skeevers or suicide, but this poor farmer perhaps unknowingly had something of great worth.
  14.         Lund's Hut
  16. - flowing fresh water, the colour of a forest. An unwise place for a camp, it seems.
  17.         Greenspring Hollow
  19. - a gory seat, with vampires ready to prey on the unwary traveling from the south into Skyrim.
  20.         Bloodlet Throne
  22. - South of the Watch, and West of the Mill, a Nordic tomb contains something long-since abandoned.
  23.         Angarvunde
  25. - Two great conflagrations, one north, one south. Something remains amongst the ash.
  26.         ???
  28. - Within the Temple of corruption, bringing the day to an end.
  29.         Nightcaller Temple
  31. - Beneath crossed swords of gold, something scurries.
  32.         Riften Ratway
  34. - within the hideout of the misplaced blade
  35.         Lost Knife Hideout
  37. - if an orphan's tear were to travel south-east, the crumbling walls of a fort may welcome it.
  38.         Fort Hraggstad
  40. - draw a line between two towers; one a stone, the other of frost. There you will find a cave of the fallen.
  41.         Hob's Fall Cave
  43. - a place of burial, where resides the Pale one. A fallen adventurer carried something ancient.
  44.         Frostmere Depths, within Frostmere Crypt
  46. - in a corner, the Dunmer lament the loss of their once-great Gnisis.
  47.         New Gnisis cornerclub, top floor
  49. - at the eye of a goddess, where water ripples.
  50.         Mara's Eye Pond
  52. - the resting place of a legend, with wings of crimson
  53.         Rebel's Cairn
  55. - west of an abandoned prison, north-west of the hideout of the misplaced blade, a tomb in danger of being defiled
  56.         Hillgrund's Tomb
  58. - within the temple of the man who ascended to become one of the Divines.
  59.         Temple of Talos
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