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  1. # Maintainer: Denis Moiseev <fystep@mail.ru>  ### You are the maintainer of this package. Contributors are previous maintainers and/or the ones suggesting improvements to your packages
  2. pkgname=libreoffice-presentation-layouts      ### You don't need to list _me_ here, though ^^
  3. pkgver=3.3
  4. pkgrel=2
  5. _rpm=OpenOffice_org-templates-presentation-layouts-3.0-11.1.noarch.rpm
  6. pkgdesc="Layouts for LibreOffice"
  7. arch=('any')
  8. license=('GPL')
  9. url="http://opensuse.org/"
  10. depends=(libreoffice)
  11. makedepends=(rpmextract)
  12. source=(http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/OpenOffice.org:/STABLE/openSUSE_11.3/noarch/$_rpm)  ### The official mirror: faster and more up-to-date downloads
  13. md5sums=('e59de5657335c062e15ac18b00cea6f9')
  14. pakcage() {             ### Only packaging is being done in the process
  15.   rpmextract.sh $_rpm   ### No need to cd to "$srcdir" ($startdir/src) - we are already there
  16.   cp -r usr/ "$pkgdir"  ### This is the preferred syntax: '$pkgdir' (and '$srcdir') is shorter, while the quotes (") allow building even if '$pkgdir' (the build destination dir) contains spaces
  17. }                       ### In addition in this package the permissions are fine but in most cases the files need to be moved with "cp -a" (to preserve the permissions)
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