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Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.1

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  1. Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.1
  3. =============================================================================
  4. More Info & Download Link:
  6. =============================================================================
  7. Microsoft Toolkit Changelog:
  8. 2.5.1
  9. -Added Channel Switching of Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 pure edition (SP1 not in Updates folder).
  10. -Allow AutoKMS to use EZ-Activator routines using command-line parameters (AutoKMS.exe /EZActivator).
  11. -Fixed Show CMID not working due to being located in 1 of 2 different WMI SPP providers depending on OS.
  12. -Fixed Show Unlicensed display never showing if you have no keys installed.
  13. -Improved Channel Switcher unsupported detection.
  15. 2.5
  16. -Added ability to specify KMS Hardware ID.
  17. -Added KMSPID option to reuse the last KMSPID from KMS Activation.
  18. -AutoKMS gives messages about what type of KMS Server it is connecting to.
  19. -Can install AutoKMS alongside KMS Server Service to be able to use it for LocalHost KMS Activation.
  20. -Disabled DefaultKMSPID as a valid option for KMS Server Service (please change it to RandomKMSPID if you have it set to DefaultKMSPID)
  21. -Fixed KMS Server Service Installer arithmetic overflow by changing the way Service Handles were compared to NULL
  22. -If KMS activation fails twice with DLL Injection, kill KMS Connection Broker with each further attempt
  23. -KMSPID options (not for KMS Server Service) set to ReuseKMSPID by default.
  24. -Use DLL Injection is now the default LocalHost Bypass method
  26. 2.5 BETA 5
  27. -Added DLL Injection LocalHost Bypass Method
  28. -Create and Delete IP Routes with Win32 API instead of command line
  29. -No longer require SFX EXE files to Remove or Restart TAP Adapter
  30. -Prevented exception when LocalHost Bypass IP in in use when using TAP Adapter Bypass
  31. -Retry up to 10 times if using LocalHost Bypass and you get 0xC004F074 error
  32. -Set DHCP and Static IP addresses on TAP Adapters using WMI instead of command line
  33. -Warning if more than 1 TAP Adapter is installed before Activation
  35. 2.5 BETA 4
  36. -Fixed registry exception if installing a new TAP Adapter
  37. -If another TAP adapter is using the LocalHost Bypass IP that adapter will be set to DHCP
  38. -More WinDivert failure logging to distiguish it as the cause of 0xC004F074 activation failure
  39. -TAP Adapter used for activation will be automatically removed, and without VPN disruption
  40. -Updated WinDivert to 1.1.1
  41. -Using 2 variants of TAP Adapter based on current TAP Adapter to avoid VPN conflict
  43. 2.5 BETA 3
  44. -Automatically add and remove Windows Firewall permissions
  45. -Updated WinDivert to not need MSVC++ Runtimes
  46. -Using external loader for WinDivert to allow multiple runs in one MTK instance.
  48. 2.5 BETA 2
  49. -Added LocalHost Bypass options
  50. -Added WinDivert as a LocalHost Bypass method
  51. -Always use IP Configuration in new LocalHost Bypass Settings
  52. -Autodetect usable TAP Adapter
  53. -Detect TAP Adapters with numbers (#2) in the name
  54. -Enable All Disabled TAP Adapters on Install Check
  55. -Fixed License Backups Browse button
  56. -Restart TAP Adapter if we change IP Address or set MediaStatus
  57. -Set MediaStatus=1 on IP Change or TAP Listener Start
  58. -Verify TAP Adapter IP was set to avoid invalid IP parse exceptions
  60. 2.5 BETA 1
  61. -Added functions to get MSDM and Default Product Keys
  62. -Automatically use TAP Adapter if using localhost (IP, localhost string, or Machine Name) on KMS V6.
  63. -Detect OEM:DM Keys for License Backup and Restore
  64. -Full KMS Activation support for Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Office 2013 using KMSEmulator (requires TAP Adapter).
  65. -Improved Network Drive Check.
  66. -License Backup and Restore will not prompt for Windows Embedded Volume Keys (such as Windows Thin PC).
  67. -Renamed Check/Show Registry to Check/Show System.
  69. 2.4.9
  70. -Activation won't crash if attempting to activate KMS V6 clients (which currently can't be activated).
  71. -EZ-Activator will attempt to install Windows Embedded Volume Keys (such as Windows Thin PC).
  72. -License Backup and Restore supported for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  73. -Updated functionality and inclusion of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM Keys.
  75. 2.4.8
  76. -KMS Server Service will properly use Application Specific KMS PID.
  78. 2.4.7
  79. -Fixed crashes on Windows Vista.
  80. -Fixed Windows Version number detection for Windows Vista and Windows 8.1.
  82. 2.4.6
  83. -Added Windows 8 Embedded Industry KMS keys.
  84. -Fixed KMS Server Service crash (most common on Windows XP).
  85. -Removed use of embedded KMS Client for boosting KMS Server Client Count on real servers.
  86. -Unified Windows Embedded product key sections.
  87. -Using pure .NET KMS Server for activation.
  89. 2.4.5
  90. -Fixed OS Version internationalization bug that would cause OS Detection to fail or trigger an Exception.
  92. 2.4.4
  93. -Added support for more product key types in PIDX Checker.
  94. -Added support for Windows 8.1 BETA.
  95. -AutoKMS and AutoRearm now have a Login Scheduled Task.
  96. -Better handling of read-only folders and locked ISOs for Customize Setup.
  97. -Compiled as AnyCPU.
  98. -EZ-Activator will check for KMS Server Service before installing AutoKMS.
  99. -Fixed some Yes/No prompts not working.
  100. -Get Rearm Count works on products now, without any license file manipulations.
  101. -Improved Microsoft Office 2013 Channel Switcher compatibility.
  102. -Improved PIDX Checker and added support for more key types such as CSVLK Keys.
  103. -KMSEmulator loaded from DLL in memory instead of vbc.exe.
  104. -Saving Settings will restart KMS Server Service.
  105. -Settings that use a NumericUpDown control can be typed in now.
  106. -Updated KMSEmulator and KMS Server Service.
  108. 2.4.3
  109. -All KMS PID Settings default to RandomKMSPID due to KMS PID blacklisting.
  110. -Disable all KMS Server Service settings if it is not installed.
  111. -Fixed AutoKMS Scheduled Task paths breaking if you installed or removed Custom Task after rerunning the program.
  112. -Using new program icon.
  114. 2.4.2
  115. -Added warning prompts for Rearm and Microsoft Office Uninstaller.
  116. -Allow KMS PID to have a 5 digit LCID.
  117. -AutoKMS Scheduled Task works when the local calendar is not Gregorian.
  118. -KMS Client used to charge a KMS Server with insufficient client count now works on KMS Servers running Windows Vista.
  119. -More options for KMS Server Service.
  120. -Settings moved to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft Toolkit. Please delete or move your old settings.
  121. -Show KMS Server PID in License Check for KMS Activated licenses.
  122. -Support for newer Microsoft Office 2013 installers in Channel Switcher.
  124. 2.4.1
  125. -Fixed broken validation of custom KMS PID in Settings.
  127. 2.4
  128. -Full KMS Activation support for Windows 8/Server 2012 and Microsoft Office 2013 using KMSEmulator.
  129. -Prevent clicking Credits, Readme, or Settings when the Progress Bar is active.
  131. 2.4 BETA 9
  132. -Added new EZ-Activator (no Retail to Volume conversion).
  133. -Added Microsoft Office 2013 Uninstaller.
  134. -Better error checking for Customize Setup.
  135. -Better handling of setting KMS Host and Port.
  136. -Customize Setup will warn on unsupported Microsoft Office Setup Version and disable Change Channel button.
  137. -Documented Settings in Readme.
  138. -Settings file is formatted and indented to be more readable.
  139. -Updated KMS Client to support Windows Vista/Server 2008 only KMS Servers.
  140. -Updated Microsoft Office 2010 Uninstaller.
  142. 2.4 BETA 8
  143. -AutoKMS and AutoRearm will now run Scheduled Tasks on battery power.
  144. -Can Add Language using a Single Language Pack ISO.
  145. -Changed Default KMS PID.
  146. -Delete Empty Folders left behind by Activation Tools such as AutoKMS.
  147. -Fixed Channel Switcher not detecting Microsoft Office 2010 Standard.
  148. -New Settings Editor.
  149. -Optimized WMI calls to SPPSVC/OSPPSVC.
  150. -Replace all KMS Host/Port entries to avoid conflicts.
  151. -Show expiration date for BETA products.
  153. 2.4 BETA 7
  154. -Activate and AutoKMS will charge a KMS Server's Client Count if it is determined to be too low.
  155. -Activate will stop KMS Server Service, and restart it when done.
  156. -Added ability to restore Microsoft Office 2013 activation on Windows 8 to a different Windows 8 Edition.
  157. -Added KMS Server Service as an Activation Tool.
  158. -Added SharePoint Designer 2013 Product Key.
  159. -AutoKMS will not attempt to activate a KMS Host Key mistakenly.
  160. -Better clearing and setting of KMS Hostname and Port if it has been set using other methods.
  161. -Blocked running from Network Drive.
  162. -Can KMS Activate Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 7 (but not Windows 8) offline.
  163. -Customize Setup's Add Languages lets you integrate multiple languages at once.
  164. -Customize Setup's Add Updates lets you integrate multiple updates at once.
  165. -Fixed a License Restore bug on Windows 8 where tokens could not be deleted/replaced.
  166. -Fixed Remove Language always saying you only have one language installed.
  167. -If you get C004F074, KMSEmulator is started and any processes using the KMS Port are killed, to ensure KMSEmulator runs.
  168. -KMS Server Service will kill any process using the needed KMS Port.
  170. 2.4 BETA 6
  171. -Better support for upgrade keys in License Restore.
  172. -Can KMS Activate Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 7 (but not Windows 8).
  173. -Channel Switcher supports Microsoft Office 2013 (but only ProPlus, Visio Pro, and Project Pro).
  175. 2.4 BETA 5
  176. -Fixed Office Detection issues.
  177. -KMSEmulator doesn't require Visual C++ 2010 x86 Runtimes.
  178. -Removed PIDX Check of Keys entered during License Backup as it fails KMS Host Keys.
  179. -Removed License Refreshing/Caching.
  180. -Will override a custom KMS Host with if KMS Activation fails for that custom KMS Host.
  182. 2.4 BETA 4
  183. -AutoKMS and AutoRearm properly create Startup task (only Daily was being made).
  184. -KMSEmulator no longer crashes on Windows XP.
  186. 2.4 BETA 3
  187. -Show Exception Details if the Exception on Activation Error Lookup is not an XmlException.
  188. -Show Exception Message if Scheduled Task creation fails.
  189. -Validate User Entered Product Keys on License Backup using PIDX Check.
  191. 2.4 BETA 2
  192. -Fixed switch to Windows Mode crash on other languages due to .NET Convert.ToDouble using different Culture.
  194. 2.4 BETA 1
  195. -Added Batch PIDX Key Checker.
  196. -Added Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 Product Keys and PIDX Checking options.
  197. -AutoKMS and AutoRearm logging is mandatory, but log will be deleted after it 10MB+.
  198. -AutoRearm supports Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 7 but not Windows 8.
  199. -Can add MSP files to Microsoft Office Setup.
  200. -Changed Office and Windows Information. No longer show Activator, and now shows numerical edition.
  201. -Completely recoded application logic from scratch.
  202. -Fixed Office Uninstaller not working.
  203. -Fixed using Windows 7 Registry paths on Windows Vista, where they are different.
  204. -Get Rearm Count supports Microsoft Office 2013, but only on Windows 7.
  205. -KMSEmulator always activates in one attempt, removing need for a lot of Settings and Functions.
  206. -License Backup folders changed for Microsoft Office (EX: Office 2010 is now Microsoft Office 2010). Please rename to use Backups created with older versions.
  207. -License Backup saves Windows WPA Key, but this is not used anywhere.
  208. -License Restore more reliable, won't use up activations.
  209. -License Restore requires disabling internet connection.
  210. -License State is loaded on start and cached, speeding up many functions.
  211. -Make ISO uses a label of "Microsoft Office" instead of "OFFICE14".
  212. -Most Settings made obsolete so they were removed.
  213. -No longer need to uninstall AutoKMS Custom Task before uninstalling AutoKMS.
  214. -Phone Activation codes now saved in XML Format. NOTE: Can no longer use current INI File.
  215. -Removed ability to download Microsoft Office updates (Server broke and other tools do this and Windows as well).
  216. -Removed Backup options. The normal user had no need for these (was for testing) and could only break their backup or system.
  217. -Removed EZ-Activator. Basically everything it does is obsolete now.
  218. -Removed On-The-Fly license conversion. It causes too many issues with it failing midway and people not being able to activate.
  219. -Removed License Tab and associated functions.
  220. -Removed MultiKMS. It existed only to give people who wanted to run KMS as a Service a way to bypass persistent 8007000D errors.
  221. -Removed silent switches.
  222. -Requires .NET 4 now instead of .NET 3.5.
  223. -Separated Client and Server in Product Keys Selection, but you can use either when doing a PIDX Check.
  224. -Since Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 8 uses the OS Licensing, there is no License Backup Tab in Office Mode.
  225. -Since Microsoft Office 2013 on Windows 8 uses the OS Licensing, we can't use the Rearm Check/AutoRearm technique.
  226. -Since Windows 8 Rearm requires a reboot, the program prompts on rearm and closes, and checks on start if you've rearmed.
  227. -Set KMS Host to if a custom one isn't set already (Means I don't need a Settings Window for these anymore).
  228. -Support Windows 8, though we can't activate it via KMSEmulator yet.
  229. -Support (Preliminary) Microsoft Office 2013. Some things still don't work or are added yet.
  230. -Updated readme. Please check for errors/omissions.
  231. -Using new KMSEmulator with various fixes. NOTE: Still won't activate Windows 8.
  232. -Various UI Changes and innumerable internal changes not mentioned here.
  233. -Various code to cleanup older versions removed. Recommended to uninstall Activators and remake License Backups.
  235. 2.3.2
  236. -Fixed Auto Update button returning 404
  237. -Updates are downloaded to a separate folder, and kept, then copied to the selected Office 2010 Setup.
  239. 2.3.1
  240. -Enabled Windows Tab for Windows 8. WARNING: Windows 8 is NOT officially supported and many functions have issues, especially Restore.
  241. -Fixes numerous registry issues created during migration back to .NET 3.5. This was a cause for bugs in quite a few functions.
  242. -Removed "Check for Program Updates" (Users of earlier builds need update soon as I will remove this info which may cause annoying errors)
  243. -Repairing Office 2010 should no longer involve extra setup boxes on non x86-64 Office Architecture.
  244. -Replaced Windows 8 DP Key with Windows 8 CP Key.
  246. 2.3
  247. -Fixed Update check bugs (BETA 9 and earlier will fail to know about this update and will get an error).
  248. -Now no longer requires .NET 4.
  249. -Readme is still out of date, and since I'm working on 3.0 for W8/Office 15, I likely won't do much with 2.X.
  250. -When downloading updates for Office 2010, all updates not on the list that aren't OCT get deleted as they are superseded.
  252. 2.3 BETA 9
  253. -Added function to download and integrate all updates in Customize Setup
  254. -Fixed Product detection issues in Customize Setup
  256. 2.3 BETA 8
  257. -Added Permissions Fix during a Restore and Improved Office Rearm Check Success Rate
  258. -Added Program Update Check on Startup
  259. -Added support for UDF Office ISO's
  260. -Added Functions to directly Check and Show Keys in the DigitalProductID.
  261. -Channel Changing does patching via code instead of using xdelta3.exe and no longer needs to write patches to disk
  262. -Customize Setup disables channel change button if setup.exe is not from Office 2010, so you can use it to integrate Office 2007 Updates/Languages.
  263. -Enhanced error checking/messages on KMSEmulator failure.
  264. -Fix MAK Activation Count always failing
  265. -Fix Restoration of Phone Activation ending up in grace
  266. -Fixed Scheduled Tasks not running as SYSTEM
  267. -KMS PID is set before start instead of editing process memory when using manual Activation
  268. -Preliminary Windows 8 Key Decoding
  269. -Removed options and unnecessary fixes from EZ-Activator
  270. -Scheduled tasks now keep the last run time and result
  271. -Timing of Activation Restore
  272. -Updating Settings or PID via EZ-Activator will update AutoKMS/AutoRearm.
  273. This is because changing settings but not the EXE could cause a INI mismatch so AutoKMS/AutoRearm would revert to default settings.
  274. -Using ReSharper for automatic code refactoring
  276. 2.3 Alpha 1 R7
  277. -Fixed checks that disable functions
  279. 2.3 Alpha 1 R6
  280. -Fixed Scheduled task install failure.
  282. 2.3 Alpha 1 R5
  283. -Added IR5 detection
  284. -Added MultiKMS
  285. -Added Office/Windows Product detection in Main tab
  286. -AutoKMS and AutoRearm show their version in the log
  287. -Backups are sorted by OS/Office and show up as a list. Move old backups to new folders to use them.
  288. -Can install AutoRearm alongside AutoKMS, allowing AutoRearm to be a failsafe.
  289. -CMID change and Office Repair disabled by default in EZ-Activator. If the PID fix doesn't work you probably have an issue that these won't help.
  290. -Disable and check Save/Restore keys in Windows since Windows backup needs this.
  291. -Fix tokens permissions on restore in case of bad permissions.
  292. -Key Checker doesn't require Office or Windows Vista+ to use.
  293. -Key Checker gets remaining MAK count if a MAK is checked. Requires Internet connection or will not work.
  294. -Key Checker is a bit faster.
  295. -KMS PID's coded in the app can be selected in Settings as a list.
  296. -More products supported/consolidated in Key Checker.
  297. -Improved AutoRearm detection of activated Office.
  298. -Improved Windows backup failsafe.
  299. -Removed Selector UI
  300. -Scheduled Tasks will be Vista on Vista+ OS instead of XP. XP will still use XP tasks.
  301. -Silent switches added for MultiKMS, Backup and Restore of Office and Windows, and Windows EZ-Activator. NOTE: /SaveKeys switch on Backup may require user interaction to get the key.
  302. -UI changed on CID/Key Prompt boxes.
  303. -Various improvements, bugfixes, and techniques to optimize the apps and minimize AV false positives.
  305. 2.3 Alpha 1 R4
  306. -Vista Support Detection
  308. 2.3 Alpha 1 R3
  309. -Windows Backup enhancements
  310. -Reinstall Keys
  312. 2.3 Alpha 1 R2
  313. -Windows Volume detection bugfixes
  314. -Not using .NET Reactor
  315. -Windows Backup tweaks
  316. -Reinstall Keys Selected by default
  318. 2.3 Alpha 1
  319. -Windows UI/Functions
  321. 2.2.3
  322. -Fixed Visio Key Selection
  324. 2.2.2
  325. -Fixed AutoKMS and AutoRearm Settings version mismatch
  326. -Windows XP users can use the key checker if Office 2010 is installed, otherwise it is disabled.
  328. 2.2.1
  329. -Added more KMS Keys and Checker support for more products.
  330. -Fixed file browsing when using Customize Setup functions.
  332. 2.2
  333. -Added ability to choose KMS Port, separate KMS PIDs for Windows and Office. Settings have been changed alot.
  334. -Can check and install/uninstall Windows product keys. Can use different KeyList.ini files for each supported checkable product.
  335. -Confirmation ID and Backup Key Prompt boxes remain centered and in front after minimizing and then restoring toolkit.
  336. -Check if licensing is in a proper state before running certain functions.
  337. -Fixed loss of rearms during rearm check and improved Backup error detection accuracy.
  338. -KMSEmulator runs in RAM to reduce Anti-Virus problems.
  339. -Many UI Changes and internal changes/bugfixes.
  340. -Nuked/Discontinued support and install of AutoKMS Service, will uninstall if you uninstall AutoKMS.
  342. 2.1.6
  343. -Added logging to AutoRearm.
  344. -EZ-Activator won't say no products detected after successful activation which caused AutoKMS to be skipped.
  345. -Fixed AutoKMS failure to run with tasks.
  347. 2.1.5
  348. -Can install AutoKMS as a service and add a custom task.
  349. -EZ-Activator won't say it succeeded if it didn't attempt activation.
  350. -UI Changes.
  352. 2.1.4
  353. -Enabled install and use of AutoKMS on Windows without Office 2010 and improved AutoKMS Windows support.
  354. -Some of the PIDs in the EZ-Activator fix mode were invalid. They have been replaced.
  356. 2.1.3
  357. -Added Phone Activation support.
  358. -Added/Changed EZ-Activator KMS fixes and ability to specify KMS Extended PID used by KMSEmulator.
  359. -Slight Change UI of Customize Setup Tab.
  360. -Show Installation ID in Check Activation Status, and added an option to display Client Machine ID in Check Activation Status.
  362. 2.1.2
  363. -Fixed ISO Extraction issue where some ISO's would lost the last 2 letters of all file names.
  365. 2.1.1
  366. -Added new KMSEmulator that should fix persistent 8000700D errors.
  367. -Made some UI text elements read-only.
  369. 2.1
  370. -Added Troubleshooting/Support request guidlines to readme.
  371. -Added Copy To Clipboard button in Readme
  372. -AutoKMS Uninstall now deletes the Keygen if it remains.
  373. -Added Silent Switches (Read further for more info).
  374. -Added Customize Setup Tab and all functions inside it.
  375. -Added New Backup Options/Features.
  376. -Attempt Activation gives error code such as 8007000D if activation fails.
  377. -Can customize where AutoKMS, AutoRearm, and KMSEmulator.exe are installed/created.
  378. -Check Activation can show License Error Code and all installed license types even if no key is installed. Must first enable in Settings.
  379. -EZ-Activator skips certain checks if you've disabled things that the checks were for.
  380. -Fixed Key Uninstall Bug where it would say successful if you tried removing a custom key that wasn't installed. Also changed error for Key Install Failure.
  381. -If you have a read only INI or are in a folder where you can't write an INI, this is now taken care of (Settings Button will be disabled and default settings will be loaded if no INI exists)
  382. -UI Changes and IORRT detection.
  384. 2.0.1:
  385. -Added ID to INI file. This is to prevent using an old INI with newer version that would result in a crash.
  386. -Added Daily Tasks for AutoKMS and AutoRearm
  387. -Added Keys.ini batch key checking.
  388. -AutoKMS can now KMS activate Windows
  389. -AutoRearm can now convert Retail to VL automatically to eliminate nags
  390. -Automatically Delete KMS Keygen and Hostname are now disabled by default.
  391. -Better error recovery and notification.
  392. -Fixed false success in EZ-Activator if KMS Keygen got deleted by AV.
  393. -Removed Tokens Only Restore - It just doesn't work and nobody uses it as the Full Restore is always needed.
  394. -Starting KMS Keygen is now the first thing done during activation so if AV causes failure we don't waste time.
  395. -Using Modded KMS Emulator (By Phazor) to lessen amount of AV false positives.
  397. to 2.0: Written in C#, changes are drastic and innumerable.
  399. 1.0 To Initially just a batch file. Changes over these versions undocumented and almost innumerable.
  401. =============================================================================
  402. More Info & Download Link:
  404. =============================================================================