OdysseyPvP Rules

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  3. - Never post announcements which are Off-Topic from the subject of hosting a server. Due to the introduction of the forums, the only announcements allowed on the OdysseyPvP group are announcements about hosting a server. Whether this be for yourself or on behalf of someone, your announcements must only be about hosting servers. The only exception to this rule is in order to get people to join the chat in order to decide what you are going to host (however you should not abuse this).
  4. - Never delete the announcements of another Officer unless they are obviously breaking a rule. If you do delete an announcement, you will be asked to provide a screenshot/information proving that the announcement broke a rule.
  5. - Never cheat within a server. If there are a lot of reports of you/your team cheating, they will be investigated. You may be asked to provide server/chat logs in this occasion.
  6. Never be rude within games/announcements. If there are a lot of reports of you/your team being rude (this includes excessive trash talking, name calling, etc), then the reports may be investigated.
  7. - Although we do not ban the playing the Psi CtG, the title of your announcement must not contain the word "Psi," or anything affiliated with that channel. This is to stop cross advertising to their channel (for obvious reasons). You may still play Psi CtG, however, it should be stated as "CtG with Explosives," or something similar. You may, however, speak about Psi freely within your own servers.
  9. Including these rules, there are certain things you agree to/acknowledge (including abiding by all of the rules) when becoming an Officer:
  10. - You acknowledge that you may be subjected to random or undercover game checks from other Officers/Odyssey.
  11. - You acknowledge that your Officer position may be removed at any time, without warning, for any reason. A rule does not necessarily have to be broken in order to warrant removal of Officership.
  12. You acknowledge that this agreement may be changed or altered at any time, without warning, and you agree to abide by these rules and agreements if/when they are changed.
  13. - You acknowledge that you are affiliated with OdysseyGamez, and represent the OdysseyGamez community, not the Psi community. Although we will not take action on people who enjoy watching both channels, we expect that Officers prioritise allowing us to use their gamemodes instead of Psi/another YouTube channel not affiliated with Odyssey.
  14. - You acknowledge that - if a gamemode is made by someone other that Odyssey (e.g. WHAT, Set/Luna) - you will cite them as creators of that gamemode within your announcement (description or title).
  15. You acknowledge that disputes between Officers/members of the community cannot be acted on without proof, and that a more experienced/trusted Officer may be believed over you. If there is a dispute, you should refrain from responding to it, and instead report it directly to the forums or Neszy.
  16. - You acknowledge that there are no set punishments for rule breaking, and that they are all judged on a case-by-case basis by the Odyssey and PvP Moderator teams.
  18. In order to clear up some confusion between discrepancies or confusions within rules, below is a list of things that you can do:
  19. - You are expected to host at least twice a week at minimum for OdysseyPvP. There may be random check-ups on who is hosting, so make sure you are above this.
  20. - You may advertise your site/channel/group, however, you may only do this when posting an announcement about a server you are hosting.
  21. - You may leave your Officership with OdysseyPvP at any time, for any reason, on good terms.
  22. - If you are leaving for some sort of scheduled absence (e.g. holiday, schoolwork, etc), you should report it to either the forums, or Neszy directly, else you may have your Officership temporarily removed due to inactivity. You may be able to claim this back if the absence was unscheduled with proof or your reputation within OdysseyPvP was good enough.
  24. If you have any questions about any rules, or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me (Neszy) directly through either the forums or Steam.
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