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  1. "An introduction and overview of the LLVM universe"
  3. Abstract: Alex will give an overview of the capabilities and uses of
  4. LLVM, its subprojects, as well as highlighting some interesting uses.
  5. LLVM is a compiler infrastructure that is probably best known for its
  6. use in the Clang C and C++ compiler where it targets a wide range of
  7. platforms, but also sees uses in Google's PNaCl, the Gallium3D
  8. library, Android Renderscript, and many more. Alex's talk will be
  9. totally accessible to those who aren't used to compiler development.
  11. Bio: Alex is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge Computer
  12. Laboratory. His work is focused on compilation technologies (using
  13. LLVM/Clang) for a novel many-core architecture. He writes LLVM Weekly
  14. (, a weekly update on LLVM developments. He is
  15. also a long time volunteer for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and has
  16. recently co-authored the book Learning Python with Raspberry Pi.
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