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Gerber Accumark v8.5.1 cracked full download

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  1.                                           Gerber Accumark v8.5.1
  10.            This is the full cracked version of the software. Download, extract, install, enjoy.
  11.     Inside the archive there is "crack" folder wich contains everything you need to crack the software.
  12.                                                 Download link:
  13.                                  https://safelinking.net/p/58bff8de77
  20. An intelligent pattern design software system for the apparel and fashion industry.
  22. For decades, hundreds of the world’s leading apparel manufacturers and fashion designers have relied on AccuMark® pattern design software to design and grade patterns and make the most efficient markers.
  24. For those just starting out with computer-aided design (CAD) for patterns, they can easily digitize their existing hard patterns into the AccuMark system using the GERBERdigitizer XLd manual digitizing system or AccuScan automated digitizing system.
  26. And, with Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design, grading and marker making software, you always have an electronic repository of your patterns and markers to minimize loss in the event of a disaster.
  27. Accelerate pattern making tasks and save money.        
  28. Grade patterns easily.  Improve collaboration with colleagues and suppliers.
  29. With AccuMark software, pattern designers can automatically generate patterns from measurement specs either automatically or interactively. Not only does AccuMark software speed the pattern making process and save material, it also minimizes labor costs.  Simplify the grading process by referencing existing grade rule libraries. Accelerate the process by grading multiple pattern pieces simultaneously.    AccuMark pattern design software enables you to communicate detailed instructions about your patterns and markers to your internal colleagues and your global suppliers – in their local language. With AccuMark, you can also supplement pattern details with photos, sketches and specific measurements.
  30. Create the most efficient markers.
  31. With AccuMark’s marker making functionality, users can create new markers or edit existing markers to respond to design changes or changes in material width. View material utilization as the marker progresses. With this powerful marker making software, you get all the information you need for downstream activities including how much fabric is required to make the marker, marker length, amount of material wasted and more. To simplify marker making even further, add Gerber’s AccuNest™ software which automatically makes markers 24 hours a day, analyzes multiple nesting options and selects the marker that is most efficient.
  33.         Product
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  35. Us
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  40. Remote Diagnostics
  42. Pattern Design Software
  45. Functionality
  47.     Easily convert all file types
  48.     Use existing pattern blocks to create new styles of garments
  49.     Walk pattern pieces together on screen to ensure notches are positioned accurately and pieces will sew together properly
  50.     Prepare production patterns with easy-to-apply seam finishes
  51.     Quickly add annotation and images to pattern pieces to facilitate communication with colleagues and suppliers
  52.     Use Pattern Wizard to automatically generate graded pattern blocks from a measurement chart. Place pattern pieces in a marker to quickly calculate material usage and costs
  56.     Reference existing grade rule libraries to quickly grade patterns
  57.     Grade multiple pattern pieces simultaneously
  58.     Instantly create a sample marker containing valuable information for costing
  59.     Ensure pattern accuracy across the graded marker
  60.     Easily generate markers with required production quantities, material widths, fabrics, colors and sizes
  61.     Enter fabric weight to calculate material costs more accurately, particularly with knit fabrics
  65.     Compact existing markers to improve material utilization and fabric savings
  66.     Automatically add splice marks to markers to assist during the spreading process
  67.     Import fabric prints at actual scale, define repeats and use this information to match pattern pieces visually
  68.     Eliminate double entry by generating marker and piece reports directly from AccuMark
  69.     Transfer pattern and marker data to YuniquePLM or your ERP system
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