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Mod list

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  1. **Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp** - as it says on the label    
  3. **VLCollisionFix.esp**  - Vamp lord collision fix
  5. **Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp** - as it says on the label.    
  7. **Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp** - as it says on the label.      
  9. **Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp** - as it says on the label.    
  11. **Unofficial High Resolution Patch.esp** -as it says on the label.        
  13. **Weapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.esp** - as it says on the label.        
  15. **Better Dynamic Snow.esp** - better texture for snow    
  17. **StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp** - as it says on the label.      
  19. **TradeBarter.esp** - tries to improve the trading system in skyrim. For example people are racist in skyrim, this now takes that into account for prices. Also location affects prices now and available gold, and more.    
  21. **Ars Metallica.esp** - Ars Metallica aims to fill in some of the basic issues with the crafting system.      
  23. **JK Crafting Breakdown.esp** - allows you to break down items into base parts.
  25. **UnlimitedBookshelves.esp** - changes the vanilla script from a hard limit of 18 books, which only fills the self if they are the biggest books, to fill the book selves by book width instead. also allows to to put other items on eh shelf too.
  27. **Point The Way.esp** - adds more and better signs pointing to cities.
  29. **Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp**  - adds more trees and plants    
  31. **Convenient Horses.esp**  - overhauls the horse management system so that you have more control over your horse. Many other things too.
  33. **Auto Unequip Ammo.esp**  - as it says on the label.  When you equip a weapon that is not a bow it auto unequips the ammo. I think it also auto equips your last ammo as well for when you go back to a bow.
  35. **Ket_3DLoadscreens.esp** - adds better load screens.      
  37. **SkyUI.esp** - Menu overhaul.  
  39. **Cloaks.esp**  - adds cloaks to skyrim    
  40. **
  41. DragonPriestMaskJournal.esp**   - adds a journal about all the dragon priest mask with hints on where they can be found. No quest markers nice for those that like that sort of thing.
  43. **Non-playable Armor.esp** - marks a lot of nonplayable armor as playable, ( you can loot it)          
  45. **TorchArrow-Dawnguard.esp**  - torch arrows for bows    
  46.    **
  47. Smithing Perks Overhaul_Remade.esp**  - as it says on the label.
  49. **CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp** - tries to make the college more grand and the mages more powerful since they are supposed to be "masters" of their craft yet use lowly flames and firebolt
  51. **Convenient Horse Herding.esp** - allows you to have multi horses and they will herd where you put your flag down. You can have them follow you all over too.
  53. **Destroy the Thieves Guild.esp**  - as it says on the label.  You can also kill or exile mavin black-brier eventually as well
  55. **HallsOfDovahndor.esp**  - player home in Sovngarde
  56. **
  57. Hearthfire Cheat Chests.esp** - as it says on the label. I got real tired of collecting all that crap after a while.  
  59. **Inconsequential NPCs.esp**  - adds a lot of inconsequential npcs to the game. They don't have names and many don't like you. Also there are prostitutes. (fade to black no NSFW). As well as free lance fences outside of the thieves guild and many many more.
  61. **Nightingale Hall.esp** - karliah is now a follower and nightgale hall more of a player home/base
  63. **RayeksEnd.esp**  - player home, it is fairly small but i actually prefer it the most.
  64. **
  65. Run For Your Lives.esp**  - citizens stop trying to play the hero and run from dragon attacks now.    
  67. **When Vampires Attack.esp**  - same as above but for vampire attacks when you have dawnguard installed.
  71. **The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp**  - you can now tell the blades to suck it and that they are to serve you and not the other way around when they request you kill someone.
  73. **throneroom.esp** - The Throne Room mod file overhauls Harkon's/The Player's room in Castle Volkihar. I think this file also includes the perk overhual for vamps
  75. **female mannequins.esp** - as it says on the label.
  77. **female mannequins in homes.esp** - as it says on the label.  
  79. **Acquisitive Soul Gems.esp** - Acquisitive Soul Gems changes the way soul-trapping works in Skyrim so that you'll never 'waste' a soul gem again, such as by trapping a petty soul into a grand gem.
  81. **huntingprofit.esp** - increases the price you receive for animal parts. pelts, tusk, ect.
  83. **Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp**  guards don't repeat teh same thing over and over and over and also respect you as you become more famous.    
  85. **housecarl_fem.esp** - changes the animation of the female hoursecarls to use the female version instead of the male.
  87. **NonEssentialChildren.esp**  - Children are no longer essential and can thus die. And no i don't have this so i can kill children, yet to kill one yet,  i have this because i find it odd that children can't die. It is just immersive breaking to me.
  89. **TheChoiceIsYours.esp** - allows you to NOT start a quest when start talking to you instead of filling your journal like crazy in 5 secs.
  91. **Thieves Guild Requirements.esp**  - Brynjolf is a better judge of character and won't ask you to join the guild till you have actually stolen/pickpocketed some stuff.    
  93. **UnreadBooksGlow.esp** - books you haven't read glow. Helps me find books that are interesting to read instead of the same ones over and over. xD    
  95. **DarkbroSanctuary1.0.0.esp** - overhaul of the dawnstar dark brother sanctuary      
  96. **
  97. Realistic Lighting Overhaul** - as it says on the label.
  99. **Predator Vision.esp ** - Vampires are creatures of the night and should see in the dark as well as a human in the day. Also basically gives a detect life spell that is toggle. Also applies to werewolf.
  100. **
  101. Vampire's Underwater suffocation FIX 1.2.esp** - vamps no longer gasp for breath on coming back up.
  103. **WerewolfMastery.esp** - allows you to customize every aspect of your beast form    
  104. **
  105. WerewolfPerksExpanded_1.6.esp** - werewolf perk overhual      
  107. **Crimson Tide - Blood.esp** - better/more blood
  109. **Enhanced Soul Trap.esp** - changes the Soul Trap spell to have a visible projectile and impact, so you can actually tell where you are aiming the darn spell      
  110. **
  111. Soul Gems Differ - E.esp**  - each soul gem gets a different color as well as empty and full. Tons to chose from.      
  112. **
  113. SpeechTree.esp**  - speech tree perk overhual    
  114. **
  115. UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp**  - overhaul of the follower system. can have many followers now as well as much much more.
  117. **UFO - Dragonborn AddOn** - Unofficial.esp - the same as above but an unoffical version for dragonborn till original modder can make one for dragonborn.
  119. **UFO - Unofficial Serana Patch.esp** - same as above hold over till the original modder fixes serana.
  121. **My Home Is Your Home.esp** - followers can live where ever i tell them ... like my houses, both official and mod houses.
  123. **SHARPE Housecarls.esp** - Housecarls will switch between regular clothing and combat gear when going into and out of the player's house in their respective home towns.
  125. **Follower Trap Safety.esp** - i got tired of getting hit by traps since my followers are dumbasses.
  127. **moveitLWT.esp** - followers SHOULD move now when they have you stuck in a hallway or other tight space.
  129. **Spousetocustomhome.esp** - adds a spell and spouse will live where ever i use it. great for making them move to a house from a mod.
  131. **Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp** - as it says on the label. You don't have to do the original opening and can have many different starts for your character.
  133. **Vampire Lord Polished.esp** - im to fix the major Vampire Lord bugs and make some of the abilities scale for higher level character
  135. **WATER.esp** - This mod enhances Skyrim's water with all new textures, meshes, effects, general fixes, cosmetic fixes, and also new content.
  137. **BarenziahQuestMarkers.esp**  - quest markers for those stupid stones.
  139. **DragonPriestMaskQuestMarkers.esp**  - quest market for the priest mask.
  141. **DragonPriestMasksTweaked.esp** - tweaks for the priest mask to make them, IMO, better.
  143. **Dragon Priest Masks - Better Sorting+Tweaks.esp** - renames the priest mask to fit the naming of better sorting (recently change naming mods so might be redundant now need to find out.)
  145. **Thu'um Time Overhaul.esp**  - overhuals the shouts cooldown so more powerful shouts take less time to cool down. Not sure i like this one or not. I think some shouts take to long but this might go to far the other way.
  147. **Heavy Snow Elf Armor.esp** - add a heavy version of the snow elf armor
  149. **Ancient Falmer Crown FIX.esp**  - add the ancient falmer ( snow elf armor) crown to the game. It was in the game files but not the final game.  
  151. **Key to Mages College of Winterhold.esp**  - adds keys to get into the mages college, screw joining
  153. **Informative Shrines.esp** - as it says on the label. After clicking on a shrine instead of receive blessing or whatever it now tells you what the blessing is.
  155. **Another Sorting-LightWeight.esp** - a mod that rename most items so they short better.  For example, all Arrows are now Arrow - "type of arrow" instead of "type of arrow" arrow. This makes them all list together.
  157. **College of Winterhold Entry Requirements.esp** - now you have to actually be a mage to join.
  159. **donorcollegejoin.esp**  - can get a pass to enter teh college with out joining. ( no quest and no mage trainers but you can still talk to the orc in the library about elder scrolls and what not.)
  161. **TimingIsEverything.esp**  - can set when certain quest will trigger.
  163. I also have some texture replacors as well that don't show up here.
  165. I have a body replacer as well as a underwear replacer. So no nude bodies for me. xD
  166. As well as a royal vampire armor replacer that make it purple and the normal one better quality. I think i have a few face texture mods as well.
  168. That should be the most of it though.
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