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Steam Quotes (as of 3/22/13)

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  1. Edli - I'M ON DISC THREE OF FF8!: what the hell is that kid singing
  2. [CZ] Venom: I have no fucking idea
  3. Edli - I'M ON DISC THREE OF FF8!: i'm sure at one point I heard him say "I FUCKED MY ETCH-A-SKEEETCH!"
  5. Shinji Ikari: You wouldnt kick me :3
  6. Shinji Ikari: You love me! :D
  7. Shinji Ikari was kicked by Edli - Devil Went Down to Jersey.
  9. Osoko Longley Sohoro: You wouldn't quote me
  10. Osoko Longley Sohoro: You wouldn't EVER quote me
  12. Rei Ayanami: Reverse psychology
  13. Rei Ayanami: Don't fall for it
  15. Dr. Jarmen Kell, Ph.D in STALKER: i saw so many :downs: and just retards walk by
  16. Dr. Jarmen Kell, Ph.D in STALKER: one of them acknowledged me by both drooling on our brochures AND going "URRRRRRR"
  18. Jonas Happy: I cant get it up
  19. Venom517: jonas
  20. Venom517: e.d.?
  21. Jonas Happy: :(
  22. Jonas Happy: yurs
  24. Dr. Joebob, Ph.D in watchaaa: YOU WILL DIE IN SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS
  26. Asuka Langley Sohryu: I doubt anyone here licks them
  27. Asuka Langley Sohryu: *clicks
  28. Venom517: of course they can't lick links
  30. coma entered chat.
  31. BigHeadBrandonNnNnNnN: coma get out we're piss
  32. coma left chat.
  34. "I am being surrounded by surround sound sounds." - Pizzie
  36. Venom517: >not using female pyro for the plot
  37. Dom: oh shit venom yes
  39. Dom: >what happens when an unstoppable retard meets an immovable idiot
  41. Dom: and so our humble planet earth ended not with a bang, as some predicted
  42. Dom: but with drool
  44. "I always jam it all the way in. I don't stop until that thing's BROWN." - Awcko, January 1st, 2013.
  46. "Windows 8 was like this giant sadness." - Gabe Newell, January 8th, 2013. (
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