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  1. Call Of Duty Black Ops Hacked Online! and PUBLIC!!!!! Downloads in Description!
  3. Hello Youtube. iRecksYoFace here.
  4. Im Showing you the links to downlaod
  5. They Are ALL working. So Download them . Thanks For Downloading
  6. If You Used them and Liked them then Subscribe to ME!
  8. Zombie'S Code
  10. Unlimited Life Zombies        
  11. http://sharecash.org/downloaad.php?file=1439830
  13. Unlimited Money Zombie Mode
  14. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439829  
  16. Unlimited Gernades Zombie Mode
  17. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439828
  19. Unlimited Ammo Zombie Mode
  20. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439827    
  22. Call Of duty Black Ops Online Codes
  24. Always host / Force host Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  25. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1448738
  27. Inf Black Bird KillStreak Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  28. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1448720
  30. Speed Modifier Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  31. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439826
  33. Slot 1 Nick Modifier Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  34. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439825
  36. Moon Jump Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  37. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439824
  39. Ingame Name Modifier Wii Call of Duty Black Ops
  40. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439823
  42. Inf AmmoWii Call of Duty Black Ops
  43. http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=1439822
  44. Credit for most codes go to Hetoan2 , and Im not responsible for anything that may happen to your wii for using these codes. All Responsibility goes to you.and i am not to blame for anything that happens for using the codes. THank You - iRecksYoFace
  46. **********************************************
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  54. Call Of Duty Black Ops Codes For Wii and Hacks Hetoan2 iRecksYoFace "xp lobby" "Black ops" "Wii Leaked Codes" "Unlimited Life" "Unlimited Money" "Unlimited Ammo" "Unlimed verythign" "Wii black ops codes" UNRELEASED UNTAIMED "NOT PATCHED" WORKIGN,Ocarina,Codes,and,Cheats,Ocarina,Gecko,Codes,Org,iRecksYoFace.Tk,Neewwwww hacks!4200,Gifted,Unleashed,
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