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  1. "Pos","Qty","P/N","Description","Ref"
  2. 1,2,"DIGI-KEY 311-1016-1-ND","CAP CER 12PF 50V NP0 0402","C10, C11"
  3. 2,4,"DIGI-KEY 445-1415-1-ND","CAP CER 1.0UF 6.3V X5R 20% 0402","C3, C4, C5, C6"
  4. 3,1,"DIGI-KEY 644-1049-1-ND","CRYSTAL 16.000000 MHZ 8PF SMD","X1"
  5. 4,2,"DIGI-KEY 712-1275-1-ND","CAP CER 22PF 50V S 0402 UHI Q","C1, C2"
  6. 5,1,"DIGI-KEY 712-1538-1-ND","FILTER BALUN ATMEL 2.45GHZ","B1"
  7. 6,1,"DIGI-KEY AT86RF231-ZU-ND","IC TXRX ZIGBE/802.15.4/ISM 32QFN","U1"
  8. 7,1,"DIGI-KEY RMCF0402ZT0R00CT-ND","RES 0.0 OHM 1/16W 0402 SMD","R1"
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