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  1. Never tell your password to anyone.
  2. Drsalvador: Do you map for M.i?
  3. gbn.ScarT: Among other things, yeah
  4. gbn.ScarT: And hello to you
  5. Drsalvador: I've got major bones to pick with you over what you've done to the 2002 storyline
  6. Drsalvador: I'll try and be as calm and pleasant as i can
  7. Drsalvador: But if something is majorly wrong i won't sugar coat it.
  8. Drsalvador: 1. The immolator. Why is it shooting flame, Why does it STILL have the combineguard gun icon after 3-4 years when the leak has it fixed, and wHY IS IT SHOOTING FLAME?
  9. Drsalvador: These are actual questions, by the way.
  10. gbn.ScarT: Well its still shooting flames since we have no particle artists
  11. Drsalvador: It was shooting green acid-lasers fine in 1.5!
  12. gbn.ScarT: And its only included in 1.6 as a courtesy. I could release a patch that removes it completely?
  13. Drsalvador: Now that's just acting a prick.
  14. Drsalvador: But onward and upwards.
  15. Drsalvador: 2. Why is there such a minimal change from 1.5 to 1.6? Why is 1.6 nearly unplayable with bugs?
  16. Drsalvador: Why is it that Terminal is unplayable and crashes when you turn the flashlight on?
  18. Drsalvador: I'm going to be polite and presume you have gone AFK instead of assuming you're doing what i hope you're not.(Sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming NEENER NEENER at me)
  19. gbn.ScarT is now Away.
  20. gbn.ScarT is now Online.
  21. gbn.ScarT: I find it rather interesting how you're the only one that's reported that bug
  22. Drsalvador: So now you're retorting by claiming it's /my/ fault?
  23. gbn.ScarT: I suggest you play through our Borealis chapter, and read the disclaimer in the E3 maps
  24. Drsalvador: Yes. I read the disclaimer. There is no way to disable it.
  25. gbn.ScarT: If you want to put it that way, yeah sure.
  26. Drsalvador: The Borealis is identical to 1.6,
  27. Drsalvador: Only with a model added and a fixed animation
  28. Drsalvador: And some lighting changes nobody cares about, really.
  29. gbn.ScarT: I'm going to assume you mean 1.5
  30. Drsalvador: Yes
  31. Drsalvador: I hit the wrong key.
  32. gbn.ScarT: I'd like you to stop for a second then
  33. Drsalvador: Go ahead and speak.
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