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Hunter Adams and thestreetsweeper.org Background

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  1. Hunter Adams, founder of thestreetsweeper.org:
  3. sec.gov/litigation/aljdec/id290bpm.htm
  5. Links to Manuel Asensio described below.
  7. -----------
  9. Also:
  10. justice.usdoj.gov, search CR-00-1248:
  11. First United Equities Corporation
  13. 9. The defendant HUNTER ADAMS, in addition to being
  14. an undisclosed principal of First United, Lexington Capital and
  15. AGS Financial Group, was a registered representative of First
  16. United from approximately June 1995 through December 1996.
  17. HUNTER ADAMS was an associate of the Gambino Organized Crime
  18. Family.
  20. -----------
  22. ajr.org/article.asp?id=4911
  24. "Hunter Adams, the brains behind The Street Sweeper (thestreetsweeper.org), helped launch the site last year, just eight years after federal prosecutors labeled him an associate of the Gambino crime family in New York. Adams, who was convicted for his role in a massive "pump and dump" scheme involving penny stocks, is still on federal probation for his crime."
  26. -------------
  28. The registered agent for the company "AFB Media LLC" is Hope Adams. There is no D&B available, only a P.O. Box. Los Angeles and Hollywood are the home base.
  30. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:irRVkmcE-XQJ:www.corporationwiki.com/New-York/New-York/afb-media-llc/67226246.aspx+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  32. "Afb Media LLC has a location in New York, NY. Afb Media LLC has no known officers.Afb Media LLC filed as a Foreign on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in the state of New York and is currently active. Hope Adams serves as the registered agent for this organization.
  33. Filings:        Foreign (CA - Active)
  34. Source:         California Secretary of State last refreshed Thursday, October 20, 2011"
  35. --------------
  37. Whois for thestreetsweeper.org.  A similar domain registration for americanfraudfighters.com
  38. references "AFB Media LLC" with the exact same P.O. Box address as thestreetsweeper.org.  Therefore,
  39. thestreetsweeper.org is indeed "AFB Media LLC".  If the whois records change, historical data can
  40. be obtained from domaintools.com.
  42. Registrant Name:The Street Sweeper
  43. Registrant Organization:The Street Sweeper
  44. Registrant Street1:P.O. Box 474
  45. Registrant Street2:
  46. Registrant Street3:
  47. Registrant City:Hewlett
  48. Registrant State/Province:NY
  49. Registrant Postal Code:11557
  50. Registrant Country:US
  51. Registrant Phone:+1.5168376910
  52. Registrant Phone Ext.:
  53. Registrant FAX:+1.8886636648
  54. Registrant FAX Ext.:
  55. Registrant Email:hostmaster@thestreetsweeper.org
  57. Whois for americanfraudfighters.com (registrant is AFB Media LLC):
  58. americanfraudfighters.com Details
  59. IP:
  60. Title:  Exposing the truth about false representations made by public companies
  61. Description:    To educate and protect the public from what are believed, in good faith, to be misleading and/or false representations by public companies as well as questionable/improper business practices of brokers/brokerage firms and the stocks they are promoting.
  62. Keywords:       fraud, misleading public companies, improper business practices
  63. Content Type:   text/html; charset=UTF-8
  66. Domain Name.......... americanfraudfighters.com
  67. Creation Date........ 2010-02-02
  68. Registration Date.... 2010-02-02
  69. Expiry Date.......... 2012-02-02
  70. Organisation Name.... AFB Media LLC
  71. Organisation Address. P.O. Box 474
  72. Organisation Address.
  73. Organisation Address. Hewlett
  74. Organisation Address. 11557
  75. Organisation Address. Ny
  76. Organisation Address. UNITED STATES
  78. Admin Name........... Sys Admin
  79. Admin Address........ P.O. Box 474
  80. Admin Address........
  81. Admin Address........ Hewlett
  82. Admin Address........ 11557
  83. Admin Address........ Ny
  84. Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
  85. Admin Email..........
  86. Admin Phone.......... 5168376910
  87. Admin Fax............
  89. Tech Name............ Sys Admin
  90. Tech Address......... P.O. Box 474
  91. Tech Address.........
  92. Tech Address......... Hewlett
  93. Tech Address......... 11557
  94. Tech Address......... Ny
  95. Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
  96. Tech Email...........
  97. Tech Phone........... 5168376910
  98. Tech Fax.............
  99. Name Server.......... ns1.secure.net
  100. Name Server.......... ns2.secure.net
  102. -------------
  104. Back and forth with Janice Shell, "journalist" at thestreetsweeper.org:
  106. http://incakolanews.blogspot.com/2011/08/janice-shell-of-streetsweeper-i-dont.html
  108. Previous slander lawsuit:
  109. http://www.secinfo.com/dPx8x.64.htm
  111. --------------
  113. Background on Melissa Davis and her source Manuel Asensio:
  115. "Melissa Davis of StreetSweeper: In Bed with Short Sellers and Convicted Felons"
  116. http://blog.redchip.com/index.php/stocks/melissa-davis-of-streetsweeper-in-bed-with-short-sellers-and-convicted-felons
  118. "Is Street Sweeper’s Melissa Davis Masquerading as a Financial Journalist?"
  119. http://blog.redchip.com/index.php/emerging-markets/is-street-sweepers-melissa-davis-masquerading-as-a-financial-journalist
  121. Original article from Google cache with references to Manuel Asensio.
  122. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:MUNguYOBpCEJ:thestreetsweeper.org/undersurveillance/Universal_Display__PANL___Sharp_Rise__Fuzzy_Picture+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  124. From Wikipedia:
  125. "In November 2000, the NASD (now FINRA) sanctioned Asensio & Company Inc. and Manuel Asensio,
  126. for Short Selling, Trade Reporting, and Internet Advertising Violations.[5]
  128. In July 2006, the National Adjudicatory Council of the NASD upheld a hearing panel's
  129.  ruling[6] that barred Asensio "from association with any NASD member in any capacity"
  130.  and fined him $20,000.
  132. Recent shenanigans, this time involving for-profit colleges under the guise of his "non-profit":
  133. http://dailycaller.com/2011/03/10/debarred-short-seller-with-checkered-past-lobbied-education-department-on-for-profit-colleges/
  135. ----------------
  137. Herb Greenberg and Universal Display
  139. (Unable to find series of tweets from Manuel Asensio directly to Herb Greenberg.  This occurred
  140. in late summer 2011)
  142. Aug 23, 2011 CNBC video where it's evident Herb knows very little about Universal Display:
  143. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000040976
  145. Oct 3, 2011 Herb acknowledges the infamous Melissa Davis piece
  146. http://twitter.com/#!/herbgreenberg/statuses/120893256656625664
  148. Nov 9, 2011 CNBC video, all of a sudden Herb is an expert on host materials, which he
  149. characterized as a commodity business.  However, he obviously didn't know that host materials
  150. are customized to match emitter materials.  Hardly a commodity.  Who's feeding Herb this
  151. information?
  152. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000056397
  154. Manuel Asensio (again):
  156. First, note this reference in the Melissa Davis article quoted above:
  157. http://www.eally.org/about-us/board-of-directors
  159. http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdaily/2011/11/07/panl-patent-claims-denied-in-german-hearing-says-watchdog-group/?mod=yahoobarrons
  161. Barron's post where Manuel Asensio states
  162. “Their biggest claim was that they owned phosphorescent OLED,
  163. but any such claim was invalidated,” says Asensio."
  165. This was a false statement, the claims were broken out so UDC still retained rights to
  166. the iridium based patents:
  168. http://seekingalpha.com/article/306429-universal-display-s-ceo-discusses-q3-2011-results-earnings-call-transcript
  170. "Also late last week an old hearing was held before the European Patent Office on an
  171. opposition against one of our fundamental phosphorescent OLED patents. The opposition
  172.  was joined by a number of European companies. The European Patent Office announced
  173.  this decision at the hearing to maintain our patent with fundamental claims directed
  174.  to OLEDs comprising phosphorescent organometallic iridium content. We expect that the
  175.  official niche from the old hearing will be published in the near future and a written
  176.  decision will follow up. We are extremely pleased with this result."
  178. Finally, Herb tries to muddle his way through the patent issue.  Clearly he has no clue
  179. what is going on.  The key question is, who is spoon-feeding him all this clearly incorrect
  180. info?  Is it Manuel or Melissa or both?
  182. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000055526#eyJ2aWQiOiIzMDAwMDU1NTI2IiwiZW5jVmlkIjoiZnNxMHNoT09KbUl2cU9DVDNKTkZFZz09IiwidlRhYiI6InRyYW5zY3JpcHQiLCJ2UGFnZSI6MSwiZ05hdiI6WyLCoExhdGVzdCBWaWRlbyJdLCJnU2VjdCI6IkFMTCIsImdQYWdlIjoiMSIsInN5bSI6IiIsInNlYXJjaCI6IiJ9
  184. There is one more CNBC video where Herb becomes practically apoplectic over the issue and
  185. tries valiently to put together a coherent sentence about host materials.  But, again, he
  186. knows absolutely nothing about the topic so it's a fruitless exercise.  Unable to find.
  188. Note that in the period short interest skyrocketed from around 7 million shares to over 10 million
  189. shares.  If fund ownership is close to 80%, where are all these borrowed shares coming from?  There are
  190. only around 35 million in the float.
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