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  1. Mike: Oh man.
  2. Mike: Every have one of those moments that just mindfucked your whole world?
  3. Mike: Cause I just did.
  4. Mike: There was an old ass movie that my dad rented in like... 1988 for me
  5. Mike: no idea what it was about or called
  6. Mike: but i remembered one distinct scene cause it bothered me as a kid
  7. Mike: so that made it stick in my memory
  8. Mike: I knew it was animation that was reminiscent of he-man
  9. Mike: and it was sci-fi ish, and every time i saw Blackstar I thought that wa it, but I knew it wasnt
  10. Mike: Anyhow I found out it was called Starchaser: The legend of Orin
  11. Mike: don't know if you know of it
  12. Celdia: Doesn't ring a bell, no.
  13. Mike: Ah
  14. Mike: anyhow, i google it
  15. Mike: find the whole thing is on youtube
  16. Celdia: Ha
  17. Celdia: Watched it?
  18. Mike: so im like "fuck yeah, we're doing this" because the movie has been hauntning me for 23 years
  19. Mike: and im thinking im the only person in the world whos heard of this movie, because ive actively looked for it for a while
  20. Mike: to no avail
  21. Mike: anyhow
  22. Mike:
  23. Mike: just watch for 30 seconds
  24. Mike: the intro music
  25. Mike: so i get 30 seconds into watching it and my brain cramps up because my mindfuck is in full effect
  26. Mike:
  29. Mike: That's exactly what I said!
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