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Character Application

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  1. Lawrence Smith
  2. FP: 2/6         HP: 18/18
  3. Assassin, Healer, Bounty Hunter
  6. ATT - 7
  7. DEF - 3
  8. VIT - 6
  11. AGL – 9
  12. BOD - 7
  13. CHA - 5
  14. IQ - 8
  15. PER - 5
  17. QUIRKS
  18. Expert: You may give up two points of your combat stats in order to have four more points to spend on non-combat attributes.
  21. Defense Boost: Roll for defense, adding two sides to your die roll, as if your DEF score was two points higher. Your next two defense rolls also gains this benefit.
  23. Disable: Attack your opponent as normal. If the attack connects, your opponent cannot act next turn, even if using a special move.
  25. Heal: You may recover hit points for yourself or an ally. Make two rolls with a number of sides on the die equal to the target’s VIT stat discarding the lowest;  your target immediately regains HP equal to the result.
  28. Lawrence was born in Anturia and had very wealthy parents. As he grew up his parents noticed something special about their child, he was skilled in the way of healing! They used their wealth so he could train his newfound skill. Growing up Lawrence did not have many friends. He was always to busy studying and training so he wouldn't dissapoint his parents. When he reached his teenage years he developed a love for adventuring and wished to fight great enemies. His father did not want him to get hurt so he started to teach him about his old profession that he had kept a secret. He used to be an assassin but had changed his ways for his wife. Soon Lawrence became a skilled archer and decided to hunt down wanted criminals. Using his teachings he took down many dangerous men and collected many bounties. As a side job he helped the sick and injured using his healing powers. Lawrence decided to join the agency to help out people in need.
  31. Lawrence has long brown hair and is rather slim. He is 6' 5 and is average in weight. He wears a green jacket, black formal pants and black leather shoes. He has a confident expression and looks very young. Lawrence always carries a bow and arrows with him.
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