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  1. Uber Stall Check List:
  3.     Have switch-ins to the major Ubers?
  4.     Have a special wall?
  5.     Have a physical wall?
  6.     Have resistances to Dragon, Ice, Electric, Dark, Ghost, Bug, Fighting, Ground, Water, Fire, Steel, and Rock?
  7.     Have a spinner?
  8.     Have a phazer?
  9.     Have a weather changer?
  10.     Have a user of Spikes / Stealth Rock?
  11.     Have a Sleep Talk user?
  12.     Have a spinblocker?
  14. Uber Offense Check List:
  16. -Resistances or immunities to the following types: Dragon, Electric, Water, Fire, Ice, Ground, Ghost, Dark, Flying, Fighting (Ones in bold are almost critical)
  17. -A way to break stall
  18. -A check to fast sweepers as a backup
  19. -A Swords Dance Normal Arceus check
  20. -A Kyogre switch-in
  21. -A Psystrike Mewtwo check
  22. -A way to check weather teams or other weather effects
  25. Not Necassary but if you had it your team would be better Check List:
  27. -A Pokemon to set up entry hazards
  28. -A Spinblocker
  29. -A status absorber
  30. -A Rapid Spinner
  31. -Wobbuffet
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