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Assignment 1 (alansogd's HTML CSS tutorial)

By: lazysundae on Nov 25th, 2012  |  syntax: None  |  size: 1.10 KB  |  views: 17  |  expires: Never
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  1. <p>I am a month late for this class but i have <strong>a bit</strong> of a background in HTML. I thought that by <button>signing up</button> on UReddit, it'll send notifications to my e-mail that the class has started, etc. Obviously, it didn't. I hope I can catch up.</p>
  3. I do a lot <q>writing</q> at work and I'm sick of it. So I'm just going to grab the list portion from the only e-book that I have in my laptop, <em>The Richest Man in Babylon</em>, which I haven't read. Ever.
  5. <h2>The simple rules of acquiring money:</h2>
  7. <ol>
  8.         <li>Start thy purse to fattening</li>
  9.         <li>Control thy expenditures</li>
  10.         <li>Make thy gold multiply</li>
  11.         <li>Guard thy treasures from loss</li>
  12.         <li>Make of thy dwelling a profitable   investment</li>
  13.         <li>Insure a future income</li>
  14.         <li>Increase thy ability to earn</li>
  15.         </ol>
  17. <p>
  18. <strong>Bonus:</strong></p>
  19. <table>
  20. <tr>
  21.         <th>Item</th>
  22.         <th>Category 1</th>
  23.         <th>Category 2</th>
  24.         </tr>
  26. <tr>
  27.         <td>Item A</td>
  28.         <td>Attribute 1A</td>
  29.         <td>Attribute 2A<td>
  30.         </tr>
  32. <tr>
  33.         <td>Item B</td>
  34.         <td>Attribute 1B</td>
  35.         <td>Attribute 2B<td>
  36.         </tr>
  38. </table>
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