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Transcript of Laci Green's video, DOIN OUR DADDY!!

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  1. Transcript of this video ( October 11, 2009 (TW for domestic violence and anti-jewish crap)
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. When I decided to switch my main account from gogreen18 to lacigreen, I realized I had over 3,000 unread messages from you guys. Yeah, I’m still not sure whether or not it was against my better judgement to actually go through them.
  5. black and white Laci: [Yo shawty! Were you like, you know, high in that video? What were you, what what were you doing?]
  7. Didn’t you watch my sleepover video? I wasn’t high, I was smoking crack! Wait, are those considered the same thing no?
  9. [Laci Green, Laci Green, I think I saw you in New York! I think you’re in my Accounting 101 class! Did I see you at my school the other day? Laci, was that you fucking my dad?]
  11. No guys, that wasn’t me…well except maybe the last one.
  13. [Laci Green, I think you’re really annoying, but only ‘cuz you’re so Jewish.]
  15. You think I’m Jewish?! Is my nose really that big? *covers nose with sweater*
  17. [Laci Green, you’re so beautiful, your boyfriend must love you so much!]
  19. He loves me…even though he beats me every night.
  21. *We see a pair of arms grab Laci by the shoulders and scream “GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN” as Laci screams*
  23. [Laci Green, this might seem kind of weird, but last night I had a dream about you, you climbed into my bed and we-]
  25. Oookay, too far! (whispering) call me!
  27. [After watching all of your videos, only one word comes to mind: Loud.]
  29. Well (sighs), they don’t call me a screamer for nothing.
  31. [Dear Laci Green, my name’s Jake! What’s your name again?]
  33. Dear James, my name is Laci
  35. [Dear Laci, will you subscribe to my videos?] [There is a montage of Laci asking herself to subscribe to channels, check out videos, etc]
  37. I’m not gonna rage….UGH! (punches at camera) Not gonna rage.
  39. In the comments below or in a video response, tell us the craziest or otherwise most entertaining comment or email that you’ve ever gotten on YouTube. Peace!
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