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win/linux share

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  1. this is what needs to be done :
  3. i will be running debian off a pen drive.
  4. the software will be on the debian distro.
  6. i want to do 2 things depending on situation :
  9. put in the pen drive in the port, boot, and go to the live debian distro (trivial task, easily done).
  10. now, i want it to automatically run a script that connects to the server (details below), and fetch some files and store them on the PD.
  12. SITUATION 2:
  13. we insert pen drive when in windows, and it does the same thing above, without having to boot to windows.
  16. eg: irl, we do this :
  18. windows :
  19. 1. open run window (win+R)
  20. 2. type name of server "\genericservername" (i hope its a '\' and not a '/', i get confused sometimes)
  21. 3. an authentication window opens, where we have to give our username, pass.
  22. 4. opens the resource we want
  23. 5. navigate to genericservername\folderx\myfolder and copy off stuff
  25. linux :
  26. 1. go to "connect to server" option
  27. 2. change type to "windows share"
  28. 3. in server name we type "genericservername"
  29. 4. auth dialog opens
  30. 5. input name, pass, domain(abcd)
  31. 6. do what we want
  33. i can do this on my own, however, im stuck at the programming stage : how to code it in? how to identify which is linux and which is windows, and to act accordingly?
  35. also, i'd be satisfied with solution of either of the 2 situations given above... i think i can work out the other from the solution of the other.
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