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  1. RetroShare Conspiracy Community
  3. An anonymous, secure, community for sharing and discussing conspiracy-related information based on the RetroShare software.
  5. Rules:
  6. -Do not share any details about yourself.
  7. -Do not reveal your real IP address, use a VPN.
  8. -No disinfo agents or forum spy tactics allowed.
  9. -Do not share illegal files.
  10. -Ignore anyone trying to get you to do something illegal.
  12. Joining:
  13. -Must read http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm
  14. -Find a VPN provider that allows port-forwarding from this list: http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-providers-really-take-anonymity-seriously-111007/  Preferably one that accepts Bitcoins.
  15. -Install RetroShare. Preferably on an encrypted Virtual Machine.
  16. -Connect to your VPN.
  17. -Create a throw-away email address.
  18. -Start RetroShare and create a new identity.
  19. -Forward a port in your VPN and then change RetroShare to use port-forwarding with the VPN port.
  20. -Add my user key below and email me your user key at: brennonhusky@yahoo.com
  21. -After I add your key you will be a part of the community.
  22. -Copy this message, replace the user key and email with yours, and spread it to recruit more users.
  24. My user key:
  27. Version: OpenPGP:SDK v0.9
  29. xsBNBFDw1PwBCADewnhY7M8Ev0shEhaKqKp1804v0i6tv1MllI8vSrbQsCMM/F75
  30. NkaCqpgishFhjKCRO717gt6a/RYgxspc4iXAe/BOk/UzBlOzwhQ0U0w4y0A3tXie
  31. h+VxwTXlxvr2CwyrZu+KG0yKfwsuTC2JDPNpqFPYGwg+S3mBfHJwelEIeLTmi37X
  32. PLvQxaH2W7A/L20m+3TkSdTkwp4dhFzlc+Yeeas2ASBBOAszZAr50GMub1ri6ZhA
  33. 8+xxhG8hXdArpOD5zLRb0BzZ0xbWyXU6jZosXSdL3cfy77sK5XuFl1jIR5ggs4F6
  34. lAtPr6N18c8z9B7pvd7jGe2s77t4OtK1xghHABEBAAHNQEJyZW5ub24gSHVza3kg
  35. KEdlbmVyYXRlZCBieSBSZXRyb1NoYXJlKSA8YnJlbm5vbmh1c2t5QHlhaG9vLmNv
  36. bT7CwF8EEwECABMFAlDw1PwJEKvzlcidLP2zAhkBAADMxgf/cCDhYDPWkInoxZP0
  37. E1Q91K+IRNIklif+2DUXWuHh86k4XLlq7yVKkpZJTlALGd323Mjh7PE+nqS4mFY/
  38. hVyocIN3AFUD0+/xh8EXDRx44P/Em6Ym+lFPiTeGvLLU9qMK3wEaRDL7IeVm4+xO
  39. OUnMPIkD4/WRvoTNjrIK1a0gpNXxk8QQAspkB4DLspGQ5yCTxyydr44CSwUZcmyh
  40. xNYFZoHyB6vTZHdIVrvBSS5n/ydZAU6R8W3SZ8kSts1LzQB131BxYchHMVbxKZuU
  41. B6KP8a06BqRn/v5lWv+XmXvMN0b0E7noryLssxU0epVOgCgUhleUnqptFdPLZgjm
  42. Zbam2w==
  43. =aSkM
  44. -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
  45. --SSLID--89cf731f4c40f2b8cb5e9c7861e14dde;--LOCATION--Primary;
  46. --LOCAL--;--EXT--;
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