Adios, Comcast! I won't miss you.

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  1. Dear Comcast,
  3. About 3 weeks ago my internet was dropping out every 5 minutes.  I did what any tech-savvy consumer would do - checked all the wiring, reset my router, rebooted my computer, and nothing worked.  I would have service for a while, then everything would stop working for a minute or two, then it would come back.
  5. I call customer support, and the guy says "we have no known outages in your area.  But let me just check the proximity..   OH WOW, yea there appear to be a really high number of incidences in your area.  We should schedule a visit to come out and see what the problem is".   Yea sure, I say.  Fast forward 3 days later.  The guy comes out, and goes to the cable box outside of the house.  It's in a complex of condominiums so the box services the entire complex and is locked by a code.  Guy doesn't know the code.  Great, good thing I know one of the maintenance people who does know the code.
  7. So he gets the box open, looks at it, and figures out there's a problem with the wiring in the box, and fixes the problem.
  9. Fast forward 3 weeks later, when I get my bill and see a $45 service charge for a technician visit.
  11. "Umm, there must be a mistake", I said.  So I call Comcast, who proceeds to tell me that nope, no mistake, it's a valid charge.  I google around and find out about the Comcast Customer Service Agreement, of which I will quote one piece:
  13. We will resolve routine issues in one visit or we'll credit you $20 or give you a free premium channel for three months.  After the first visit to your home, if we do not satisfactorily complete installation or can’t resolve a routine issue, we will credit you $20 or give you a free premium channel for three months. ***Additionally, we won’t charge you for a service visit that results from a Comcast equipment or network problem.***
  15. Note the last sentence there.  But hey, it doesn't apply in my case because apparently the technician didn't make a note that it was faulty Comcast equipment.  Oh yea, is that the loophole you're using now?
  17. Well, here's the deal.  One lost customer.  You can keep my $45 (actually only half that, since your service rep gave me a 50% refund on it) and in exchange you can lose all future profits from me.  If I'm lucky, word will spread about this questionable at best, and illegal at worst business practice, and you will lose many more customers.
  19. I've always heard bad things about you Comcast, but now I've experienced it firsthand.  
  21. Thanks, and goodbye.
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