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Web Vulnerability Scanner SQL injection XSS automatic RFI

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  1. Acutenix Web Vulnerability Scanner
  3. Become an Hacker by yourself!
  5. The most advanced web scanner!! SQL injections, XSS, RFI, LFI, known bugs, etc all in a scanner!!
  7. I'm offering today a tool to perform scans of entire web sites full automaticly! This is 7.0 version but using the crack inside the archive you can, after installation, update for free to latest built safetly!
  9. Info about the software can be found here:
  10. http://www.acunetix.com/vulnerability-scanner/wvsbrochure.pdf
  12. As you can read this scanner is used to protect ( defense by attack ) the most important company and organizations! Like U.S. Army, NASA, CISCO, CERN, etc
  14. This versions include:
  16. *] VWS scanner
  17. *] VWS crack
  18. *] VWS activator for full free updates, lifetime!
  20. Remember! Download this version, install and update to latest built safetly forever!
  21. Download Link:
  22. http://www.mediafire.com/?o3s1xa059dd9wcn
  23. Password:
  24. VWS_7.0_zuchard
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