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  1. I hope that by posting this here i am not making a big mistake. I know that i can only get my story told if it is passed off as fiction, so if that is what i must do then...that is what i must do. But please, no matter what urges you may get to recreate my actions, don't. Just don't.
  4. My name is Levi. I'm not really a special person, I spend most of my time watching youtube and netflix, playing videogames, doing...well, shit all really. It's funny, I can't help but feel if it wasn't for the fact i'd watched so many creepypasta video's a couple of nights before, I might be dead. It sounds stupid, I know it's stupid, but i can't shake that feeling. A couple of nights ago I was watching netflix with my girlfriend Megan. We'd just finished watching weird al's movie 'UHF' when we were trying to decide what to watch next. I mentioned the 6th sense, and it turned out that Megan had never even heard of it, let alone the twist at the end. Knowing how rare it was to not know the ending to the sixth sense, I quickly searched netflix to see if they had it. I typed in '6', hoping it would come up.
  6. It didn't.
  8. But in the search results something caught my eye- It was just the netflix logo. No title. Nothing. I raised an eyebrow to Megan, and she shrugged. It was certainly ODD, but it didn't seem dangerous, and after all we hadn't actually picked what we were watching, so i decided to pick it and find out more. The full title of the 'movie' was 'Netflix sample short VI', the cast was simply listed as 'Actor' and 'Actress' and as for its description it was just a bunch of technical jargon. If I was a bit more gullible, this would've set off alarm bells in my head. I mean, come on, this was freaky. This was creepypasta freaky. But creepypasta's aren't real. That's what I told myself as I clicked play.
  10. The video started with a fountain, with water trickling out of the end. We always had subtitles on because Megan likes them, and all it said was 'There's no crying in baseball!'. Already this was bizarre, but only in the context we were viewing it in. I don't make a habit of freaking out over the word baseball and fountains. After a little while, a hand entered the fountain, and began mulling around a bit. These bizarre images continued, showing things like a man moonwalking with a laptop, juggling, even reciting some monologue before making popping noises at the camera. As we were watching this, an idea hit me-if i found this by typing 6, what would I find if i typed in netflix? My curiosity did not prove unsatisfied, as a whole bunch of other 'sample' video's came up. I don't know exactly what possessed me, but I started looking through them.
  12. "Whyyyyyyy" Megan groaned, shifting up on the couch because it wasn't exactly the most thrilling thing to sit through.
  14. "I dunno, just curious." I muttered, as I put on video after video, stopping about halfway through each one to go to the next. They all seemed to be pretty much the same thing...until I got to Netflix sample IX.
  17. Now, there was nothing inherently WRONG with netflix sample IX. It started just like the others, progressed like the others, but something felt...different. It was like that feeling you get in a dream where, despite knowing the danger isn't real, for that split second it feels it. It happened most after the monologue, when 'actor' started making the popping noise. It seemed to echo, like his voice was getting carried off with the water and flooding my living room. The sound seemed to suffocate us, and even Megan seemed a little pale. All of a sudden-it stopped. The screen went white, and there was no more popping, no more fountain, just...silence. That was quickly broken as a white circle appeared on-screen with a high-pitched buzz, and as ashamed as I am to admit it I screamed, shivers running down my back. I felt like a moron; screaming at a white circle? Maybe we should've watched the ring instead. But still...somewhere inside the screaming felt justified. The circle began to flash, each time it appeared with the drone, before finally turning to a bunch of different odd screens. Me and Megan watched entranced. What the hell was this? When the video finally ended, we looked at each other...and then burst out laughing.
  19. "Well, that was some scary shit." Megan laughed, before lying down with a sigh.
  21. "Yeah...fuckin' creepy" I chucked back, before turning to the screen again. I don't know what compelled me to do this, but I saved the video to my watch list. This turned out to be my biggest mistake, i think. I sat up and looked out the window, only to find it completely dark outside. I remember finding this confusing, because the video was only a few minutes long, and I could've swore the sun had only just started setting a moment ago...but i shrugged it off.
  24. The next day, I went out to get some lunch at KFC. I know, i'm a healthy guy right? What can I say, i felt peckish. Once I was in there and tucking in, i felt my stomach churn a little-looks like it was time to take a trip to the little boys room. As I sat on the porcine throne, i pulled out my phone to check my email-only to find netflix loaded up, and that video apparently selected. I thought at the time I must've pocket dialed it, and decided, eh, while I'm on here it makes no difference, so I watched it again. Still the same odd subtitle. The same bizarre echo. The odd blinking light, sending chills down my spine each time it flashed. I could've stopped the video, but i didn't. I kept feeling like, if i did, I'd miss out on something, that there was something MISSING from this video I just couldn't figure out. It was only when the janitor knocked on the stall door that I snapped out of it, pocketing my phone and shouting 'just a minute!'.
  26. "Sir, we're closed now, please vacate." he called through the door, confusing me. Closed? How can it be closed? I only came in here for lunch, so how the hell can it be seven already? Despite not knowing why, I'd lost 7 hours. I left shaken, and quickly called up Megan.
  28. "Megan, it's Levi." I gasped, walking to the bus station.
  30. "Levi? Why are you calling so early?" she sounded groggy, like she was distracted by something.
  32. "Early?," I asked. It was 7pm, hardly early. "'s like, 10am. You left five minutes ago."
  34. I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
  36. "Meg, what were you doing?" I asked hesitantly, already knowing the answer.
  38. "Hm? Just watching that odd sample video. It was still set up on the Xbox."
  40. "Meg...check the time on your phone."
  42. "Huh? Ok, but wh..." Her voice trailed off as she did so, and i heard her gasp. "The fuck?!"
  44. "Stay there, I'm coming over." I grunted through gritted teeth. I didn't like this one bit, and I was right not too.
  47. "What's going on Levi?" Megan exclaimed as she opened the door, and I walked to the console. It was stupid. It was impossible. A god damn video couldn't make me lose seven hours, so why...why the hell was I there? Why the hell did Megan think it was ten? There was only one way to get answers. I loaded up the video, and Megan sat down next to me. "Levi?"
  49. "What's the time?" I asked, discovering my phone was dead.
  51. "Uh..." She went to check her phone only to have the same problem, so i just checked on the Xbox. 8.45pm. By the time this video ends, it'd be about 9. It had to be. There had to be something in this video that explained what was happening to us. It was all the same. Fountain, echo, running man, white circle, white circle, white circle, shivers down my back, sharp noise, white circle, white circle...sorry, i still feel uncomfortable thinking about it, like I'll lose time from just that simple act alone. It was then there was a knock at the door. A knock, at 9pm? Who the hell could it be? It snapped us out of it, and Megan went to answer the door.
  53. "Delivery for miss...Haywood?" The man was dressed in standard postman clothes, and held a small white box and holding out a clipboard for her to sign.
  55. "Uh...yeah, that's me..." Megan shook her head, taking the pen. "What time is it...?"
  57. The postman checked his watch.
  59. "About...10.30" he smiled, taking back the clipboard, I remember thinking at time, 10.30? Had we been watching the video for over an hour?
  61. "That's a bit late to be making delivery's isn't it?" Megan frowned, rubbing the back of his neck.
  63. "We'll, i try to get them all done by lunchtime. Have a good day ma'me." He grinned before heading back down the stairs. Lunchtime...? Had we been watching that damn video all night? Oh no. If only it was that. As Megan sat back down, she looked as pale as a ghost.
  65. "What's up love?" I muttered, taking her hand.
  67. "This package...wasn't supposed to arrive till Wednesday..." she spoke in barely a whisper. It took me a moment, but then I clicked on. it was saturday, or at the least sunday. But there's no post on sunday. Acting on sheer impulse, i darted across the room, picked up Megan's phone that was closest, and stuck it on charge. As soon as it had enough battery, I turned it on. Wednesday. It was Wednesday. We'd spent four day's watching that video, and we didn't even notice it. Suddenly i felt it all hit me at once, the empty stomach, the tiredness, I felt awful, and so did Megan. In those four days we spent watching the video, Megan was fired from her job because she never showed up, and me..,well, Megan's the only person I have. Knowing what I know now, I got her a house key for when I next see her because she might be the only person who can help me...well, apart from you guy's. My phones on 30% battery, but that should be enough.
  69. I'm going to watch the video again. Just once more. I set an alarm for 7 hours, so that should be enough. If I get lost again, then I'm never going to watch it again no matter how big the draw may be. it's like heroine, or cocaine, once you start it FEELS impossible to stop, but i'm sure it isn't. Just in case something goes wrong, I'm writing my story and giving it to you and whoever else'll take it. The video's loading, so hopefully i'll find the will to press publish before it starts. Just, if anything goes wrong, i want the world to know that I loved Megan. That they shouldn't go seeking netflix sample IX. And seriously, screw netflix for allowing this video in the first place.
  71. The date is 03/08/2012. If all goes well, this video won't have any hold over my life after this one time. The video just loaded, but i'
  73. Dammit. The video loaded before I clicked send. The alarm didn't go off phone must've died. I think...i'm gonna sleep now. But first i need to finish what i started. 
  75. good luck.
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