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Network question

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  1. 1)There are plans to hire 9 new developers because of a large order, and the CIO wants to use a new router and switch to them.
  3. 2)Review and reshaping the network so it is ready to grow by more than 50 people across the board over the next 2 years.
  5. 3)Deploy wifi for guests.
  7. 4)it is desired to deploy DHCP Server for more flexible workplaces
  9. 5)there must be set up a server with public IP to test websites
  11. 6)50 new developers should sit at another location and establish fiber-wan between
  13. 7)Plan, justify and document the solution
  15. 8)Implements the solution in Packet Tracer
  17. 9)Demo task Prepare a physical demo setup of the following networks exa
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