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  1.         The antechamber flickered with light that radiated from candles clinging to the walls.  A warm aroma filled the air.  At the far end of  the room was an arched entrance to the main chamber of the cathedral.  Tapestries depicting men, likely of great  piety, adorned both sides of the threshold.  The woven fabric on the left displayed a plump, balding man, and the  remaining hair was bronze and speckled with gray. His cheeks were red, but his dejected expression hinted  that he was not a joyous individual.  The opposite hanging represented a younger man so happy it was almost  palpable.
  2.         As Leo was observing the contents of the room, a mouse brushed up against his boot and skittered deeper into the cathedral.  Intrigued, he began to follow suit.  Nearing the doorway, he heard a soft rustling from the other side.  The hair on his neck prickled up, and intuitively, Leo drew his dagger.
  3.         He eased into the primary sanctuary.  Ahead was an altar, and two columns of pews flanked him on either side.  Leo paused and listened for the rustling, but no sound could be heard aside from his heartbeat.  It must have been my imagination, Leo thought to himself.  Still, the thought of the unknown gnawed at the back of his mind.
  4.         Leo stepped closer to the altar at the front of the room.  It was draped with an aged, plain white cloth.  On top was a single, unlit candle.  Now within arm's reach, he examined the surface of the table closer, and saw a paper.  He reached for it, but before he could grab it, a calm, dark voice said, "I wouldn't touch that if I were you."
  5.         Leo turned, and saw the happy man that was woven in the tapestry.  But he didn't look happy.  His skin was pallid and sagging.  The wrinkles that lined his forehead were so deep that dust may have collected there.  From his mouth was no longer a smile, but blood dripping from his chin.
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