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  1. **@matteo:**
  3. **Every build** of FFmpeg has its quirks, but I'm surprised such a simple command string doesn't deliver the expected results for you. Even if you have a strong reason to hold on to your current version, you can keep any number of builds at hand. I currently have two in my `%PATH%` directory, named `ffmpeg` and `ffmpeg2`. (Possibly useless if not using a static build.)
  5. **If you would like** to test your build against my input files and batch commands, I have [uploaded everything to a GoogleDrive][1] where they are freely available.
  7. **I have also** uploaded my [FFmpeg console output][2] and some file size/media length information to Pastebin in case it might help with debugging.
  9. **Pastebin links** to:
  11.  - [FFmpeg console output][3]
  12.  - [MediaInfo for final Flash video file][4]
  13.  - [MediaInfo for audio input file][5]
  14.  - [MediaInfo for still image input file][6]
  16. **GoogleDrive links** to:
  18.  - Input audio file [narrate.wav][7]
  19.  - Input image file [still.png][8]
  20.  - Batch file [batch.bat][9]
  21.  - Final output video file [final.flv][10]
  23. You are also welcome to upload anything to the [folder named Stack Exchange][11], I'll be happy to test your input files against my build. Obviously I've got very little to do over the weekend.
  26.   [1]: "link to complete folder"
  27.   [2]: "FFmpeg console output"
  28.   [3]: "FFmpeg console output"
  29.   [4]: "Flash output MediaInfo"
  30.   [5]: "Audio input MediaInfo"
  31.   [6]: "Still image input MediaInfo"
  32.   [7]: "Input audio file"
  33.   [8]: "Input image file"
  34.   [9]: "Batch file"
  35.   [10]: "Final Flash video file"
  36.   [11]: "Open folder"
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