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Nitro Pro 8 License Key and Keygen by TSRH Team

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  17. Nitro Pro 8 came out with the all-new ribbon style navigations, which enables the users to learn all the features easily and fast, PDF Editor tool is no longer complicated for non-professional users. And now Nitro Pro 8 is here under expectations, providing new enhancements again: Create and Save PDF in smaller file size
  18. PDF files used in business always need to be emailed as attachment, so the file size should be as small as possible, this is a worth-trying enhancement.
  19. Faster Conversion speed when converting PDF to Word
  20. Conversion from PDF to other formats especially to Microsoft Word is a must-have feature in PDF Editor, but the waiting time is very annoying. Technically speaking, this is a break through.
  21. Auto save and recover PDF
  22. Let’s suppose a situation: You have bee trying every effort to edit a PDF, but before you save the changes, the computer or the program has crashed, this is really a pain. Now Nitro Pro 8 helps you to save and recover the PDF automatically, so you do not need to worry the editing work has gone any more.
  23. Nitro pro 8 also adds more flexibility when exporting PDF tables to an Excel spreadsheet; version 7 automatically places each table on its own worksheet, but Nitro 8 gives you the option of lumping them all together on a single worksheet if you prefer.
  24. Version 8 nitro pro also claims to produce much smaller file sizes than its predecessor. We tested this by outputting a series of complex PDFs to Word documents and Nitro 8 delivered on its promise, consistently churning out files significantly smaller than its predecessor, including one a mere third of the size produced by Nitro 7.
  25. Nitro 8 promises significantly faster conversion times from PDF to Word too, but sadly we found no evidence of this with the files we converted. It may be more evident with larger files, but with relatively small documents of around four pages we discerned no difference between this version and the last.
  26. Text Editing is one of the core functions in PDF Editor tools, this is also the point they are always trying to improve, even a little, but due to the structure of PDF format, this is not easy. Now Nitro Pro 8 achieved, really amazing. Nitro has been making break through in PDF area all the time, still with the affordable price. We believe they will do better and better as Adobe Acrobat alternative.
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