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  1. <Andrewdsmith> you messaged me last night but I was away
  3. <hueypriest> oh yeah
  5. <hueypriest> just wanted to discuss srs etc
  7. <Andrewdsmith> yeah, I figured that
  10. * Loaded log from Wed Feb 15 10:20:54 2012
  12. <hueypriest> saw your comment about throwing you guys to the wolves
  13. <Andrewdsmith> I can understand if you are trying to amount a shit ton of evidence against them before you move
  14. <hueypriest> and I completely understand why you'd feel that way
  15. <Andrewdsmith> but that is really how most of the default mods feel
  16. <hueypriest> yep
  17. <hueypriest> there are a lot of misconceptions around what happened with the policy change
  18. <Andrewdsmith> did you see their private subreddits?
  19. <Andrewdsmith> I think that would be a good place to look
  20. <hueypriest> yes. there's nothing really there
  21. <Andrewdsmith> I can understand getting rid of all of those subreddits
  22. <hueypriest> (please do not repeat that)
  23. <Andrewdsmith> I personally agree with you
  24. <Andrewdsmith> about removing the borderline subreddits because they make reddit look bad
  25. <hueypriest> they made a bunch of those private subreddits to scare people
  26. <Andrewdsmith> to the media
  27. <Andrewdsmith> I figured that
  28. <Andrewdsmith> it is like my r/secretcabal
  29. <hueypriest> yes
  30. <Andrewdsmith> I just think that you guys folded too quickly to them and now they are strengthened in their efforts to destroy reddit
  31. <hueypriest> disagree
  32. <hueypriest> we planned to make the change early on friday
  33. <Andrewdsmith> I figured that it was a long time coming
  34. <hueypriest> and it's complicated, but yes, long time coming
  35. <Andrewdsmith> I think it was a good move
  36. <hueypriest> the timing is unfortunate because it makes them feel more empowered
  37. <Andrewdsmith> yeah
  38. <hueypriest> i do too
  39. <hueypriest> should have done it long ago
  40. <Andrewdsmith> brb
  41. <Andrewdsmith> I agree
  42. <Andrewdsmith> and there are tons that are poping up
  43. <Andrewdsmith> I tried to say that when they had the reddit alien waving to pedobear
  44. <hueypriest> yeah
  45. <Andrewdsmith> I know that you can proxy and have ip changing
  46. <hueypriest> right
  47. <Andrewdsmith> but I think that the majority of the SRS users aren't that smart
  48. <Andrewdsmith> and I figure that you are watching the ips of the main ones
  49. <Andrewdsmith> but us being left in the cold makes us nervous about this
  50. <Andrewdsmith> anyway you can give me info on who leaked the r/modtalk screeshots?
  51. <hueypriest> yes, we leave you in the cold far too much
  52. <Andrewdsmith> that seriously worried all of the default mods
  53. <hueypriest> but it's ahrd because everything we say recently winds up being public
  54. <Andrewdsmith> yeah, I know
  55. <hueypriest> *hard
  56. <hueypriest> point in case
  57. <hueypriest> waiting to talk to QG
  58. <hueypriest> about that
  59. <hueypriest> and yes, i know who it is
  60. <Andrewdsmith> it's either laure or VA to me
  61. <hueypriest> we actually feel much better able to handle any heat from SRS etc now
  62. <hueypriest> kind of like a forrest fire
  63. <Andrewdsmith> burn a bit
  64. <Andrewdsmith> so that there is nothing to spread
  65. <hueypriest> we did a controlled burn of the questionable stuff (whjich we should have done a long time ago)
  66. <hueypriest> correct
  67. <hueypriest> and unlike srs, we've actually workled with the fbi etc
  68. <Andrewdsmith> thats awesome
  69. <Andrewdsmith> can I tell the other mods that?
  70. <hueypriest> and i'm sure they are getting pretty fed up with all their frivolous tips
  71. <Andrewdsmith> yeah
  72. <Andrewdsmith> I have to head to the office really quick
  73. <Andrewdsmith> I'll be back in like 30
  74. <Andrewdsmith> thank you for updating me
  75. <hueypriest> the fbi is not interested in following up leads of 17 year olds who's boyfriends post shit on the internet
  76. <Andrewdsmith> and I'll do my best to calm the mods
  77. <hueypriest> great
  78. <Andrewdsmith> without telling them what all has been said
  79. <hueypriest> i'm glad to answer any questions i can
  80. <Andrewdsmith> thanks
  81. <hueypriest> in modtalk irc later
  82. <hueypriest> thanks talk alter
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