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  1. <02:15:14> "CaLLSTaCK": hey
  2.  <02:15:17> "CaLLSTaCK": :\
  3.  <02:15:20> "xghostea": hey
  4.  <02:15:23> "xghostea": is everything okay?
  5.  <02:15:28> "CaLLSTaCK": no
  6.  <02:15:39> "xghostea": you're not going to lose your position, are you?
  7.  <02:15:50> "CaLLSTaCK": im like %99.999 i just got fired
  8.  <02:15:53> "xghostea": D:
  9.  <02:16:45> "xghostea": it was just a joke!! D:
  10.  <02:16:50> "xghostea": I'm so sorry!
  11.  <02:17:27> "CaLLSTaCK": i just told the majority in the staff irc to fuck off
  12.  <02:17:38> "CaLLSTaCK": and i included certain names like desu and squirtle
  13.  <02:17:42> "CaLLSTaCK": in the sentence
  14.  <02:18:03> "CaLLSTaCK": as well as just told kuda he was a fucking faggot on teamspeak and not in text
  15.  <02:18:22> "CaLLSTaCK": i am almost 100% sure all my in game powers are gone now
  16.  <02:18:39> "CaLLSTaCK": but i am unsure to why i still show as a gm on here and i am still in the irc staff room
  17. <02:19:07> "xghostea": that's terrible :C
  18.  <02:19:27> "xghostea": I feel really bad now
  19.  <02:19:37> "CaLLSTaCK": someone reported me for recalling them the only people i ever recalled was the lem people and rae
  20.  <02:19:43> "xghostea": If it helps anything, I can marry you again.
  21.  <02:20:08> "CaLLSTaCK": i told them that they need to fucking relax that i didnt hurt or hinder anyones gameplay
  22.  <02:20:29> "CaLLSTaCK": they said i was abusing my powers and i recalled everyone against their will which is bs
  23.  <02:20:41> "CaLLSTaCK": i am pretty sure rae mianshao is the one that reported it
  24.  <02:21:25> "CaLLSTaCK": i am probably just deleting pokemmo now, finding a new game and shall dissapear
  25.  <02:21:40> "xghostea": what???
  26.  <02:21:42> "xghostea": No!!
  27.  <02:22:24> "CaLLSTaCK": if you say anything to anyone do it in a private chat
  28.  <02:22:31> "xghostea": yeah
  29. <02:22:35> "CaLLSTaCK": they showed me mor elogs of the lem channel tonight
  30.  <02:22:47> "CaLLSTaCK": showed me logs from when i wasnt even there
  31.  <02:23:25> "xghostea": that's a breach of privacy!!!!!!!
  32.  <02:23:40> "CaLLSTaCK": yes
  33.  <02:23:42> "CaLLSTaCK": i know it is
  34.  <02:23:46> "xghostea": IM PISSED OFF
  35.  <02:24:22> "CaLLSTaCK": half the staff dont like me now for standing up for myself
  36.  <02:24:25> "CaLLSTaCK": which means that
  37.  <02:24:33> "CaLLSTaCK": pokemmo will not be fun for me anymore
  38.  <02:24:35> "CaLLSTaCK": which means
  39.  <02:24:43> "CaLLSTaCK": if im not having fun with this no point to be here
  40.  <02:26:01> "xghostea": =\
  41.  <02:26:08> "xghostea": that really pisses me off
  42.  <02:26:20> "CaLLSTaCK": :\
  43. <02:26:45> "xghostea": you can't just stay on Pokemmo even without your powers?
  44.  <02:26:48> "xghostea": make a new account?
  45.  <02:27:15> "CaLLSTaCK": its not about the powers
  46.  <02:27:28> "CaLLSTaCK": honestly i could care less about those
  47.  <02:27:34> "xghostea": yeah
  48.  <02:27:57> "CaLLSTaCK": im just on here to have fun if you havent noticed
  49.  <02:28:02> "xghostea": yeah
  50.  <02:28:03> "xghostea": =\
  51.  <02:28:16> "CaLLSTaCK": it just seems now though
  52.  <02:28:20> "CaLLSTaCK": its all changed
  53.  <02:28:28> "CaLLSTaCK": i dunno, i dunno how to explain it
  54.  <02:28:34> "xghostea": i see
  55.  <02:28:55> "CaLLSTaCK": i do know that when desu and squirtle log on tomorrow and see the messages i left them on irc
  56.  <02:28:59> "CaLLSTaCK": that all hell will break loose
  57.  <02:29:03> "xghostea": oh
  58.  <02:29:22> "CaLLSTaCK": i didnt have very nice things to say
  59. <02:29:46> "CaLLSTaCK": i was also kicked from the server i noticed
  60.  <02:29:51> "CaLLSTaCK": and i just tried to log back in
  61.  <02:29:56> "xghostea": WHAT?!
  62.  <02:29:58> "CaLLSTaCK": and it appears that i have been banned from the server
  63.  <02:30:41> "xghostea": oh
  64.  <02:31:08> "CaLLSTaCK": =\
  65.  <02:31:20> "xghostea": ...so i guess you can't play pokemmo anymore...
  66.  <02:31:28> "CaLLSTaCK": not on the callstack account
  67.  <02:31:33> "CaLLSTaCK": its banned it appears
  68.  <02:31:36> "xghostea": oh
  69.  <02:32:38> "CaLLSTaCK":                                         it's all over this
  70.  <02:32:43> "CaLLSTaCK": http://www.privatepaste.com/874de43fe0/asdfkasjdfljiuryoirbe34592725495nxshdkqyutbfsssv
  71.  <02:32:52> "xghostea": oh
  72.  <02:32:54> "xghostea": what is this??
  73. <02:33:29> "CaLLSTaCK": recall log
  74.  <02:33:33> "xghostea": oh
  75.  <02:33:43> "CaLLSTaCK": me teleporting you to my location in game
  76.  <02:33:51> "CaLLSTaCK": kuda was like screaming on the mic saying
  77.  <02:34:04> "xghostea": he was screaming???
  79.  <02:37:46> "xghostea": wow, I'm really sorry.
  80.  <02:37:55> "CaLLSTaCK": its not your fault
  81.  <02:38:02> "xghostea": I would never expect him to react so angrily
  82.  <02:38:05> "CaLLSTaCK": they are just fucking blowing everything out of proportion
  83.  <02:38:19> "xghostea": I think so too
  84.  <02:38:26> "xghostea": It was just a little bit of fun
  85.  <02:38:32> "xghostea": and I wasn't even doing anything in the game
  86.  <02:38:43> "xghostea": Like, I never do anything in the game
  87. <02:38:51> "CaLLSTaCK": then when they wouldnt listen to a thing i had to say i just fucking blew up on the entire staff siince EVERYONE just happened to have somehting to say about it
  88.  <02:39:01> "xghostea": are you freaking kidding me?!
  89.  <02:39:09> "xghostea": That's not even that big of a deal!!
  90.  <02:39:22> "CaLLSTaCK": too them its like the end of the world i dont fucking get it
  91.  <02:39:36> "xghostea": I don't either!!
  92.  <02:39:41> "xghostea": it was just a little bit of fun.
  93.  <02:40:01> "CaLLSTaCK": i should have said
  94.  <02:40:03> "xghostea": and it's not like it was random people
  95.  <02:40:07> "xghostea": It was US
  96.  <02:40:13> "CaLLSTaCK": it was my first GM event LOL "Total Recall"
  97.  <02:40:29> "xghostea": omg
  98.  <02:40:44> "xghostea": They wouldn't even settle for a warning?!
  99.  <02:40:54> "CaLLSTaCK": i quote
  100.  <02:40:56> "CaLLSTaCK": 1 sec
  101.  <02:42:04> "CaLLSTaCK": [1:18am] <~Desu> You don't understand - this is not a game - you fuck up one time with us which you have done then that's it we disown you - fun or not i am not laughing - so please die - there is no reset button here
  102.  <02:42:32> "CaLLSTaCK": =\
  103.  <02:42:35> "xghostea": what the heck
  104. <02:42:50> "xghostea": that's bullshit
  105.  <02:42:53> "xghostea": this is freaking pokemon
  106.  <02:43:16> "CaLLSTaCK": I KNOW! i even said that
  107.  <02:43:21> "CaLLSTaCK": i said so much shit
  108.  <02:43:21> "CaLLSTaCK": but
  109.  <02:43:28> "xghostea": THIS IS FREAKING POKEMON OMG
  110.  <02:43:36> "CaLLSTaCK": it dont matter i guess what i say
  111.  <02:44:21> "xghostea": I am so mad right now
  112.  <02:45:16> "CaLLSTaCK": you and me both then
  113.  <02:45:20> "CaLLSTaCK": i am very upset
  114.  <02:45:21> "xghostea": yena's mad too
  115.  <02:45:23> "CaLLSTaCK": about everything
  116.  <02:45:29> "xghostea": I am very upset too!!!
  117.  <02:46:07> "xghostea": I don't freaking understand
  118.  <02:46:28> "xghostea": Can they see private messages?
  119.  <02:46:35> "xghostea": w/e i dont care
  120. <02:46:56> "CaLLSTaCK": no
  121.  <02:46:57> "xghostea": they need to get those sticks out from their asses
  122.  <02:47:07> "CaLLSTaCK": I went to the official teamspeak forums earlier
  123.  <02:47:12> "CaLLSTaCK": to find out if it was possible at all
  124.  <02:47:21> "CaLLSTaCK": and logging private messages CANNOT be done no way no how
  125.  <02:47:54> "xghostea": well, I understand why you'd want to stop playing pokemmo... =\
  126.  <02:48:26> "xghostea": honestly, I dont know if I can keep playing a game that's run by people who'd do something like that
  127.  <02:48:37> "CaLLSTaCK": im trying to find something kuda said earlier on irc
  128.  <02:49:11> "CaLLSTaCK": that pissed me off
  129. <02:51:59> "CaLLSTaCK": found it
  130.  <02:52:03> "xghostea": ok
  131.  <02:52:08> "CaLLSTaCK": [1:36am] <Kudasai> Well I can say this much all your code additions to the test server which made all the move tutors work and allowed us a great starting point on the abilities as well as your hard work reverse engineering the client to accept 256bit support is all ours now with you not being on the staff we are still going to take all the work you have done, use it, and add to it - if if was for you (this patch) wouldn't have came out when it did and our next patch wouldn't even have a starting point, sucks to be you - thanks for the code dick face ;)
  132.  <02:52:28> "xghostea": what the fuck
  133.  <02:52:40> "xghostea": what the fuck
  134.  <02:52:58> "xghostea": ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!
  135.  <02:53:17> "xghostea": WOW FUCK THIS GAME
  137. <02:54:00> "CaLLSTaCK": i do a shit ton of stuff for them spending hours doing it, which no coder on the staff, gizmo and desu included couldnt do and was about to hire someone to do for them, do it, all for free then when i teleport a couple friends around just for fun they laugh about strealing my work then ban me?
  138.  <02:54:44> "xghostea": wow i dont know if I can even fucking play this game anymore knowing that kind of people are running it
  139.  <02:55:22> "CaLLSTaCK": after he said that
  140.  <02:55:29> "CaLLSTaCK": i said "are you fucking kidding me?"
  141.  <02:55:31> "CaLLSTaCK": then
  142. <02:56:05> "CaLLSTaCK": [1:37am] <%Thoth> LOL someone seems butt-hurt get over it and go cry us all a river bwahahaha
  143.  <02:56:31> "xghostea": what the fuck?!
  144.  <02:56:36> "xghostea": What a fucking asshole
  146. <02:56:51> "CaLLSTaCK": [1:37am] <%Dumuzid> haha take all his work
  147. <02:57:58> "xghostea": that's unbelievable
  148.  <02:59:02> "xghostea": i dont think i want to play this game anymore.
  149.  <02:59:19> "xghostea": i am so angry
  150.  <02:59:38> "CaLLSTaCK": i am very upset
  151.  <03:00:00> "xghostea": and why wouldn't you be?!
  152.  <03:00:16> "xghostea": wow
  153.  <03:00:21> "xghostea": fuck these people
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