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  1. Me: "Hello?  Baron?"
  3. Kalan: "We have contact, the Baron is going to be so pleased  we got this working and the crystal doesn't show any signs of cracking.  Just amazing."
  5. Me: "Excuse me?  What is this about?"
  7. Kalan: "Look my Baron more contact, I think you were wrong to doubt my skills.
  9. Stop your twittering Jon it is completely useless without the proper context of time and location.  How do we speak to it?
  11. We need to know which world it inhabits and if 729 exist there as well.
  13. If you will let explain my Baron, everything we say is transmitted via the crystal device.  The contact so far shows that it speaks the same language as us of course with the obvious barbarisms.  It shows that we are dealing with a time before our own.
  15. Fine, contact me as soon as you find anything useful I have an appointment with brother.
  17. Jon, the crystal is showing signs of stress.
  19. Okay shutdown it for now."
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