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Nirv admits to harassing redditors

By: a guest on Feb 6th, 2011  |  syntax: None  |  size: 2.78 KB  |  views: 1,414  |  expires: Never
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  1. (03:09:20 AM) indub_is_a_faggot: indub_is_a_faggot
  2. (03:09:28 AM) indub_is_a_faggot is now known as painbow
  3. (03:09:31 AM) painbow: indubitableness1
  4. (03:09:31 AM) indubitableness: sup
  5. (03:09:34 AM) painbow: dude
  6. (03:09:42 AM) painbow: each time you respond to me on reddit
  7. (03:09:58 AM) painbow: mottom24 aka Anti-Nirv is going to get return fire from me.
  8. (03:10:15 AM) indubitableness: That's a weird ass threat
  9. (03:10:17 AM) painbow: He just sent me another one. Leave me alone, you got what you wanted, you win, you beat me, so just leave me alone.
  10. (03:10:21 AM) painbow: "He just sent me another one. Leave me alone, you got what you wanted, you win, you beat me, so just leave me alone."
  11. (03:10:26 AM) painbow: he sent that earlier
  12. (03:10:32 AM) painbow: after I decided to return fire
  13. (03:10:33 AM) painbow: then
  14. (03:10:38 AM) painbow: "Fuck you asshole, he knows my main because I don't use anti-nirv anymore. I gave him that screen name to use but he decided to use his own. I have no interest in your shit anymore. Leave. Me. alone."
  15. (03:10:45 AM) painbow: "Fuck you! Seriously, fuck you. I stopped this shit and don't give a sit about you or him or anyone involved in your crap fest. Leave me the fuck alone."
  16. (03:10:53 AM) painbow: then
  17. (03:10:56 AM) painbow: I_am_a_reptile said
  18. (03:10:57 AM) painbow: "He asked me to stop messaging you, and unlike you, I actually care about others. I'm going to stop only because he doesn't deserve whatever you're doing to him. So long wanker, you got rid of 2 of us. Good luck with the world."
  19. (03:11:01 AM) painbow: so
  20. (03:11:03 AM) painbow: each time you respond
  21. (03:11:12 AM) painbow: he's going to get harassed
  22. (03:11:16 AM) indubitableness: HAH
  23. (03:11:19 AM) painbow: and he doesn't like it very much when I fire back
  24. (03:11:27 AM) indubitableness: you just admitted you're harassing redditors in a logged channel
  25. (03:11:28 AM) indubitableness: dip shit
  26. (03:11:32 AM) painbow: uhh
  27. (03:11:36 AM) painbow: I'm returning fire
  28. (03:11:45 AM) indubitableness: (03:11:03 AM) painbow: each time you respond
  29. (03:11:45 AM) indubitableness: (03:11:12 AM) painbow: he's going to get harassed
  30. (03:11:47 AM) painbow: you don't like it very much do you?
  31. (03:11:49 AM) indubitableness: your words nirv
  32. (03:11:51 AM) painbow: yup
  33. (03:11:52 AM) painbow: so
  34. (03:11:54 AM) painbow: he stopped
  35. (03:11:56 AM) painbow: I am a reptile stopped
  36. (03:12:00 AM) painbow: and I'm asking that you stop as well
  37. (03:12:05 AM) painbow: or I'm going to fight back
  38. (03:12:09 AM) indubitableness: I'm reporting this incident to the mods
  39. (03:12:14 AM) indubitableness: enjoy your new accoubnt
  40. (03:12:14 AM) painbow: go ahead.
  41. (03:12:23 AM) painbow: ok
  42. (03:12:25 AM) painbow: I'm doing it
  43. (03:12:35 AM) painbow: mottom can thank you for his hard times.
  44. (03:12:37 AM) painbow left the room.
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