Love & Sex Walkthrough

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  1. walkthrough for version v18.09.01a
  5. 1: game mechanics
  7. important: free actions mean that they don't advance time and therefore don't lower your needs or move characters, they are all once per day
  8. some actions have costs associated with them, require items, require a certain level of needs or can only be taken in certain seasons
  9. also locations vary per time of day
  11. 1.1: needs
  12. you have 4 needs: energy, hunger, grooming and fun
  14. energy is refilled by either sleeping (my bedroom, faster with the luxury bed bought at the mall), drink a coffee (kitchen, once per day, free action), taking a break (office, free action) or drinking an energy drink (bakery, 25$, consumable)
  16. hunger is filled by either have a meal (kitchen), eat a hotdog (mall, 5$), eat a hamburger (pub,25$) or eating a pastry (bakery, 25$, consumable)
  18. grooming can be refilled by taking a shower in the bathroom (at lower level of friendness your housemates will not allow you in the bathroom alongside with them) or eating a mint candy (bakery, 25$, consumable)
  20. fun: can be refilled by watching tv (living room), playing videogames (after buying or being gifted the Z-box), play a game (arcade,1$), take a break (office), reading the fun book (bookstore, 25$), watching a movie (movie theater, 10$), masturbate (your bedroom, free action, requires under yellow fun) and complimenting/kissing the girls
  22. if one of your needs is below 5 it will block a small amount of actions, if your needs are in yellow (3 or below) they will block most of your actions, if your needs are in red (0) they will block almost everything except the most basic of actions (sleeping, eating and solving whatever need is in red)
  24. 1.2: atributes
  25. you have 3 atributes
  27. knowledge: increases the amount of money you get from working, the amount of topics you get to talk about (you start with 2 and you get a new one every 10 levels) and prerequisite for options in events
  28. increase knowledge by: thinking hard (park, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), reading a knowledge book (book store, 100$, free action), study (university,3h, 25$), and buying the knowledge machine (mall,200$, not guaranteed every night)
  29. also increased by wearing certain clothes
  31. fitness: increases your energy level and prerequisite for options in events and gaining desire with sasha
  32. increase fitness by: do push-ups (your bedroom, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), swim (pool,only spring and summer months, requires bathing suit), go for a run (park, requires sport clothes), light training (gym, requires sport clothes), heavy training (gym, requires sport clothes) and buying the fitness machine (mall,200$, not guaranteed every night)
  33. also increased by wearing certain clothes
  35. charm: decreases the chance of giving a bad compliment and prerequisite for options in events
  36. increase charm by: practice speech (bathroom, only when all your needs are above 5, 50% chance), sunbath (pool,only spring and summer months), get a haircut (mall,50$), party (nightclub(15$),50$), reading the charm book (bookstore,100$) and buying the charm machine (mall,200$, not guaranteed every night)
  37. also increased by wearing certain clothes
  39. your starting atributes are also raised by your choices in the prologue
  41. 1.3: skills
  42. these there are the skills which currently matter in gameplay, all skills are picked at the start of the game
  43. skills
  44. 1: martial arts: never lose a fight (there are currently 2 fights in the game)
  45. 2: videogames: always win the arcade videogame event
  46. 3: no sleep: need 1 hour less sleep
  47. 4: hung: get +1DP if girls happen to encounter the trouser python
  48. 5: guitar: prerequisite for sasha's band event
  49. 6: cooking: desire gain from eating with the girls in the morning
  50. skills also influence DPD (more on that under 1.5)
  52. 1.4: traits
  53. each girl has 3 inherent traits which influences which actions she'll like on dates, these dates will be discoverable when you get enough FP (of course these are also described into the 2: girls)
  54. they'll also influence how much DP you'll gain from the clothes you wear
  56. 1.4: money
  58. the only way to reliably get money is to work at the office (you can also roam the streets for a random event or play vidya but you won't get far that way)
  59. either work hard (4 hours) or work (4 hours), work hard get's you more money and costs more fun but is only available if all your needs are above 5, work is available if your needs are above 3
  60. you also have 2 random events while working: either work over 2 hours for a bonus (very much worth it) or 2 hours for regular pay (do what you want this time)
  61. work is only available in day hours and from monday to saturday, this is important because of the next point
  62. important! every monday morning 100$ will be required to pay the rent, if you can't do this then you'll take a massive relationship hit with the girls
  64. 1.5: seduction
  65. each girl has 3 statistics, friendship (hereafter shown as FP), desire (hereafter shown as DP) and kink (hereafter shown as KP)
  66. each girl also has their favourite talk topics, favourite television shows and favourite gifts
  67. also each girl has their own schedule so you'll have to adjust your schedule depending on what girl you're after
  68. after a certain amount of DP (about 40) the girl will change pose, this is when you know to strike
  69. DPD(Daily Passive Desire) are DP that each girl get's based on your atributes, skills and the clothes you wear, these get aplied the first time you meet a girl that day
  70. for atributes it means that if the DPD atribute is above the DP then you gain 1 DP
  71. favourite gifts and favourite programs will further the DP
  72. each girl's DPD is also influenced by the clothing you wear more on that in 3.4: clothing
  73. for now each girl's kink is dominant if it's negative and sub if it's negative but there will be differences between the girls in the future
  75. 1.6: dates and sex
  76. after a certain amount of DP either you or the girls will ask them or you on a date
  78. if they ask you then a time is automaticly chosen, if you do it then you can choose the date time in either afternoon or evening, this means either 14:00 or 20:00
  79. different dates cost a different amount of money
  80. if you don't take a girl on a date on the day it was agreed upon then you'll lose a whoping 20 FP and DP points or in other words about a week's worth of progress, check your calenders people!
  81. on a date you'll have the same bar as with the chores, every action that increases FP or DP will fill the bar and every action that decreases FP or DP will deplete it, so take care what you do or say, a full bar means a succesfull date
  82. dates generally last for 6 hours and it's possible for your date to propose to continue the date either an evening date location or the nightclub
  84. sex is activated by succesfully completing a date with high enough DP and a full datebar
  86. 1.7: chores
  87. each week you're supposed to do certain chores as part of the household
  88. these are best left untill sunday as you don't have that much to do during that day
  89. if you don't do the minimum of 4 chores then you'll lose 10FP and 10DP with both(!) bree and sasha
  90. on the other hand do more then the required 4 and you'll gain +1 FP with both the girls for every chore done
  92. 2: girls
  94. currently there are 3 girls in the game: sasha, bree and samantha (only in the patreon version) all of whom have sex scenes, there are also 5 girls which are to be interactable in the future
  96. bree:
  97. traits: sporty, bookworm, playfull, geek
  98. talk topics: books, food, love, sex (there's an option which makes you lose points if you lack the DP)
  99. television options: scifi, romantic comedy, cartoon, history channel, porn (if her desire is big enough otherwise she'll refuse to watch it)
  100. story events: finding your phone (living room), arcade gaming (arcade), home gaming (living room, needs the Z-box), getting coffee (town)
  101. minor events: poolside fun (pool, spring or summer, >50 KP, had sex with her before)
  102. DPD: knowledge, skill:videogames
  103. favourite gift: books
  104. favourite program: scifi
  105. hangout place: during the week she studies at the university, on saturday she'll be in the arcade
  107. sasha:
  108. traits: rebel, dominant, submissive
  109. talk topics: tv, fashion, food, love, sex, travels
  110. television options: scifi, fashion show, horror, porn
  111. story events: welcome to the houe of fun (living room), helping her unpack (hallway), playing pool (pub), band discussion (hallway)
  112. sidestory events: (unlock by having the guitar skill in the band discussion): meeting the band (map)
  113. minor events: horror film discussion (living room), buying the spiked collar (clothes store,100$) and giving it to her
  114. DPD: fitness, skill:guitar
  115. favourite gift: jewelry
  116. favourite program: horror
  117. hangout place: during the week she works at the clothing store, on saturday she'll be in the mall
  119. samantha:
  120. traits: playfull, gourmand, family
  121. talk topics: travels, people, love, computers, fashion, politics, food
  122. story events: running in to her (town, after a week), helping her move (bakery), helping her study (park, in the weekend), run into ryan (nightclub), about ryan (don't tell her: story A, tell her: story B)
  123. story A: marriage: marriage (next weekend), a shoulder to cry on (automatic if you run into her), a dick to ride on (all home rooms), actual consequences (all home rooms, one week after the previous event)
  124. story B: breakup: drunken visit (living room), date (bakery)
  125. DPD: charm, fitness and skill: dancing
  126. favourite gift: clothes, underwear
  127. favourite action: cinema
  128. hangout place: during the week she works at the bakery, she also makes apearances at the mall and pub more then the others
  130. 3: walkthrough
  132. my choices are martial arts, guitar and hung this will give you the martial arts skill, guitar skill (necessary for the band storyline) and enough charm to unlock the laugh option in sasha's first event
  133. since on the first day my stats are completely full I go study at the uni 3 times to raise my knowledge (which was 0) to get more money
  134. next objective is to get 100$ spare to buy the leather vest to get my charm up to 10 to get the most out of sasha's unpacking event, get the unpacking event before the next weekend to get the most out of sasha's pool event, that's the only urgent stuff done, do the rest at your own leasure
  136. 3.1: intro
  137. the intro consists of 3 sets of questions, each of the answers give different atributes and skills, if you want to get the maximum out of sasha's first event then you'll need to get at least 5 charm (unless you want to go the sub route with her, however if you don't then nothing's lost
  138. 1:
  139. a) martial arts (skill: martial arts, fitness +3)
  140. b) golf (skill:golf, fitness +2, charm +1)
  141. c) cooking (skill:cooking ,charm +2, knowledge +1)
  142. d) dancing (skill:dancing, charm +2, fitness+1)
  143. e) nothing (knowledge+1, charm+1, fitness+1)
  144. 2:
  145. a) videogames (skil:videogames, knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm +1)
  146. b) fitness (fitness +3)
  147. c) partying (charm +3)
  148. d) reading (knowledge +3)
  149. e) guitar (skill: guitar, charm +3)
  150. f) nothing (knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm +1)
  151. 3:
  152. a) marathon (fitness+3)
  153. b) people person (charm +3)
  154. c) eating contest (skill: iron stomach knowledge+1, fitness+1, charm+1)
  155. d) best of class (knowledge+3)
  156. e) no sleep (till brooklyn!) (skill: no sleep, knowledge +2)
  157. f) hung (skill: hung, charm+2, fitness +1 (as in fit this inside of you, booyah!))
  159. best initial daily schedule IMO
  160. 6u: wake up (set the alarm) and shower, bree will ask you to leave, this will net you DP with her if you are hung
  161. 7u: watch tv or do a chore
  162. 8u: kitchen with bree, compliment her(free action, once per day), this will either increase FP and DP or decrease it but we're going to get it back inmediatly anyway, talk to her
  163. 9u: kitchen with sasha, compliment her(free action, once per day), eat with her, also drink the coffee (your energy level should be 8 which brings you right back at 10 for free)
  164. 10u: office: work hard
  165. 14u: office: work hard
  166. 18u: home: either tv with bree (if you have enough FP with her) or wait for 2 hours (your fun levels are too low to do anything else)
  167. 20u: eat with the girls
  168. 21u: tv with sasha (if you have enough FP with her)
  169. 23u: sleep
  171. 3.2: events
  172. important: events are curently only important because of story flags, they're also good sources of FP, DP and KP, however: just because you don't have the necessary stats doesn't mean that you have to start over, you can fail all the events and still receive the full experience
  174. 3.2.1: sasha
  175. 1) welcome to the house of fun (inmediatly after intro):
  176. 1st choice: invite her in (no change), grab some boxes (+2FP,+2DP), help her (+3FP) or take the boxes (>5 fitness) (+3DP)
  177. 2nd choice: be awkward (-5KP), laugh (>4 charm) (no change), joke (>8 charm) (+2F,+2DP)
  179. 2) helping to unpack (hallway between 9 and 24 when sasha is in her room and not sleeping):
  180. 1st choice: tell her to keep it quiet(-5FP,-5DP, ends event), offer to help(+2FP)
  181. 2nd choice: accept (>2 energy) (+2FP), decline (-2FP, ends event)
  182. 3th choice: joke and agree (>10 charm) (+1FP), just agree (+1DP)
  183. 4th choice: refuse (-1DP, ends event) accept (>5 energy) (+1FP)
  184. 5th choice: no (leads to 5A), yes (leads to 5B)
  185. 5A: 1) don't look at the toys (+1FP,-1DP), look at the toys (no change), joke (>10 charm) (+1FP,+1DP)
  186. 5A: 2) be surprised (<10 charm) (-1DP), be surprised (>15 charm) (+1DP), be interested (+1FP,+3DP) (all go to 6th choice)
  187. 5B: 1) yes (+2FP,+2DP), no (all go to 6th choice)
  188. 6th choice: offer more help (>7 energy) (+2FP,+2DP), stop helping
  190. 3) playing pool (pub on friday or saturday night):
  191. 1st choice: talk to her (leads to 1A), leave her alone (leads to 2nd choice)
  192. 1A:1) no (+1DP), yes (10$) (FP+2,DP+1)
  193. 2nd choice: (if it's been less then 7 days since the beginning of the game, otherwise the event ends) yes, later (leads to 3th choice), yes, now (DP+2), no (-1FP,-1DP)
  194. 3th choice: invite her (50$) (FP+2, DP+1), order food (no change)
  196. 4) band discussion (hallway between 18 and 24 when sasha is in her room and not sleeping, at least 30FP)
  197. 1st choice: leave (ends event), open door, knock on door
  198. 2nd choice: don't play too late (-5FP,-5DP, ends event), that's great (if not skill guitar) (+1FP,+1DP), that's great (requires skill: guitar) (+2FP,+2DP, opens up the band sidestory)
  200. 3.2.2: bree
  201. 1) finding your phone (living room, at least 10FP, bree needs to be playing on her phone)
  202. 1st choice: mind lending me a hand (+5FP), help me look (+5KP)
  204. 2) arcade gaming (arcade, requires 20FP, bree needs to be in the arcade)
  205. no choices but if you have the skill videogames you'll earn 5DP, if you don't then it's 5FP
  207. 3) home gaming (living room, between 10u and 19u, requires 30FP, requires Z-box, bree needs to be there):
  208. 1st choice: tease her (+5KP), I don't care (+5FP)
  210. 4) getting coffee (town, during the week, between 12u and 18u, requires 40FP, 50% chance to fire)
  211. 1st choice: don't worry about it (+1FP), you kept me waiting (+1KP)
  212. 2nd choice: get yourself a drink (+1KP), get yourself and bree a drink (+1FP)
  213. 3th choice: don't worry(+1FP), I'll sort something out (no change), you better have it (+1KP)
  215. minor event: poolside fun (during the swim activity, between 9u and 19u, requires 50sub, must have had sex already)
  216. no choices or effects as a result of this event
  217. 3.2.3: samantha
  218. 1) running into samantha (town, between 10u and 17u, at least 7days played) (only event in the public version for now)
  219. 1st choice: it's allright (+1FP), you should really tell me (no change)
  220. 2nd choice: ask about university (+1 FP if you say literature afterwards), ask about work (no change), ask about ryan (no change)
  221. 3th choice: have fun (+1FP), make sure to pick up your stuff (no change)
  223. 2) helping her move (bakery, requires 20FP, samantha needs to be there)
  224. 1st choice: the usual (no change), something new (+1FP)
  225. 2nd choice: no thanks (-1FP, ends event), sure (no change)
  226. 3th choice: entertaining (+1FP), just roommates (no change), pretty attractive (+1DP)
  227. 4th choice: I've got other plans (-1FP, ends event), allright (no change, time skips to 21u)
  228. 5th choice: (you have to take everything in), light boxes (no change), heavy boxes (if fitness>20: +2DP, if fitness<20: no change, leads to 5A), desk (no change)
  229. 5A: wait (no change), take in the boxes(-1FP)
  230. 6th choice: be supportive (+2FP), be disaproving (-2FP)
  232. 3) studying in the park (park, requires 30FP, between 10u and 17u, samantha needs to be there)
  233. 1st choice: hey (no change), scare (-1FP)
  234. 2nd choice: having trouble (-1FP), sounds difficult (+1FP), doesn't sound fun (-1FP, ends event)
  235. if knowledge >25
  236. 3th choice: were you listening (-1FP,+5KP), good (no change)
  237. 4th choice: you can always come to me (+2FP, end event), ask ryan for help (no change)
  238. 5th choice: you didn't bother me (+1FP), stay silent (-1FP)
  239. if knowledge <25
  240. 3th choice: change the subject (no change), think of an answer (if charm >25 +5FP, if not no change)
  242. 4) running into ryan (nightclub, requires 40FP, samantha isn't there)
  243. you have a week to complete this event before you're inevitable in the mariage path, afterwards you'll have the option to tell samantha "about ryan", if you tell her then you'll proceed on the break-up path, if you don't then you'll remain on the marriage path
  245. samantha break-up
  246. 1) drunken visit (living room, between 22u and 4)
  247. 1st choice: I love you (+2FP), stay silent (no change)
  249. 2) date (bakery, requires 50FP, samantha needs to be there)
  250. 1st choice: yes (+1FP) no (-5FP, end event)
  251. none of the next choices give you any points, but if you pick shopping and pick the swimsuit (and samantha has at least 50DP or 25KP) then she'll gain a new ingame swimsuit
  253. samantha marriage
  254. 1) marriage(saturday, between 12u and 20u, at least 7 days after the 4th event)
  255. no choices here give any points or lead to anything else (for now)
  257. 2) a shoulder to cry on (between 10u and 18u, requires 60FP, samantha needs to be there)
  258. no choices that give any points but you will receive a book from this one
  259. a cookbook (skill: cooking), sports book (fitness +2) or charm book (charm +2)
  261. 3) a dick to ride on (any homeroom, between 20u and 24u, requires 70FP)
  262. no choices that give any points
  264. 4) actual consequences (any homeroom, between 16u and 24u, at least 7 days after the last event)
  265. no choices that give any points
  267. 3.2.4: band
  268. 1) meeting the band (town, friday between 20u and 21u) (none of the choices here have any effect or prerequisite)
  269. 3.3: general tips
  271. - after you have earned enough FP to be allowed in the bathroom alongside bree then you can move your alarm to 7u
  272. - avoid watching tv with sasha at 19, it takes 2 hours and thus you miss dinner time (and thus missing you bree points)
  273. - at your birthday or christmas bree will give you a free Z-box (that's 200$!, I feel bad with my 30$ book for her)
  274. - get the girls gifts for their birthday, valentines and christmas
  275. - you can buy clothing and accesories in the clothes shop and equip them in your bedroom (go to inventory in the sidebar), you can equip one piece of clothing and 1 accessory at the same time
  276. - swimsuit (clothes store,150$) allows you to swim in the pool during warm months which gives you +1 fitness, it also unlocks playing with the girls in the pool during the weekend, it also raises your fitness atribute by 10 if you equip it, if you start in a warm month then I recommend getting it ASAP
  277. - sporting clothes (clothes store,150$) allows you to jog in the park which gives you +1 fitness, it also unlocks the gym where you can pay 100$ for a month, the heavy workout gives you a massive boost in fitness: it also raises your fitness atribute by 10 if you equip it, if you start in a cold month then I recommend getting it ASAP
  278. - fancy clothes (clothes store,150$) increases your charm by 10 (despite my personal preference, the leather jacket raises only 5 for 100$), it also gives you acces to the nightclub and fancy restaurant date
  279. - the tweed blazer (clothes store,100$) is the only clothing which raises your knowledge (+5), the rest either raise fitness or charm
  280. - the learning machines work by each having a chance to raise their attribute by 1 if you go to sleep
  281. - you can't give the girl's gifts when they're at work or studying (you can't for example give sasha the spiked collar straight away if she's there)
  282. - dates aren't always good for every type of girl, just because one girl didn't like most of the activities doesn't necessarily mean that all of them won't
  284. 3.4: clothing
  285. each piece of clothing and accesory that adds 5 to a trait will cost 100$ and each that adds 10 to a trait will cost 200$
  286. depending on the traits of the girls each piece of clothing and accesory you wear has a chance of adding 1 to your DPD, if multiple traits apply to the same girl then both will count(for example on sasha the leather jacket has a 40% chance of gaining 1DP and 20% chance of 2 DP)
  287. clothing:
  288. fancy clothes, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%) (also unlocks the nightclub location and the fancy dinner date)
  289. leather jacket, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel(20%)
  290. tweed blazer, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) family (20%)
  291. sweat pants, fitness+5, sportsy (20%), dominant (20%)
  292. funny shirt, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%)
  293. military fatigues, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand(20%)
  294. sport clothes, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the gym location and the run in the park activity)
  295. swimsuit, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the waterpark location, the waterpark date and swim and sunbathe in the pool activities)
  297. accesories:
  298. luxury watch, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%)
  299. cool sunglasses, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel(20%)
  300. geeky pen, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) family (20%)
  301. sport shoes, fitness+5 sportsy (20%) dominant (20%)
  302. funny badge, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%)
  303. military boots, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand(20%)
  305. 3.5: dates
  306. cinema: 30$ intitial cost, afternoon and evening
  307. events: there's a 5% chance that an employee will tell you that there's no more place, you can either try to convince him or bribe him winning points with the girl if you're let in, you can also sneak in but unless the girl has the rebel trait she'll not like this (losing 2DP and winning 2DP if she has)
  308. watch movie: if the girl has cinema in her favourites you'll gain 2FP and 1DP, otherwise just +1FP and 1DP, you can watch 3 movies on your cinema date
  309. personal opinion: not worth it even with eventually samantha who does have cinema in her favourites
  311. fancy dinner: evening, requires fancy clothes
  312. order for her: if the girl has trait submisive then you'll +1FP,1DP if not you'll lose -5FP,-5DP
  313. eat: +1FP, if your charm and the girls DP is high enough: +1DP
  314. pay for both: 100$, if the girl has trait: submisive, dominant, princess or poor you'll gain +1FP,+1DP, otherwise nothing
  315. put your hand on hers: if your charm and the girls DP is high enough (at least 50 together): +1FP,+1DP, if not -5FP,-5DP
  316. personal opinion: personal favourite for sasha, if a bit expensive
  318. home: afternoon and evening
  319. chat on couch: random chat initiated by the girl (always positive)
  320. watch tv: +1DP
  321. swim in the pool: (only in spring or summer, requires swimsuit) +1DP
  322. make some snacks: +1DP
  323. play on the console (requires z-box) if girl has traits geek or playfull then DP+1, if not DP-1
  324. play guitar: (requires skill:guitar) DP+1 if girl has trait rebel then DP+2
  325. play boardgames: if girl has traits geek or playfull then DP+1, if not DP-1
  326. personal opinion: good cheap one for bree
  328. mall: afternoon
  329. shopping: 50$:+1DP, 100$:+2DP, 200$:+3DP, 400$:+4DP, 800$:+5DP, 1600$:+6DP
  330. arcade: 25$, if girl has traits geek or playfull then DP+1, if not DP-1
  331. piercing shop: (girl has minimum sub of 30), here you can get the girl pierced which will actually apear on their ingame images and (eventually) in their scenes, different piercings cost different amounts of money and levels of sub (up to 800$ and 90 sub)
  332. coffee: 20$
  333. take a pic: 5$, +1 DP
  334. have a pastry: 20$, if girl has trait gourmand +1DP
  335. personal opinion: how there mr pennybags, this is by far the most expensive date but very worth it if you can afford it, especially since the shopping activity is repeatable, this is also the only place in game so far were you can get piercings on the girls
  337. park: afternoon
  338. snowman: (only winter, at least 10 charm) if girl has traits artsy or playfull then FP+1,DP+charm/20 if not FP-2, DP-2
  339. snowball fight: (only winter, at least 10 fitness) if girl has trait playfull then FP+1,DP+fitness/20 if not FP-2, DP-2
  340. clouds: (at least 10 charm)  if girl has trait dreamer then FP+1,DP+charm/20 if not FP-2, DP-2
  341. poetry: (at least 10 knowledge)  if girl has traits artsy or bookworm then FP+1,DP+knowledge/20 if not FP-2, DP-2
  342. running: (at least 10 fitness) if girl has trait sporty then FP+1,DP+fitness/20 if not FP-2, DP-2
  343. personal opinion: a bit of a slow starter but a very good end-game one for bree, sasha hates this one
  345. pub: afternoon and evening
  346. play pool: if girl has trait playfull then FP+2, DP+2
  347. play darts: if girl has trait playfull then FP+2, DP+2
  348. eat a burger:25$
  349. personal opinion: this date was OP as hell and is therefore been nerfed, yes, the special activities don't do anything except raise your fun and hunger levels but every time you passed time you could "offer a drink" like in the normal pub, this would result in a fairly cheap and time-free relationship raiser, anyway you can only offer drink 3 times in a day now
  351. waterpark: 10$ intitial cost, afternoon, requires swimsuit, summer and spring only
  352. waterslide: FP+1 if girl has trait playfull then FP+2, DP+2
  353. personal opinion: this is a shitty waterpark, I want my money back
  355. 4: afterword
  356. this concludes the walkthrough, if you see something that's incomplete, not clearly worded or just plain wrong don't hesitate to tell me
  357. all the data here was gathered from playing the game, looking under the hood and developer commentary
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