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  1. # What is the story of the MAIN CHARACTER that you plan to play? (Be detailed as possible)
  2. #### My main character would be a male named "Zhawn Mozgov", he is from Russia. He was a former FSB Agent in Russia. After his long service from the FSB and much of the violence getting up to him, he decided to defect to the United States and leave the FSB. While doing so, the Russian Government is on the hunt for Zhawn Mozgov as they are afraid of any leakage to the FSB secrets to their counterparts in the United States. On the move and on the run, Zhawn uses his FSB acquired skills to fake his death. After a year of getting of the grid and lying low, he found himself pushed, hungry and knock down into his knees in Los Santos. Eager to start a new life, he ventured into the city of Los Santos and decided to make it his second home, a land of second chances, a chance for retribution and the start of the absolution long delayed for his actions as a former FSB Agent. His story shall progress depending on the people he meets and make friends with, would he go back into being a government officer, a plain hard working civilian, a hard earned tough business man or would he be sucked into the dark underground of Los Santos and be a mobster.
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