DF Game Club: Bright Side of the Moon (part 1 plus devchat)

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  1. 6:55:10 am Fhqwhgot: So many old TellTale guy planning to show up to watch one of their best episodes ever. I'm excited
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  3. 6:55:37 am Cheeseness: We're going to take a bit of a hiatus after we finish Broken Age Act 2 and use that time to work out what shape Game Club might have moving forward (if it ends up finishing, that's a good time to end it)
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  5. 6:55:56 am Cheeseness: Fhqwhgot: I know right. I'd also tried reaching out to Jared Emerson-Johnson, but I don't think I made and progress on that front
  6. 6:56:40 am Fhqwhgot: i'll sing It's a Max world anyway. Wait. I guess we will not finish it today
  7. 6:57:01 am Cheeseness: If you happen to know anyone else, feel free to nudge them. I love it when these end up feeling like a bit of a reunion thing
  8. 6:57:05 am salty-horse: wrong episode
  9. 6:57:10 am Cheeseness: Yeah, we'll stretch this ep out over two weeks
  10. Fhqwhgot is now known as Fhqwhgod (6:57:25 am)
  11. 6:57:29 am salty-horse: Fhqwhgot, is this your favorite of season 1?
  12. 6:57:32 am Cheeseness: Whilst we give people time to arrive, is anybody doing anything for AdventureJam?
  13. 6:57:44 am Fhqwhgod: my favourite is Reality 2.0
  14. 6:58:09 am Fhqwhgod: they had a habit of brilliant second to last episodes
  15. 6:58:27 am Cheeseness: The first season kinda jumbles together for me. I tried to hold off and play the whole season together when all the episodes were out
  16. 6:58:33 am Fhqwhgod: Reality 2.0, Chariots, Dangeresque, Muzzler
  17. 6:58:44 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, Dangeresque
  18. 6:59:20 am Fhqwhgod: it's my favourite TTG episode ever
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  21. 6:59:39 am Cheeseness: Season 3 of S&M has my favourite Telltale work in it
  22. 6:59:39 am Fhqwhgod: I haven't laughed as much during a game and I never might again
  23. 6:59:40 am Sven_Q45: Hey guys. 
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  25. 6:59:48 am Cheeseness: But Homestar is great as well 
  26. 6:59:51 am Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  27. 7:00:10 am Fhqwhgod: Hi Sven
  28. 7:00:13 am Permafry_42: Hey guys!
  29. 7:00:19 am Cheeseness: Hey Permafry_42
  30. 7:00:20 am Fhqwhgod: Hi Permafry
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  36. 7:01:44 am Cheeseness: Hi firebirdm
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  38. 7:02:27 am BadAsp: yo
  39. 7:02:34 am Cheeseness: Hey BadAsp
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  41. 7:02:47 am firebirdm: Hey
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  45. 7:03:10 am Cheeseness: We'll give another 10 minutes or so to give our guests extra time to arrive
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  47. 7:03:26 am BadAsp: Oh good, I didn't miss anything yet
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  49. 7:03:32 am Cheeseness: (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it)
  50. 7:03:34 am Sven_Q45: Oh full house today?
  51. 7:03:34 am Cheeseness: Hey fov!
  52. 7:03:41 am BadAsp: fov 
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  54. 7:03:49 am Syd: Hey fov!
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  57. 7:04:07 am Syd: And hey DanielHerrera!
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  59. 7:04:09 am Cheeseness: Hey DanielHerrera
  60. 7:04:11 am BadAsp: Daniel!
  61. 7:04:15 am DanielHerrera: Hello there!
  62. 7:04:26 am DanielHerrera: Hello Ms. fov!
  63. 7:04:27 am Cheeseness: Stop arriving so fast so that it doesn't look like I'm disorganised and not quite ready to stream! 
  64. 7:04:33 am Cheeseness: Hi rokasoka
  65. 7:04:34 am BadAsp: ^_^
  66. 7:04:38 am fov: hi all!
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  68. 7:04:58 am rokasoka: Hey 
  69. 7:04:59 am Cheeseness: Hi Smello
  70. 7:05:07 am Smello: Hello there
  71. 7:05:16 am Cheeseness: fov was Marketing Director at the time that this episode was released
  72. Seg [] entered the room. (7:05:23 am)
  73. 7:05:28 am Cheeseness: DanielHerrera was an animator on this episode
  74. 7:05:28 am Sven_Q45: Ok.
  75. 7:05:30 am BadAsp: Hey Seg
  76. 7:05:31 am Seg: Hello everyone!
  77. 7:05:42 am Lightkey: yay
  78. 7:05:44 am DanielHerrera: ...sorta animator. 
  79. 7:05:45 am Seg: I have made it! What did I miss? Have we done introductions yet?
  80. 7:05:46 am Lightkey: brought food in time
  81. 7:06:00 am DanielHerrera: Hi Seg!
  82. 7:06:01 am Sven_Q45: Oh hallo DanielHerrera and fov. 
  83. 7:06:04 am Cheeseness: Hey Seg! We've just been giving time for people to join
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  85. 7:06:14 am Cheeseness: And I was part way through introducing people
  86. 7:06:33 am Seg: Hey Daniel! Very long time no [virtually] see!
  87. 7:06:41 am DanielHerrera: Indeed!
  88. 7:06:44 am Cheeseness: Seg joined Telltale a little after this episode's release, but helped bring it to additional platforms
  89. 7:06:50 am Cheeseness: (if I recall correctly)
  90. 7:06:52 am Seg: And languages!
  91. 7:07:00 am Cheeseness: Ah yes!
  92. 7:07:02 am Seg: And the DVD
  93. 7:07:05 am Cheeseness: Those too
  94. 7:07:18 am fov: I hope everyone is wearing their hypno-goggles
  95. 7:07:24 am Seg: I started at Telltale a week after Episode 6 was released.
  96. 7:07:30 am fov: courtesy of the Sam & Max Season One Case File (tm)
  97. 7:07:31 am Seg: Which was 8 years ago...
  98. 7:07:34 am BadAsp: crap, I left mine back at home
  99. 7:07:45 am BadAsp: jk, that's where I'm typing this message from
  100. 7:07:46 am Sven_Q45: I forgot it.
  101. 7:07:53 am Cheeseness: I've got my case file here next to me
  102. 7:08:00 am Cheeseness: (admittedly in a box in a bookshelf, but it's still next to me)
  103. 7:08:05 am Seg: My landlord did a real number on my apartment, so my stuff is all in boxes and unkown. 
  104. 7:08:10 am Cheeseness: Aww 
  105. 7:08:14 am Cheeseness: How's that coming along
  106. 7:08:32 am Seg: Got some of the bookshelves in place. And now the apartment is with less holes. 
  107. 7:08:34 am DanielHerrera: fov your job was pretty nutty at the time. You were in charge of interim theater and packing all the case files, in addition to whatever Marketing directors do.
  108. 7:08:41 am fov: should there be a stream happening? I'm only seeing the chat
  109. 7:08:47 am fov: I don't think I was ever Marketing Director
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  111. 7:08:48 am Cheeseness: Alrighty, I think I'm ready to start
  112. 7:08:52 am Syd: The stream is just about to start
  113. 7:08:55 am fov: maybe for like a day when I made my own business card
  114. 7:08:57 am Cheeseness: If people could let me know when they see the title card, that'd be great!
  115. 7:09:07 am Cheeseness: I'll try to keep an eye to chat, but I doubt I'll be able to type much ^_^
  116. 7:09:19 am fov: when did this episode release? like... May maybe?
  117. 7:09:22 am Syd: Yeah, Cheeseness  is handling the stream this time.
  118. 7:09:29 am Cheeseness: \o/
  119. 7:09:31 am Syd: We're live!
  120. 7:09:37 am Permafry_42: live 
  121. 7:09:38 am Fhqwhgod: live
  122. 7:09:42 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, and a misfire
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  124. 7:09:45 am Sven_Q45: It´s alive, Cheese. 
  125. 7:09:53 am BadAsp: Title card yay!
  126. 7:10:04 am Cheeseness: Hope I'm pronouncing everybody's names correctly
  127. fov [] entered the room. (7:10:12 am)
  128. 7:10:17 am salty-horse: Cheeseness,
  129. 7:10:26 am Seg: Yup! You pronounced Seg correctly!
  130. 7:10:30 am Cheeseness: 
  131. 7:10:33 am DanielHerrera: So far so good!
  132. 7:10:42 am Seg: Oh man that menu…
  133. 7:10:45 am salty-horse: are we live for sure?
  134. 7:10:48 am salty-horse: ?
  135. 7:10:48 am Cheeseness: I lvoe that menu background
  136. 7:10:48 am Lightkey: livestreamer outdated again 
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  138. 7:10:51 am fov: I see video
  139. 7:10:55 am fov: or the menu screen anyway
  140. 7:10:56 am Seg: So there was a lot of retooling of that for the ports and languages.
  141. 7:10:56 am Cheeseness: salty-horse: Nah, dfgameclubtemp 
  142. 7:10:56 am Syd: Yeah, make sure nothing is blocking Twitch if you aren't getting anything
  143. 7:10:58 am Permafry_42: same lightkey its great
  144. 7:11:02 am Sven_Q45: I have that screen as poster behind me. 
  145. 7:11:04 am Cheeseness: Sam is pensive
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  147. 7:11:10 am Syd: Yeah, we're having to use a temp channel due to shenanigans
  148. 7:11:13 am salty-horse: ok
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  150. 7:11:29 am Lightkey: oh, different URL, good to know 
  151. 7:11:33 am fov: hm, I hear it but still see the menu. Do I need to do something?
  152. 7:11:37 am Cheeseness: Twitch had their recent account reset stuff, and we ummm lost the email address that it was tied to (blame me!) >_<
  153. 7:11:52 am Cheeseness: fov: Try pausing and playing?
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  155. 7:11:54 am Fhqwhgod: what shenanigans?
  156. 7:11:57 am Permafry_42: i love that he's president but being a detective is more important lol
  157. 7:12:02 am salty-horse: offline in temp too 
  158. 7:12:19 am Cheeseness: salty-horse: Try grabbing the URL from the game club page in case I mistyped it
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  160. 7:12:31 am salty-horse: oh, it's correct, just offline -
  161. 7:12:35 am salty-horse: just ignore me
  162. 7:12:38 am salty-horse: I'll fix it
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  165. 7:12:47 am Cheeseness: Oh, cheers
  166. 7:12:48 am Syd: Direct link to Twitch
  167. 7:12:53 am DanielHerrera: Creepiest moon.
  168. 7:13:02 am Cheeseness: The stuff of nightmares
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  170. 7:13:10 am DanielHerrera: Last intro color.
  171. 7:13:11 am Fhqwhgod: it was so good to see them on the moon again
  172. 7:13:12 am Cheeseness: I love that the Desoto flies off at the end of the opening titles here
  173. 7:13:32 am Lightkey: several big words in the intro already that I would have to replay to look them up first
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  177. 7:13:57 am Fhqwhgod: Lightkey: not a native speaker?
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  179. 7:14:11 am fov: mole man!
  180. 7:14:27 am Seg: So man, who shoudl start first? I know Dan’s here, is Emily?
  181. 7:14:37 am fov: I'm still having issues with the stream
  182. 7:14:39 am BadAsp: I think fov is Emily
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  184. 7:15:18 am Permafry_42: the whee never gets old
  185. fov [] entered the room. (7:15:19 am)
  186. 7:15:23 am Cheeseness: WHEEE
  187. LoonOfNature [] entered the room. (7:15:24 am)
  188. 7:15:28 am Permafry_42: especially on the moon
  189. 7:15:43 am salty-horse: so, while the stream is not working for me, here's the first question. this may have been answered previously. how creative was the team with asset reuse. was it all planned in advance of the 5 chapters, or did you figure out new techniques, and new uses for old stuff, on the go?
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  191. 7:16:03 am fov: what kind of assets, you mean like the mole man?
  192. 7:16:06 am DanielHerrera: We were so lucky that it fits perfectly in the world that Sam would slap Max like that. We weren't ready to deal with all the pathfinding involved with max avoiding sam.
  193. 7:16:30 am Cheeseness: DanielHerrera: That's got to be my favourite production story. The best happy accident
  194. 7:16:37 am fov: the original plan was to have the office be basically the same with each episode (but with one "trophy" from the previous episode)
  195. 7:16:39 am Cheeseness: Whose idea was the title for this episode?
  196. 7:16:42 am fov: and people complained bitterly about that
  197. 7:16:55 am fov: so around ep4 they started doing all new hotspots and jokes in the office
  198. 7:16:58 am Cheeseness: I loved the trophy stuff in the closet ;_;
  199. 7:17:10 am fov: I feel like there was some controversy over the title but I can't remember why
  200. 7:17:11 am Cheeseness: But I totally appreciate the additional changes in the office
  201. 7:17:13 am Fhqwhgod: me too
  202. 7:17:17 am fov: like it might have had a different title for a while
  203. 7:17:23 am LoonOfNature: wooh I finally caught one of these by freak accident
  204. 7:17:27 am Fhqwhgod: all those memorabilia
  205. 7:17:29 am salty-horse: fov, reuse characters, locations, item models. I don't remember how common it was in season 1
  206. 7:17:30 am Cheeseness: Hey LoonOfNature
  207. 7:17:34 am DanielHerrera: It was "From the Jaws of certain bliss" or something.
  208. 7:17:42 am fov: do you remember why they changed it?
  209. 7:17:51 am DanielHerrera: Because it would spoil the main villain.
  210. 7:18:01 am Cheeseness: Bright Side of the Moon is a nice pun anyway
  211. 7:18:04 am fov: @salty-horse I think they did plan to reuse characters, all along
  212. 7:18:06 am Cheeseness: And all the rainbows fit well
  213. 7:18:26 am fov: @daniel ah yes, I remember now
  214. 7:18:37 am fov: I may have even been one who complained about that
  215. 7:18:47 am fov: 
  216. 7:18:48 am Cheeseness: The Poker Night 2 models are so far beyond these, but these Sam and Max models are still pretty charming
  217. 7:18:58 am Cheeseness: Especially Max's wander/idle animations 
  218. 7:18:59 am DanielHerrera: Hit the road reference!
  219. 7:19:32 am Permafry_42: out of curiosity, did prismotology have any inspiration from Scientology?
  220. 7:19:34 am LoonOfNature: The beauty of a new generation being guilt-tripped about being chronic kleptomaniacs
  221. 7:19:34 am Seg: @salty-horse For the assets, they were copied over per project then modified if needed per epsidoe. Though basically Episodes 1-3 were the same, 4 was it’s own thing, and 5-6 were the same to each ohter.
  222. 7:19:35 am Fhqwhgod: how could Max be anything but charming?
  223. 7:19:42 am salty-horse: Permafry_42, no comment 
  224. 7:19:44 am fov: this might be the episode I dragged my parents to a playtest for
  225. 7:19:45 am Cheeseness: Justin Timberlake joke - does that date this episode or glorify Timberlake's cultural position?
  226. 7:19:52 am fov: they were confused
  227. 7:20:07 am DanielHerrera: How did they react to all the unicorn rubbing?
  228. 7:20:11 am Seg: Er, sorry, I was thinking programming wise on that. Still a bit of dust in my head I’m workign out. 
  229. 7:20:11 am fov: haha
  230. 7:20:14 am Cheeseness: hah
  231. 7:20:45 am fov: he has the Soda Popper walk
  232. 7:21:19 am DanielHerrera: That frisk animation always cracks me up. Moleman getting too familiar.
  233. 7:21:23 am Permafry_42: i love the little things max does
  234. 7:21:31 am Cheeseness: Harry takes what he can get
  235. 7:21:40 am LoonOfNature: I love wearing Max as a hat
  236. 7:21:53 am Cheeseness: "Tough love" made me laugh when I was playing last night in preparation for today
  237. 7:22:12 am Cheeseness: Gosh, people love Max's severed head, but most have no idea what it's from
  238. 7:22:17 am Cheeseness: I get so many trade requests >_<
  239. GameClubFan_285787 [Mibbit@FF2D5434.37B85556.B8DCB947.IP] entered the room. (7:22:22 am)
  240. 7:22:22 am Seg: “magical”
  241. 7:22:22 am Syd: Magical~
  242. 7:22:27 am LoonOfNature: I think a kid in L4D shot me over it
  243. 7:22:31 am Seg: OH GOD THE MAX HAT
  244. 7:22:32 am LoonOfNature: Because I wouldn't trade
  245. 7:22:38 am Sven_Q45: Max hat?
  246. 7:22:40 am LoonOfNature: It was very POST-APOCALPYTIC
  247. 7:22:42 am Cheeseness: the TF2 hat
  248. 7:22:46 am Sven_Q45: I want that,.
  249. 7:22:47 am Permafry_42: its worth a lot on the steam market apparentl
  250. 7:22:52 am Cheeseness: Ha ha ha, Superball's wry grin as he says "Harder..."
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  252. 7:22:54 am Fhqwhgod: I gave my severed head away to a friend because I was sick of the requests
  253. 7:22:57 am salty-horse: the hat is $60 on steam
  254. 7:23:02 am salty-horse: rub it
  255. 7:23:18 am Cheeseness: I bought a second one for $50 because my girlfriend missed out on pre-ordering season 3
  256. 7:23:23 am Permafry_42: wish i had bought season 1 earlier
  257. 7:23:30 am Seg: When we did the hat, I rounded up everyone’s steam accounts on a list, which everyone go the “self made” flag on, which makes them sparkle.
  258. 7:23:38 am Permafry_42: -3
  259. 7:23:46 am Cheeseness: Yay
  260. 7:23:48 am Seg: That is when my Steam account never stopped getting friend requests for trades. 
  261. 7:24:05 am Cheeseness: They've settled down a bit now
  262. 7:24:06 am Fhqwhgod: that hat was insane
  263. 7:24:09 am LoonOfNature: (indigo scrub)
  264. 7:24:14 am Seg: I think the fall out is one hacked account and I think someone sold their account for money. Since then they set the items to be untradeable, unsellable, etc.
  265. 7:24:16 am salty-horse: I always noticed a telltale engine bug where some audio files started with low volume.
  266. 7:24:17 am Permafry_42: only bought these games a year ago or so
  267. 7:24:19 am Seg: (( The self-made ones ))
  268. 7:24:28 am Seg: OH MAN LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT AUDIO
  269. 7:24:30 am flesk: I don't think I ever got a request for my Max's Severed Head on Steam, but maybe that's because I don't play TF2.
  270. 7:25:02 am LoonOfNature: Aw, no Ganymeade
  271. 7:25:07 am Seg: So in the earlier days, the sounds were baked into the game asset folder. With super compression.
  272. 7:25:20 am Seg: Efforts to make the sound smaller, etc.
  273. 7:25:24 am flesk: Ok, I've gotten one request for it now... 
  274. 7:25:27 am Cheeseness: So much compression ;_;
  275. 7:25:33 am Cheeseness: You're welcome, flesk 
  276. 7:25:34 am salty-horse: Seg, also, sometimes "multi-screen" subtitles move to the second part before the audio gets there.
  277. 7:25:44 am salty-horse: I never notice audio compression stuff. I'm not that sensitive
  278. 7:25:58 am Permafry_42: if i had 1, in all honesty I'd probably sell it. i tend not to hold onto steam cards long before i sell them
  279. 7:26:00 am Fhqwhgod: I never noticed it either
  280. 7:26:12 am fov: audio compression was one of those things people picked on
  281. 7:26:14 am Cheeseness: It's most apparent when Sam's whispering to Abe
  282. 7:26:16 am Permafry_42: same with tf2 items
  283. 7:26:19 am Seg: At some point later, the Tool was able to do compressions on the fly during the build process (which I was in charge of for three-ish years).
  284. 7:26:20 am fov: small but vocal minority complained and complained about it
  285. 7:26:22 am LoonOfNature: It brings me immense joy to think how long Max's term as president lasted, inspite of himself
  286. 7:26:26 am salty-horse: the street always felt a bit "dead" to me. very lively music, and it's just you walking slowly (couldn't run yet)
  287. 7:26:29 am flesk: Thanks, Cheeseness. I'll probably keep mine for the nostalgia.
  288. 7:26:29 am fov: I remember it being a big point of contention in season 1
  289. 7:26:35 am Fhqwhgod: well I still have mine when I start the TF2 beta
  290. 7:26:47 am Seg: When I was doing the port for the Xbox 360, I did the work to try to pull the orginal uncompressed and drop them into the game, making them sound better where it could be in Xbox and eventually PS3
  291. 7:26:52 am fov: queen of canada!
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  293. 7:26:59 am fov: I forget how that happened. Or are we about to find out?
  294. 7:27:00 am DanielHerrera: @salty-horse Yeah, big push to get running going and to make the street area smaller for that very reason
  295. 7:27:08 am DanielHerrera: season 2
  296. 7:27:19 am fov: hehe
  297. 7:27:28 am Seg: Of all the characters I’ve worked on at Telltale, Sybil is my second favorate.
  298. 7:27:28 am Cheeseness: I lvoe that Max's hints aren't really helpful
  299. 7:27:32 am Syd: I missed out on getting the Max hat. I'd love to have one but don't play nearly enough TF2 to justify getting one at this point.
  300. 7:27:38 am salty-horse: oh, Seg, did you have fun using VSS? did telltale switch to something more modern by now? 
  301. 7:27:50 am salty-horse: DanielHerrera, the seasons got better and better so I'm not complaining 
  302. 7:28:28 am salty-horse: no lipsyncing on "best job ever"
  303. 7:28:30 am Cheeseness: I love the progression of Telltale's experience/tech that S&M represents
  304. 7:28:32 am Seg: VSS (Visual SourceSafe) is an abomination. I don’t have full details since the layoff, but I recently was told they switched to something else… four months ago?
  305. 7:28:35 am Permafry_42: the only item on tf2 i traded for was a pompson since its really good engie gun
  306. 7:29:01 am Fhqwhgod: Colour
  307. 7:29:05 am Cheeseness: As it should be
  308. 7:29:10 am Fhqwhgod: agreed
  309. 7:29:12 am Cheeseness: "Freelance mounties"
  310. 7:29:18 am salty-horse: Seg, good to know 
  311. 7:29:43 am salty-horse: so. how risque could the writers be? was there self-censorship?
  312. 7:29:46 am LoonOfNature: Draw the line at the south border
  313. 7:30:11 am Cheeseness: How can you possibly spruce up Canada? Isn't it filled with spruces anyway?
  314. 7:30:12 am fov: "does the carpet match the drapes" was maybe the most risque thing in Season 1
  315. 7:30:15 am fov: that and the unicorn stuff
  316. 7:30:28 am Cheeseness: Abe's phone conversation is a bit full on
  317. 7:30:34 am Seg: This is where I should mention that Dave Bogan, the art director, is from Canada
  318. 7:30:34 am Permafry_42: my favourite canada song:
  319. 7:30:52 am Permafry_42: (song specifcally about canada)
  320. 7:31:07 am DanielHerrera: use the unicorn on characters to see our self-censorship
  321. 7:31:08 am fov: I don't know... the games weren't rated by the ESRB initially so we weren't worried about that, but I think Dave and Brendan generally had an idea of how raunchy they should be
  322. 7:31:16 am fov: what they could get away with
  323. 7:31:16 am Cheeseness: Oh oh, I'll try to remember that
  324. 7:31:21 am fov: I don't remember anything being really controversial
  325. 7:31:46 am salty-horse: Cheeseness, use the unicorn on characters please 
  326. 7:31:49 am DanielHerrera: The uncensored Max Joke in Ep 4 was pretty filthy. No one got to hear it but us, though.
  327. 7:31:50 am Cheeseness: o7
  328. 7:32:08 am salty-horse: camera about to bump into the messaging machine
  329. 7:32:08 am fov: heehee Peepantsistan
  330. 7:32:13 am Cheeseness: 
  331. 7:32:23 am Fhqwhgod: Time for a "remastered and unrated" version of these games
  332. 7:32:30 am Permafry_42: daniel any chance for it to be leaked onto youtube?
  333. 7:32:37 am BadAsp: Fhqwhgod I agree
  334. 7:32:41 am Cheeseness: Are we old enough to hear that here?
  335. 7:32:41 am BadAsp: All sixteen of them
  336. 7:32:51 am fov: the guy who plays Max has a potty mouth
  337. 7:32:51 am Fhqwhgod: I just remember someone complaining about the blowjob joke in season 3
  338. 7:33:03 am Fhqwhgod: "sucked right in the penal zone"
  339. 7:33:04 am fov: daniel did you work on bloopers for Season One?
  340. 7:33:06 am Sven_Q45: Yes I want a 18+ Sam and Max season. 
  341. 7:33:13 am DanielHerrera: @Permafy_42 nope! Also the audio files back then are completely unplayable now anyway.
  342. 7:33:22 am Cheeseness: Hah
  343. 7:33:34 am salty-horse: so, who knew Hugh Bliss was the season finale villian by episode 2?
  344. 7:34:01 am Fhqwhgod: did Telltale even know by episode 2?
  345. 7:34:02 am Cheeseness: Can we take a moment to appreciate the score
  346. 7:34:08 am fov: yes Telltale knew
  347. 7:34:09 am Cheeseness: Jared did fantastic work here
  348. 7:34:14 am Cheeseness: (and everywhere)
  349. 7:34:14 am DanielHerrera: @fov I did some of the bloopers.
  350. 7:34:19 am Fhqwhgod: I own them on CD
  351. 7:34:27 am Permafry_42: yeah this is some fantastic music
  352. 7:34:31 am fov: the Max bloopers are always the funniest
  353. 7:34:42 am fov: because he stays in character when he flubs a line
  354. 7:34:43 am salty-horse: future sam and max seasons seemed to hint about future episodes better, IIRC. each end of an episode had some kind of teaser
  355. 7:34:51 am Syd: The Sam & Max games have amazing soundtracks. *still waits patiently for season 3 soundtrack*
  356. GameClubFan_138973 [Mibbit@5E69C532.323292E3.FC858FD.IP] entered the room. (7:35:00 am)
  357. 7:35:06 am salty-horse: Syd, I haven't listened to my season 2 soundtrack yet 
  358. 7:35:08 am Cheeseness: Max cares about being too showy?
  359. 7:35:09 am Fhqwhgod: they will never release it.
  360. 7:35:19 am DanielHerrera: @Cheeseness If you listen carefully in the Trip Trap Bar in The Wolf Among US, you might hear something pretty similar to this song.
  361. 7:35:24 am Cheeseness: Jared released some Season 3 tracks recently!
  362. 7:35:29 am fov: leonard!
  363. 7:35:37 am fov: classic rope
  364. 7:35:43 am flesk: I seem to recall one of our previous Telltale guests mentioning that they would always finish the big overall plot lines before launching the first episode of a season...?
  365. 7:35:44 am Seg: Leonard!
  366. 7:35:50 am fov: that rope was from the Bone games iirc
  367. 7:35:52 am DanielHerrera: *ahem* I believe it is called a "rope sack"
  368. GameClubFan_138973 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:35:53 am)
  369. 7:35:59 am Cheeseness: I umm haven't played TWAU. Walking Dead was my last Telltale game
  370. 7:36:03 am salty-horse: was episode 2 always supposed to feel that short? were things cut ala moai better blues?
  371. 7:36:04 am Fhqwhgod: oh god. The rope of doom got so much use. Just like the cow model
  372. 7:36:18 am fov: things were cut from Moai Better Blues?
  373. 7:36:20 am Cheeseness: I loved the ropesack 
  374. 7:36:36 am salty-horse: fov, a puzzle with the babies throwing stuff at you while you surf, I think
  375. 7:36:38 am Seg: And the point animation. A Telltale classic animation, right @DanelHerrera? 
  376. 7:36:47 am salty-horse: fov, or was it a conversation puzzle
  377. 7:36:52 am fov: I might be misremembering - but like with the reuse of stuff in the office, an effort was made mid-season to make the episodes longer
  378. 7:36:53 am Fhqwhgod: that one is still in Moai
  379. 7:36:54 am salty-horse: I forgot, and I never saw it, since it was cut 
  380. 7:36:57 am DanielHerrera: "Point Up" became a cliche for Sam and Max.
  381. 7:36:57 am fov: because people were reacting badly to the length
  382. 7:37:06 am DanielHerrera: The "Snap Point" was the one for Monkey island.
  383. 7:37:09 am fov: we did a Season One post-mortem in Game Developer halfway thru the season
  384. 7:37:11 am fov: it might be talked about there
  385. 7:37:13 am Sven_Q45: There were things cut?
  386. 7:37:15 am fov: it's available free online
  387. 7:37:20 am salty-horse: Fhqwhgod, yeah, I'm misremembering. my brain is attaching to things it actually saw being played
  388. 7:37:32 am fov: I can't remember anything really being cut - like, that was supposed to be implemented and then had to be removed at the last minute
  389. 7:37:58 am salty-horse: fov, I'm pretty sure of a baby puzzle being cut. everyone were talking about it
  390. 7:38:01 am fov: but maybe things were cut before they got to the wiring-up stage
  391. 7:38:05 am Cheeseness: So, "Momma Bosco"
  392. 7:38:08 am Permafry_42: gotta love fox news jabs
  393. 7:38:27 am fov: there is a scene in 202 where Sam surfs, isn't there?
  394. 7:38:29 am Cheeseness: Seg: As somebody who came in after it was finished, what's your favourite aspect of this episode?
  395. 7:38:39 am Fhqwhgod: fov yes there is
  396. 7:38:40 am Cheeseness: fov: There's definitely one in the trailer IIRC?
  397. 7:38:52 am Seg: @Cheeseness: I’ll answer that, then give you the worse aspect. 
  398. 7:39:00 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, that look back at Bosco
  399. 7:39:04 am salty-horse: fov, perhaps it was a puzzle that was supposed to be more elaborate
  400. 7:39:05 am Syd: Remember to use the unicorn on people, Cheeseness. 
  401. 7:39:10 am Cheeseness: o7
  402. 7:39:14 am Sven_Q45: Show Bosco the unicorn!
  403. 7:39:22 am fov: if yes then it would probably be mentioned in the commentary
  404. 7:39:23 am fov: I don't remember
  405. 7:39:28 am Cheeseness: Seg: The worst aspect is that it's not on Linux. 
  406. 7:39:35 am salty-horse: Cheeseness, runs in wine fine
  407. 7:39:39 am salty-horse: 
  408. 7:39:45 am Cheeseness: salty-horse: It does, but it's unsupportred ^_^
  409. 7:39:45 am Seg: Most of my work on the game was with all the episodes all at once, so they do kinda blur. But every line involving the Unicorn.
  410. 7:39:54 am Cheeseness: In fact… it's running in Wine right now 
  411. 7:40:00 am salty-horse: 
  412. 7:40:03 am Seg: Wait, “Ding-dong, Justice Calling!” is in this epsiode right?
  413. 7:40:10 am Seg: Or was that 201…
  414. 7:40:37 am Cheeseness: Bosco's reasoning for his prices is great. Is that what the writing staff had in mind from the beginning?
  415. 7:40:46 am LoonOfNature: Just add it to the national debt :V
  416. 7:40:51 am Seg: Oh no, that was 201. So yes, Unicorn jokes. 
  417. 7:40:58 am Syd: LoonOfNature: No one will notice, heh
  418. 7:41:06 am fov: haha
  419. 7:41:12 am fov: classic end of season jokes
  420. 7:41:14 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, and Bosco has all the stuff we needed throughout the season
  421. 7:41:17 am DanielHerrera: This is a great callback moment.
  422. 7:41:19 am Cheeseness: I love these
  423. 7:41:30 am Permafry_42: so would it be rude to ask if anyone knows why this crossdressing section was added?
  424. 7:41:33 am Cheeseness: Max's reactions ^_^
  425. 7:42:01 am Fhqwhgod: permafry: Bosco always had horrible and mildly offensive costumes
  426. 7:42:05 am fov: it was just the episode 1 schtick
  427. 7:42:07 am Cheeseness: Yeah
  428. 7:42:08 am Seg: Yea, the whole “Yup, we’re going to review everything in the game via inventory items” gag. The best. 
  429. 7:42:14 am DanielHerrera: Hey fov, didn't we release a newspaper with the cartoon cat comic in the back?
  430. 7:42:25 am fov: I think so
  431. 7:42:38 am fov: alien love triangle times
  432. 7:42:39 am Cheeseness: Here it is. Unicorn #1
  433. 7:42:46 am DanielHerrera: Zazzle and Fib
  434. 7:42:50 am fov: yes!
  435. 7:42:56 am Syd: Haha
  436. 7:42:58 am fov: and some hilarious personal ads
  437. 7:43:11 am Permafry_42: i remember fhqwgod. still this one in particular feels a bit strange
  438. 7:43:15 am fov: that Jake and I wrote up late one night after reading some sadly real personal ads
  439. 7:43:22 am Cheeseness: "Sam, Mr Hot Weenie is eating a hot weenie!" "This rampant weenie canabalism churns my stomach" is my favourite piece of dialogue from this season
  440. 7:43:29 am Seg: For the ‘worst’ thing, I’m going to wait towards the end since it has to deal with the end of the episode.
  441. Surreal [] entered the room. (7:43:33 am)
  442. 7:43:33 am DanielHerrera: Was that part of the case file?
  443. 7:43:37 am fov: yeah
  444. 7:43:43 am salty-horse: fov, did everyone in the office have more than 1 job at that point?
  445. Surreal left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:43:45 am)
  446. 7:43:58 am Fhqwhgod: I only have the season 2 casefile. But it has that smashing EP in it
  447. 7:44:06 am fov: well at that time Telltale didn't really have a marketing department
  448. 7:44:08 am salty-horse: I have ALL CASE FILES 
  449. 7:44:19 am fov: so people on the web/marketing team did a lot of different things
  450. 7:44:29 am fov: that "jean luc" joke is a reference to a 1980s tv commerical
  451. 7:44:31 am fov: if anyone was wondering
  452. 7:44:34 am Cheeseness: I was
  453. 7:44:36 am Permafry_42: lol
  454. 7:44:39 am DanielHerrera: Hey, can I attach an image or a link to an image here?
  455. 7:44:44 am fov: an instant coffee commercial I think
  456. 7:44:45 am Cheeseness: Totally!
  457. 7:44:59 am salty-horse: DanielHerrera, paste a link?
  458. 7:45:09 am fov: they're mine, not-chos
  459. 7:45:30 am Cheeseness: "They're mine, not-chos" is an oft quoted line in our house
  460. 7:45:34 am fov: that was a great re-use of assets -- Max goes into bathroom and armpit farts
  461. 7:45:40 am salty-horse: max just went there to make armpit fart noises
  462. 7:45:42 am Syd: If you're using the mibbit client, images and videos should automatically embed
  463. 7:45:56 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, Max writing his name in the snow in the freezer >_<
  464. 7:46:06 am salty-horse: Max can spell?
  465. 7:46:09 am DanielHerrera: The armpit farts often interfered with things being said. "emergent narrative"
  466. 7:46:11 am Permafry_42: i like the bathroom is omnigendered lol
  467. 7:46:22 am Cheeseness: This "to the moon" joke
  468. GameClubFan_968798 [] entered the room. (7:46:25 am)
  469. 7:46:25 am salty-horse: WALK FASTER
  470. 7:46:30 am Cheeseness: I KNOW RIGHT
  471. 7:46:36 am salty-horse: CLICK MORE
  472. 7:46:38 am Syd: Sam didn't figure out how to run until season 2.
  473. 7:46:49 am fov: that was a big season 2 feature
  474. 7:46:54 am Cheeseness: I keep double clicking by instinct >_<
  475. 7:46:57 am LoonOfNature: Walking was a style thing, then he got bored
  476. GameClubFan_968798 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:47:10 am)
  477. 7:47:17 am Fhqwhgod: and would have been a great feature in 104 where you have to switch places constantly
  478. 7:47:34 am Cheeseness: Unicorn #2
  479. 7:47:40 am Seg: I love how Sam also gets thrown out of the lander in the process.
  480. 7:47:45 am Syd: Didn't the 360 port (or whatever console it was brought to) of season 1 get the run feature put into it?
  481. 7:47:51 am fov: yes
  482. 7:47:53 am Seg: Like it’s a feature where the ship will eject you if you don’t know how to us it.
  483. 7:48:03 am Cheeseness: Aww, Superball doesn't have innuendo when we use the unicron on him
  484. 7:48:08 am LoonOfNature: The ship is angered by your incompetence
  485. 7:48:13 am Seg: Yup, that was in there. I think Randy put that in and then told everyone it was in. 
  486. 7:48:47 am salty-horse: awwww all the gang is here
  487. 7:48:53 am salty-horse: remember episodes 1-4?
  488. 7:49:02 am Fhqwhgod: 1-5
  489. 7:49:05 am Permafry_42: love this part's design
  490. 7:49:11 am salty-horse: oh, this is 6?
  491. 7:49:12 am Cheeseness: My thoughts on getting here were "Bug friend, nooooooooo"
  492. 7:49:13 am DanielHerrera: This environment was nuts
  493. 7:49:19 am Fhqwhgod: yes this is 6
  494. 7:49:21 am salty-horse: I forgot season 1 was longer
  495. 7:49:22 am DanielHerrera: That ping tune!!
  496. 7:49:32 am salty-horse: beepity beep beep
  497. 7:49:36 am Cheeseness: I like Hugh's "pew" sound when he teleports
  498. 7:49:36 am fov: the cops are all voiced by Jared, aren't they?
  499. 7:49:47 am Fhqwhgod: it wasn't really longer. Episodes 1-3 were just shorter
  500. 7:49:52 am Permafry_42: out of curiousity why did game seasons shrink from 6 to 5?
  501. 7:50:00 am Fhqwhgod: it's about the same playtime
  502. 7:50:05 am salty-horse: when does max split up?
  503. 7:50:10 am fov: this environment might have been the biggest in the season?
  504. 7:50:14 am Cheeseness: salty-horse: Soon
  505. 7:50:26 am Cheeseness: Prepare to watch me suck at sucking at tic tac toe
  506. Pinchpenny [] entered the room. (7:50:37 am)
  507. 7:50:43 am Syd: I love the COPS
  508. 7:50:46 am Permafry_42: you can do it cheese!
  509. 7:50:47 am Syd: Hi Pinchpenny!
  510. 7:50:49 am BadAsp: Hey Pinchpenny
  511. 7:50:52 am Cheeseness: Hey Pinchpenny 
  512. 7:50:53 am DanielHerrera: All these computers are Jared.
  513. 7:50:59 am Permafry_42: Hi Pinchpeny!
  514. 7:51:02 am Pinchpenny: hey folks! 
  515. 7:51:17 am fov: hi!
  516. 7:51:18 am Fhqwhgod: we believe in your inability to win Cheese.
  517. 7:51:18 am DanielHerrera: And the bug is Brendan Ferguson
  518. GameClubFan_966565 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:51:23 am)
  519. 7:51:28 am BadAsp: I just wish we had something new coming this year that's Sam and Max related
  520. 7:51:31 am Seg: Oh hi Brandon! How the hell are you!?
  521. 7:52:33 am fov: what is that shark behind them?
  522. 7:52:40 am fov: just a random thing?
  523. 7:52:44 am fov: I don't remember any of this 
  524. 7:52:48 am Cheeseness: Yeah. Apparently "anybody's welcome"
  525. 7:52:55 am Syd: The shark is a practicing member of prismatology
  526. 7:53:01 am LoonOfNature: That's nothing, I hear Alan Wake does all his writing at the bottom of a lake that mirrors the void :V
  527. 7:53:11 am LoonOfNature: Friggin artist
  528. 7:53:22 am Fhqwhgod: spoilers man
  529. 7:53:48 am Permafry_42: lol if you're spoiled you probably had it coming
  530. 7:54:01 am Seg: I posted a photo that really shows the highlight of my games career. It’s the photo we used to confirm the Wii port of Sam & Max Season One
  531. 7:54:02 am Permafry_42: besides alan's story is overrated
  532. 7:54:06 am Fhqwhgod: nah. Played the game years ago
  533. 7:54:20 am Fhqwhgod: and I agree Permafry
  534. 7:54:31 am fov: haha I forgot all about tic tac doom
  535. 7:54:57 am Fhqwhgod: cheese. We believed in you!
  536. 7:55:06 am Cheeseness: Ha ha
  537. 7:55:07 am DanielHerrera: We never heard that feedback!
  538. 7:55:07 am Cheeseness: I tried!
  539. 7:55:13 am fov: there's so much snipe in this humor
  540. GameClubFan_294857 [] entered the room. (7:55:21 am)
  541. 7:55:25 am Pinchpenny: @Seg using the controller's strap & protective plastic in case the pointing and clicking causes the controller to flying! 
  542. 7:55:27 am fov: I get the feeling everyone was a little burned out after six episodes
  543. enwin [] entered the room. (7:55:27 am)
  544. 7:55:49 am Seg: @Pinchpenny: We were being super careful in this photo to apese Nintendo.
  545. 7:55:51 am Cheeseness: Pinchpenny: I'm going to expose some ignorance here. What was your role at telltale?
  546. enwin left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (7:55:56 am)
  547. 7:56:03 am salty-horse: Seg, why's sam being pointed at? anything specifically funny? 
  548. 7:56:09 am BadAsp: I wish Telltale would support Nintendo nowadays
  549. 7:56:20 am BadAsp: It's like they're supporting every console except for Nintendo's ones
  550. 7:56:34 am Seg: @salty-horse: It was “HEY LOOK WE’RE ACTUALLY ON THE WII OMG” pointing.
  551. 7:56:35 am salty-horse: The Wii port of the newest indiana jones game had Fate of Atlantis in it
  552. 7:56:37 am Fhqwhgod: do they still have those crazy file size restrictions?
  553. 7:56:45 am fov: telltale's stuff never ran very well on wii
  554. 7:57:00 am Cheeseness: I won't give up until I fail ;_;
  555. 7:57:00 am Seg: The Wii is the worse platform I’ve had to deal with… until Android
  556. 7:57:21 am fov: I don't think you can fail yet?
  557. 7:57:22 am Seg: I should explain that i was a build engeineer and mildly content programming at this point in my career.
  558. 7:57:23 am salty-horse: this doesn't look at all like DOOM
  559. 7:57:26 am Syd: Didn't they have to get shrunk down to something like 50MB per episode on the Wii due to size limits?
  560. 7:57:29 am Cheeseness: fov: You can. I did last night
  561. 7:57:44 am fov: I thought you had to do something first
  562. 7:57:46 am Fhqwhgod: 40 mb I think
  563. 7:57:53 am Seg: @Syd: It was 40mb
  564. 7:57:57 am Cheeseness: If thee's something I can do to help, that'd be good to know about 
  565. 7:58:14 am fov: I'm probably wrong
  566. 7:58:27 am Seg: And man, it was a pure mystery how that game got to that size, and I was the fringen build engeineer!
  567. 7:58:33 am salty-horse: were you still developing the game's engine during each episode's development?
  568. 7:58:34 am Syd: Haha, that's even worse. I need to look up what they looked like on Wii, I can only imagine super compressed textures.
  569. 7:58:51 am salty-horse: and did you rebuild previous episodes with new fixes?
  570. 7:58:56 am Seg: This was also the first Wii Menu animation I made for Telltale.
  571. 7:58:58 am Cheeseness: Strongbad looked pretty good on the Wii, but ti's a different style
  572. 7:59:22 am Seg: @Cheeseness: Strong bad’s solid color pallet went a long way in reducing file size.
  573. 7:59:29 am Cheeseness: Yeah, I can imagine
  574. 7:59:36 am fov: that's probably a decision they made from the beginning though
  575. 7:59:42 am fov: since Strong Bad was always going to be a wiiware title
  576. 7:59:52 am salty-horse: are you supposed to lose the tic tac toe game? is there a trick I forget?
  577. 7:59:52 am Seg: Correct @fov
  578. 8:00:05 am Fhqwhgod: you need to lose
  579. 8:00:09 am Cheeseness: salty-horse: You're meant to lose. I'm sucking at it though 
  580. 8:00:13 am Fhqwhgod: and that's hard
  581. 8:00:27 am Cheeseness: I did it last night, but that was at 3am \o/
  582. 8:00:29 am Permafry_42: cheese have you tried doing center first move?
  583. 8:00:38 am Cheeseness: Permafry_42: I think I did two games ago
  584. 8:00:40 am salty-horse: you're too good at this game. sign up for the world boardgame championships
  585. 8:00:56 am BadAsp: Or maybe just Bluster Blaster is that bad at it
  586. 8:01:02 am Cheeseness: Ahh
  587. 8:01:09 am Pinchpenny: @Cheeseness - uh, no role at Telltale apart from being a fan! 
  588. 8:01:15 am salty-horse: nooo
  589. 8:01:17 am Seg: The Wii port of Sam & Max was a very personal triamph for me. Before working at Telltale, @fov posted on the blog saying there wasn’t plans for the Wii, btu contacting Nintendo would hlep
  590. 8:01:25 am Cheeseness: Pinchpenny: Ah! I wasn't sure. You're welcome either way 
  591. 8:01:27 am salty-horse: ok, reading a walkthrough
  592. 8:01:45 am Seg: So I wrote up a form letter for everyone to use, and that’s how I started talking to @fov
  593. 8:01:47 am Sven_Q45: You just loose again ai opponent why not here? 
  594. 8:01:48 am Syd: You can lose, Cheese, I believe!
  595. 8:02:03 am Seg: I wouldn’t have dreamed that a year later, I woudl be working on the damn thing.
  596. 8:02:05 am Cheeseness: I have the Telltale walkthrough here, but it doesn't offer suggetions
  597. 8:02:07 am Permafry_42: the only loosing move is to play
  598. 8:02:17 am Seg: Hence my excitment in that photo I posted.
  599. 8:02:19 am salty-horse: helpful walkthrough: "Play and repeat until you lose the game (the computer plays randomly, no set strategy other than don't win)."
  600. 8:02:25 am fov: this shouldn't be this difficult 
  601. RUBICN64 [] entered the room. (8:02:42 am)
  602. 8:02:53 am LoonOfNature: Can't.  Not. See
  603. 8:03:00 am Cheeseness: WAS THIS GAME NOT PLAYTESTED? 
  604. 8:03:16 am BadAsp: Yes
  605. 8:03:17 am Fhqwhgod: I'm sure it was
  606. 8:03:24 am fov: by my parents!
  607. 8:03:26 am Cheeseness: 
  608. 8:03:28 am fov: I don't think they got this far tho
  609. 8:03:29 am salty-horse: tellgames I have but haven't played/finished yet: bone, strongbad 2+, puzzle agent 2, BTTF 2+, jurrasic park I somehow got for free in my telltale account
  610. 8:03:36 am Fhqwhgod: but the playtesters sucked at Tic Tac Doom
  611. 8:03:47 am fov: cheese what if you only go in the corners
  612. 8:03:53 am BadAsp: I got lots of free Telltale games from PAX East
  613. 8:03:57 am Cheeseness: I'll try it!
  614. 8:04:04 am salty-horse: DO IT
  615. 8:04:05 am salty-horse: up!
  616. 8:04:06 am salty-horse: NOO
  617. 8:04:09 am salty-horse: WTF
  618. 8:04:11 am salty-horse: you were there!
  619. 8:04:18 am Cheeseness: Ahhhhhhhhhhh
  620. 8:04:19 am Cheeseness: lol
  621. 8:04:22 am Syd: salty-horse: There's a ~30 second delay on Twitch. 
  622. 8:04:26 am Permafry_42: will telltale be at pax prime this year?
  623. 8:04:26 am Cheeseness: I can't help but win
  624. 8:04:31 am fov: boo
  625. 8:04:39 am Cheeseness: Corners worked, but I messed up >_<
  626. 8:04:42 am DanielHerrera: Here's something to look at
  627. 8:04:43 am Smello: stop going in the corners
  628. 8:04:45 am salty-horse: twitch plays tic tac toe
  629. 8:05:09 am fov: that's the one!
  630. 8:05:11 am BadAsp: Nice article Daniel 
  631. 8:05:12 am fov: every one of those was hand ripped
  632. 8:05:18 am salty-horse: DanielHerrera, was this a feelie in the case file?
  633. 8:05:18 am Cheeseness: But I think that the winning moves are different depending on the starting move
  634. 8:05:20 am Permafry_42: oh yeah have telltale tried life is strange?
  635. 8:05:28 am fov: it was actually a tabloid sheet that had the same thing the top and the bottom
  636. 8:05:34 am fov: and we ripped it in the middle
  637. 8:05:39 am fov: to make two
  638. 8:05:50 am fov: @salty-horse yes
  639. 8:06:05 am Cheeseness: A loser is me!
  640. 8:06:11 am fov: we printed them at a place that printed the local newspaper
  641. 8:06:26 am Fhqwhgod: OMG yes
  642. 8:06:30 am Syd: It is done.
  643. 8:06:30 am Smello: HOORAY
  644. duploduplex [] entered the room. (8:06:31 am)
  645. 8:06:37 am fov: good job cheese
  646. 8:06:39 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, were people getting tired of Bluster Blaster? I didn't think that was possible
  647. 8:06:40 am Fhqwhgod: Kreygasm
  648. 8:06:43 am Cheeseness: Sorry about that people ^_^
  649. 8:06:49 am Smello: 
  650. duploduplex left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:06:53 am)
  651. 8:06:54 am Permafry_42: Yay!
  652. 8:06:55 am salty-horse: so, early on, how much did telltale depend on the lucasarts fanbase? were there many new "organic" purchases? (assuming this info is ok to share)
  653. 8:07:05 am Permafry_42: cheese a looser is you!!
  654. 8:07:14 am fov: hard to know who among the customers were actually lucasarts fans and who were't
  655. 8:07:30 am fov: we depended a lot on the Sam & Max name/legacy, for sure
  656. 8:07:34 am salty-horse: fov, I'm guessing all fans got the entire season on day 1...?
  657. duploduplex [] entered the room. (8:07:35 am)
  658. 8:07:39 am fov: no
  659. 8:07:40 am Cheeseness: Hi duploduplex
  660. 8:07:43 am fov: people didn't trust episodic gaming
  661. 8:07:49 am Cheeseness: I know a lot of people who were unsure about the episodic thing
  662. 8:07:53 am fov: a lot of people didn't want to shell out $35, they thought we'd take the money and run
  663. 8:08:01 am Fhqwhgod: I hadn't. I had horrible Internet back then
  664. 8:08:06 am Seg: Yup, like Kickstarter.
  665. 8:08:14 am Seg: *rimshot*
  666. 8:08:15 am Cheeseness: Telltale certainly proved that they could do it
  667. 8:08:32 am Cheeseness: (even if people get grumpy about dev time)
  668. 8:09:01 am fov: there was also the weird gametap thing
  669. 8:09:10 am fov: where gametap subscribers got the games two weeks before everyone else
  670. 8:09:11 am salty-horse: I remember playing episode 1 of HL2, and in the end gabe asks to email him, so I emailed him and described how they can learn a lot from telltale, which has successfully shipped an episodic game. I got a nice reply that they'll look into it. sufice to say, valve did not deliver on even a quarterly release  did they ever contact you?
  671. 8:09:14 am Fhqwhgod: well the dev times back then were actually quite alright. Especially compared to their games the last years
  672. 8:09:15 am DanielHerrera: So still wondering if Prismatology is inspired by scientology?
  673. 8:09:36 am salty-horse: fov, so telltale was seen as kickstarter? 
  674. 8:09:51 am fov: no, people just didn't believe it yet
  675. 8:09:58 am BadAsp: I just wish Telltale had a Kickstarter for SOMETHING
  676. 8:10:02 am fov: besides half life there was another game that had been advertised as episodic, that didn't deliver
  677. 8:10:05 am Permafry_42: nope 
  678. 8:10:08 am fov: I forget what... SiN episodes maybe?
  679. 8:10:13 am salty-horse: oh. yse
  680. 8:10:13 am duploduplex: yeah
  681. 8:10:14 am Cheeseness: It'd have to be something Sam & Max or BTTF related to get me back
  682. 8:10:18 am Seg: Yea, it was SiN
  683. 8:10:19 am duploduplex: made 1 episode, then collapsed
  684. 8:10:20 am salty-horse: episode 1, and ... well...
  685. 8:10:22 am fov: but also Telltale was unproven
  686. 8:10:30 am Fhqwhgod: SiN episodes had one episode and died
  687. 8:10:31 am BadAsp: Speaking of Kickstarter
  688. 8:10:34 am Cheeseness: Boneville was two episodes already wasn't it?
  689. 8:10:36 am fov: adventure games weren't exactly mainstream popular
  690. 8:10:41 am Cheeseness: Or did the second one come after S&M ep1
  691. 8:10:44 am fov: so you're selling to a niche audience with an unproven model
  692. 8:10:47 am BadAsp: Broken Age - only two weeks away
  693. 8:10:48 am fov: by a relatively new company
  694. 8:10:50 am fov: people were wary
  695. 8:11:05 am Fhqwhgod: who could blame them?
  696. 8:11:06 am BadAsp: I would love to see a Sam and Max season using the Broken Age engine
  697. 8:11:06 am fov: digital delivery was fairly new, people didn't want to pay for episodes ahead of time and then download them one by one
  698. 8:11:12 am fov: they wanted to go into a store and buy the whole thing
  699. 8:11:13 am DanielHerrera: Bone 2 followed bone 1 then we had Sam and Max.
  700. 8:11:14 am BadAsp: Of course it would have to be 2-dimensional
  701. 8:11:15 am salty-horse: boneville's second episode took some time to come out, IIRC. that was before I read the comic, so I was less interested in that
  702. 8:11:21 am BadAsp: And just like the cartoons
  703. 8:11:28 am BadAsp: (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  704. 8:11:31 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, Unicorn #3
  705. 8:11:34 am fov: bone was always planned to be ~6 months apart
  706. 8:11:42 am fov: sam & max was the first game packaged as a "season"
  707. 8:11:57 am Fhqwhgod: how many episodes of Bone were actually planned?
  708. 8:12:03 am salty-horse: I still have dvd's waiting for me at the telltale store since I preordered a season of something
  709. 8:12:04 am fov: but after Bone 2 there were no more Bone games, and people wondered if the same thing would happen with sam & max
  710. 8:12:08 am BadAsp: Nine?  One per book?
  711. 8:12:27 am salty-horse: no more wallace and gromit either. and those were pretty good, IMHO
  712. 8:12:29 am Sven_Q45: Bathe in yellow...
  713. 8:12:30 am Cheeseness: Castrokenesis lol
  714. 8:12:32 am fov: it took time to convince people that when telltale was working on a season, they were committed to the full season
  715. 8:12:32 am LoonOfNature: Sam would rather bathe in the Red of his enemies
  716. 8:12:38 am LoonOfNature: I mean Max*
  717. 8:12:42 am Fhqwhgod: I'd rather shower in gold
  718. 8:12:47 am LoonOfNature: (hell Sam too, if he'd ever admit it)
  719. 8:12:53 am BadAsp: ew
  720. 8:12:53 am salty-horse: Fhqwhgod, golden shower?
  721. 8:12:59 am fov: Bone wouldn't necessarily have been one game per book, there were some books that wouldn't have made good games on their own
  722. 8:13:00 am Fhqwhgod: pssssst
  723. 8:13:01 am Sven_Q45: lool
  724. 8:13:03 am flesk: Wasn't the reason Bone 3 didn't happen that S&M started? I thought the Bone licence didn't expire until a few years later.
  725. 8:13:05 am Cheeseness: Settle down guys
  726. duploduplex left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:13:11 am)
  727. 8:13:20 am fov: but then people looked at the price of a Bone game and multiplied that by 9 and said "Why should I pay that much for a "full" game?"
  728. 8:13:34 am fov: with Sam & Max we really had to teach people how this could work
  729. 8:13:41 am Sven_Q45: @Cheese No worry. Jel isn´t here  today. 
  730. 8:13:46 am DanielHerrera: This throwing up thing was a new challenge for us. The ability to make most characters do something at will, especially throwing up a rainbow, was something we hadn't handled before.
  731. 8:14:04 am salty-horse: fov, IIRC Sam and max was advertised as a whole X-episode season from the start. I don't remember bone had that "promise"
  732. 8:14:08 am Cheeseness: Rainbows ftw
  733. 8:14:12 am fov: @salty-horse correct
  734. 8:14:14 am LoonOfNature: Rainbow Hurling Technologies R&D. EXCITING
  735. GameClubFan_294857 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:14:35 am)
  736. 8:14:44 am fov: and offering it as a season, and selling it that way, is important
  737. 8:14:47 am salty-horse: so, how did the voice actors feel like sticking with a project for so many months?
  738. 8:14:57 am Cheeseness: Ah, here's a risque joke
  739. 8:15:00 am fov: people who try to do individual episodes and have each one fund the next one find that they can't sustain development that way
  740. duploduplex [] entered the room. (8:15:06 am)
  741. 8:15:15 am salty-horse: oh snap
  742. 8:15:33 am fov: I think the actors probably liked the steady work
  743. 8:15:43 am fov: oh this puzzle 
  744. 8:16:02 am Cheeseness: I love how Lincoln manages to sound awful even when you use the correct responses
  745. 8:16:07 am salty-horse: audio compression?
  746. 8:16:16 am Syd: The compression on that whispering sound, wow
  747. 8:16:21 am Cheeseness: It's not meant to be intelligible, but it compresses pretty bad
  748. 8:16:26 am fov: that whisper sounds like the Hidden People
  749. 8:16:29 am fov: asset reuse?
  750. 8:16:35 am Seg: I love the ‘sleepover’ animation of Max here.
  751. 8:16:36 am DanielHerrera: ha ha
  752. 8:16:44 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, yeah, I was going to comment on Max's pose
  753. 8:16:50 am salty-horse: Seg, he needs to have his hands under his chin
  754. 8:16:51 am Cheeseness: Max loves it too by the looks of things
  755. 8:17:06 am Smello: lol poutine
  756. 8:17:07 am Cheeseness: DanielHerrera: Can you go back in time and put his hands under his chin?
  757. 8:17:19 am salty-horse: Cheeseness, that's season 3
  758. 8:17:26 am Cheeseness: It'd make for a super sweet addition to the "Not much, just [Freelance Police] stuff" macro
  759. 8:17:45 am Cheeseness: Season 2 had time travel as well
  760. 8:17:51 am salty-horse: see, I forget
  761. 8:18:01 am DanielHerrera: At the time, having a pose where someone was holding their head was tricky because it was hard to act their head and neck without it clipping through their hands or looking weird.
  762. GameClubFan_967951 [] entered the room. (8:18:04 am)
  763. 8:18:12 am Seg: I tried to do the best achievement for Season 2…
  764. 8:18:25 am fov: daniel is that related to whether it's a custom animation, or a chore?
  765. 8:18:29 am Cheeseness: I don't think season 3 really had time travel so much as temporal astral projection
  766. 8:18:36 am Cheeseness: What was that, Seg?
  767. 8:18:45 am LoonOfNature: Blargh time to evacuate, good day and thank you for the shameless innuendo
  768. 8:18:47 am fov: a lot of the stuff I see Max doing here seems like stuff incorporated from hand-animated stuff in earlier episodes
  769. 8:18:54 am Cheeseness: Thanks for coming LoonOfNature!
  770. LoonOfNature left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:18:56 am)
  771. 8:18:57 am salty-horse: ok, I have to go now. it's late. good night!
  772. 8:19:05 am Syd: Bye, salty-horse!
  773. 8:19:14 am salty-horse: bye! have fun rubbing unicorns!
  774. 8:19:15 am DanielHerrera: bye!
  775. 8:19:16 am Syd: Cheese, did you use the unicorn on the bug?
  776. 8:19:24 am Seg: So there’s the secene in ep 201 that connects with ep 205. 201 Sam literally drops an item to 205 Sam and vice-versa
  777. 8:19:28 am Cheeseness: I did. He didn't do anything 
  778. 8:19:28 am Syd: Or are you doing that now and I'm only just catching up to it because of lag?
  779. 8:19:33 am Syd: Aww
  780. 8:19:35 am salty-horse: Seg, and it's such a throwaway item
  781. 8:19:36 am Seg: In 201, you’d get a trophy/achievement at that since.
  782. 8:19:42 am Syd: Did you ever use it on Sybil?
  783. 8:19:47 am Fhqwhgod: no that's season 2
  784. 8:19:47 am Cheeseness: Seg: Ha ha ha, nice
  785. 8:19:47 am Sven_Q45: salty-horse have fun rubbing unicorns. 
  786. 8:19:48 am DanielHerrera: Sometimes we'd make poses from old animations but I think that one was special for this episode.
  787. 8:19:51 am Cheeseness: Syd: On my way to do that now
  788. salty-horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving). (8:19:52 am)
  789. 8:19:54 am Seg: In 205, I wanted the sound effect of the acehivement sound to be hurd in the distance.
  790. 8:20:03 am Seg: er, heard
  791. 8:20:14 am fov: maybe it shows up again in season 2 then
  792. 8:20:43 am Seg: Tried to get Sony to give us a sound clip of the achievement and pre-clearance that they wouldn’t flag it. They never got back to us after a few e-mails. 
  793. 8:20:45 am Cheeseness: I thought we'd be able to ask about her date
  794. 8:21:05 am fov: they didn't go on the date yet?
  795. 8:21:12 am Seg: Yes, date hasn’t happened yet
  796. kisak [] entered the room. (8:21:15 am)
  797. 8:21:26 am Cheeseness: Yeah. I mean talk about her getting a date
  798. 8:21:35 am Cheeseness: Hey kisak
  799. 8:21:42 am Seg: So a bit on the engeineering side, I have a dev story about seaon 1 on Xbox 360.
  800. 8:21:43 am fov: I like how it's sunset on the street in this episode
  801. 8:21:52 am Syd: "Beat it!"
  802. 8:22:09 am kisak: trouble with the normal twitch channel?
  803. 8:22:16 am Cheeseness: kisak: Yeah
  804. 8:22:18 am Cheeseness: dfgameclubtemp
  805. 8:22:22 am Syd: Yeah, we're using a temp channel right now
  806. 8:22:27 am Seg: For Xbox, we were putting the game all in one package; one download. We even did some tech that allowed sharring of assets between epsidoes to lower the filesize.
  807. 8:22:45 am Cheeseness: Oh whoops. I haven't got the spoon yet
  808. 8:22:50 am Seg: The game was weighing in at about 473mb in all. This part is important to know.
  809. 8:22:53 am kisak: alright, got it up on the RPi2
  810. 8:22:56 am Cheeseness: Nice
  811. 8:23:20 am kisak: howdy fine people
  812. 8:23:23 am kisak: and Cheeseness
  813. 8:23:34 am Seg: At the time, Xbox 360 was still using propriatary memory cards. The largest one being 512mb, but with an effecitve user space of 475mb
  814. 8:23:36 am Sven_Q45: hi kisak
  815. 8:23:48 am Cheeseness: Just squeezed in then!
  816. 8:23:56 am Seg: There was a problem.
  817. 8:24:21 am Cheeseness: 
  818. 8:24:23 am fov: no, his foot is not bigger
  819. 8:24:34 am Cheeseness: Shh, Max believes what he wants to believe
  820. 8:24:42 am Seg: To switch between the main menu and the episodes, we used a soft-reset function that was legal to use in the Xbox360. APproved for use, but rarely used.
  821. 8:24:51 am Lightkey: there is no sp.. peanut butter
  822. 8:24:59 am Cheeseness: So why *is* the footprint bigger?
  823. 8:25:16 am fov: probably because no one told Kim about that line
  824. 8:25:22 am Cheeseness: heh
  825. 8:25:35 am Seg: When the game was running on a memory card, if you unplugged the card within 20+ secons of the epsiode change, it would create an unplayable state where youd’ be stuck in the office with not being able to do anything else.
  826. 8:25:48 am Seg: This would get the game kicked from certification; could not ship the game.
  827. 8:25:53 am Cheeseness: D:
  828. 8:26:23 am Fhqwhgod: I guess space for savegames was problematic as well
  829. 8:26:25 am Seg: My producer asked if there was a way to disable moving onto the memory card. There’s nothing that Xbox does that prevents it, only making the game not fit on the card would prevent copying to the card.
  830. 8:26:33 am Cheeseness: Saves went in a different place, right?
  831. 8:26:51 am Seg: Saves could be on any other device, and it was OK to have save games on a memory card. This was only when the game executable was on the memory card.
  832. 8:26:57 am Cheeseness: Ha ha, I see where this is going
  833. 8:27:12 am Seg: My producer didn’t want to know how, but todl me to make the game bigger.
  834. 8:27:22 am kisak: hey, free hat guys
  835. 8:27:32 am fov: oh is this where max turns into 3 maxes
  836. 8:27:36 am fov: shit's about to get real
  837. 8:27:41 am Cheeseness: Yeah
  838. 8:27:55 am Cheeseness: I'll wrap it up after that cutscene for this week and we'll finish up next
  839. 8:28:07 am RUBICN64: one Max is bad enough as it is!
  840. 8:28:10 am RUBICN64: lol
  841. 8:28:11 am Seg: So I found the largest file size file in the game data, a Max line which I don’t remember. I renamed the file “Seg.BIN” and put it in the root folder. This would prevent the game from reading the file (looks in a /pack/ subfolder”
  842. 8:28:22 am Cheeseness: 
  843. 8:28:33 am Seg: The game was just large enough to prevent the copy, and Christmas was saved!
  844. 8:28:46 am Cheeseness: \o/
  845. 8:28:50 am Cheeseness: Ping
  846. 8:28:51 am BadAsp: Yay
  847. 8:28:59 am Seg: And now every Xbox360 copy of Sam & Max Season 1 as my name in the file system. That’s my only easter egg of all of Telltale games.
  848. 8:29:06 am Cheeseness: Hah, the subtitle
  849. 8:29:15 am DanielHerrera: I love the sound of hugh teleporting.
  850. 8:29:20 am Cheeseness: Yeah 
  851. 8:29:21 am flesk: Hah. That's brilliant, Seg.
  852. 8:29:26 am Cheeseness: Seg: Had anybody spotted it that you know of?
  853. 8:29:27 am Pinchpenny: amazing story Seg!
  854. 8:29:34 am Seg: Not that I know of.
  855. 8:29:39 am fov: max!
  856. 8:29:54 am Seg: BIN files are the generic “looks important but not revealing of what it is”
  857. 8:29:55 am fov: oh I just remembered how this episode ends
  858. 8:29:58 am Cheeseness: Yeah
  859. 8:30:14 am Syd: Someone put extra work into Huge's animations for this scene. 
  860. 8:30:18 am Cheeseness: Hugh is barefoot. I never noticed
  861. 8:30:25 am Syd: *Hugh
  862. 8:30:32 am fov: at some point we renamed Season One and Season Two to Sam & Max Save the World and Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
  863. 8:30:37 am Cheeseness: Slothful Max 
  864. 8:30:38 am RUBICN64: I beat all 3 back in the Gametap days
  865. 8:30:44 am fov: we were supposed to come up with names and sat down with the designers asking for ideas
  866. 8:30:50 am fov: and they came up with a bunch of crazy things
  867. 8:30:57 am Cheeseness: Do you recall any that didn't make it?
  868. 8:30:59 am fov: the idea was that they needed to be more "user friendly" for retail versions
  869. 8:31:04 am Cheeseness: "Shoo shoo, shoo shoo. Go away"
  870. 8:31:10 am fov: and I was like, "no no, something simple like Sam & Max Save the World"
  871. 8:31:12 am Seg: And didn’t imply you *must* pay season 1 to play season 2.
  872. 8:31:22 am fov: which popped into my head because the last line of the episode is "Sam, let's go save the world"
  873. 8:31:26 am Cheeseness: :3
  874. 8:31:29 am fov: and then no one put any more thought into it
  875. GameClubFan_967951 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:31:31 am)
  876. 8:31:35 am fov: and we used that as a placeholder on the packaging
  877. 8:31:40 am fov: and eventually just gave up and kept it 
  878. 8:31:42 am Seg: @fov It was a great name. 
  879. 8:31:50 am Fhqwhgod: noooooooooooooooooooo
  880. 8:31:52 am fov: I remember Chuck came up with a bunch of obscure funny ones
  881. 8:32:18 am RUBICN64: I still need to get the XBLA versions of those gamea
  882. 8:32:22 am RUBICN64: games
  883. 8:32:27 am Cheeseness: There we go (wanted to slip some more horn in before the end there)
  884. 8:32:34 am fov: aw
  885. 8:32:39 am Syd: Next week, we'll see the exciting conclusion and hear the great end credits song. Come join us if you can! 
  886. 8:32:39 am Seg: Awwwww
  887. 8:32:45 am Cheeseness: Let me know when we're clear
  888. 8:32:47 am fov: oh the credits song
  889. 8:32:51 am Cheeseness: 
  890. 8:32:52 am Seg: Next week I’ll tell you all about achievements. 
  891. 8:32:54 am Cheeseness: Looking forward to that
  892. 8:32:56 am Lightkey: done
  893. 8:32:58 am BadAsp: Sweet!
  894. 8:33:02 am Syd: You're clear, Cheese
  895. 8:33:08 am flesk: Thanks for streaming, Cheeseness.
  896. 8:33:23 am Cheeseness: A pleasure
  897. 8:33:30 am DanielHerrera: Thanks for bringing us together once again!
  898. 8:33:38 am Cheeseness: Thank you so much for joining us, DanielHerrera, fov and Seg
  899. 8:33:40 am Syd: Thanks to everyone who joined us! Try to pop in next week for the finale if you're able to!
  900. 8:33:40 am RUBICN64: *wonders what kind of cheese Cheeseness is?*
  901. 8:33:46 am Seg: I miss both of you, Daniel & Emily! 
  902. 8:33:46 am Cheeseness: The best kind
  903. 8:33:55 am DanielHerrera: Have a good one!
  904. 8:33:58 am fov: i'll try to make it next wek
  905. 8:33:59 am fov: week
  906. 8:34:02 am Cheeseness: Fingers crossed!
  907. DanielHerrera left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:34:03 am)
  908. 8:34:08 am fov: *waves*
  909. 8:34:11 am Cheeseness: Heather said she wanted to come too, but she had some errands to run
  910. fov left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:34:19 am)
  911. 8:34:24 am Cheeseness: And Dave said he'd penciled it in, but might be busy, so he could be here next week as well
  912. 8:34:30 am BadAsp: Maybe we should push for Steve Purcell to show up for this final season 1 session
  913. Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:34:44 am)
  914. GameClubFan_590447 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:34:46 am)
  915. 8:34:50 am Cheeseness: I've tried reaching out, but haven't had much success
  916. 8:35:04 am Cheeseness: And I still think that phoning him with that number is a bad idea 
  917. 8:35:04 am Seg: Dave’s also on the East Coast if I remember correctly
  918. Smello left the room. (8:35:11 am)
  919. 8:35:31 am BadAsp: Keep trying
  920. RUBICN64 left the room (quit: Quit: AndroidIrc Disconnecting). (8:36:08 am)
  921. 8:36:11 am Syd: I gotta head out. See you all at the next session!
  922. 8:36:20 am Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, Syd ^_^
  923. Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client). (8:36:26 am)
  924. 8:36:28 am Cheeseness: Seg: Thanks again for joining us
  925. 8:36:35 am Cheeseness: This was the first one you'd been to, right?
  926. 8:36:48 am Seg: Alright, I’m out. This was a really good experience for me and I thank  you for such a welcoming experience.
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