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  1. Name: Kap telos
  3. Appearance:His bodily appearance is unknown because he is constantly covered head to toe with a leather coat,leather pants and a mask with a giant red orb in the center he also covers his body with darkness when people try to reveal what he looks like
  4. Height:6,8
  6. Gender:Male
  8. Race:Human
  10. Age:27
  12. Title:The unseeable harvester
  14. Blood type:Unknown
  16. Date of birth:October 30th
  18. Guild:Fairy tail
  20. Guild Corp Color/location:red on cloaks shoulder
  22. Likes:exploring and discovering new magic and locations and is a big fan of giant spells that make giant spectacles
  24. Dislikes:Hates people staring at him and doesn’t like people trying to find out what’s under his mask but doesn’t openly reprimand people for it he also seems to have a fear of lightning
  26. Magic power:Fog maker magic(This allows the  user to immediately envelope a area with fog that enhances his abilities)
  28. Magic derived from power:
  29. The ability to blend into darkness/shadows making it extremely hard to detect the user light magic can reveal the user tho
  30. Scythe:This ability makes a 4 foot scythe out of fog and doesn’t consume much energy but the scythe  can’t be used very well in close quarters but if used from behind can do plenty of damage
  32. Shadow make Sword:the ability to make a two handed sword out of fog consuming little energy but the sword is very slow and easy to block but the sword does do a good amount of damage
  34. Shadow make Bow:the ability to make bow and arrows out of fog the bow doesn’t do much damage unless used from long distances and it makes no sound it is a very good way to take out targets from a distance but it consumes magic per arrow
  36. Shadow make Throwing knife:the ability to make multiple throwing knives out of fog it doesn’t do much damage but can be used in rapid succession to deal more damage if unchallenged and requires very little energy consumption
  38. Shadow make Bear trap:The ability to summon many bear traps in the area of his fog every trap cost a moderate amount of energy but they temporarily immobilize targets that step into them
  40. Shadow make lance:Kap Summons 8 lances that shoot forward at 70 mph that does moderate damage to foes and cost moderate amounts of magic
  42. Shadow make Illusion:Can create illusions in fog this can range from people to monsters that cause fear and he can even make look spikes of himself cost moderate amounts of energy but they can’t make noise and are easily dispersed by light magic (locked until dynamic shadow magic)
  44. Shadow make Dark gauntlets:This ability forms massive hands in Kaps fog Kap can control these massive hand to hit his opponents in the fog these do massive amounts of damage and are hard to dodge but this ability cost large amounts of energy
  46. THE GOAL OF ALL LIFE IS DEATH:This ability is Kaps trump card and consumes all of his energy the ability takes all the fog Kap has summoned and then turns into a 15 foot body for Kap it’s only weapon is a giant 8 foot scythe that does massive amounts of knockback and damage but it only last for one minute after the ability is used up Kap will be unconscious (locked until Kap gets dynamic maker magic)
  48. Weapons:A giant staff made of ornate gold this staff is a mediator for his magic
  50. Personality:He keeps to himself mostly and listens unless talking about the world around them and magic then he comes off as nice but distant
  52. Backstory:Kap was born years ago the first thing he remembered was the stars and a gigantic jungle around him at first he wondered around the wild trying to find purpose for his existence but he could never find out why he came to be.Eventually he found a town being ransacked by raiders and went to aid the people after finishing the bandits the townspeople ran him off because they feared the way he looked.He had never thought until that moment that he was different so he found a way to cover his identity with clothing and a mask, now no one knows what he looks like under the mask and he still searched for a purpose until he found one in the guild fairy tail and decided to join the eternal adventure...
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