Chapter 29 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

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  1. Edited by: MythosIX
  3. Tsubasa: Those with Wings
  4. On the way back, we did not encounter Motoyasu.
  5. Though, it's just a groundless fear of him angrily looking for me.
  6. Raphtalia was energetic again after I returned from unloading the baggage in the village.
  8. "Are you okay?"(Naofumi)
  9. "Yup"(Raphtalia)
  10. "Ha......that was fast"(Lumberjack)
  12. The lumberjack was surprised that I returned so soon.
  14. "This fellow here has great legs"(Naofumi)
  16. Was the answer I gave to the lumberjack while I pet Firo.
  18. "Gua!"(Firo)
  20. Firo also energetically answered. That's right, you're very fast.
  22. "Did you search the forest?" (Raphtalia?)
  23. "Yeah"(Naofumi)
  24. "We must go slowly when we return." (Raphtalia?)
  25. "Gua!"(Firo)
  27. Piki......
  28. What's that? This sound…… Growth should have ended.
  29. I heard something from Firo.
  30. I hope it's not some strange disease.
  31. Today's harvest was quite good.
  32. Raphtalia moves naturally while Firo's offensive power and speed is eye catching.
  33. To be honest, the strength of her blows may already have surpassed Raphtalia.
  35. Me Lv 26
  36. Raphtalia Lv 29
  37. Firo Lv 19
  39. Requirement for White Usapiru Shield has been revealed.
  40. Requirement for Dark Porcupine Shield has been revealed.
  41. Requirement for Usapiru Bone Shield has been revealed.
  42. Requirement for Porcupine Bone Shield has been revealed.
  44. White Usapiru Shield
  45. Unsealing complete... Equipment Bonus: Defense +2
  47. Dark Porcupine Shield
  48. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Agility +2
  50. Usapiru Bone Shield
  51. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Stamina Up (Small)
  53. Porcupine Bone Shield
  54. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: SP Up (Small)
  56. My stats are improving wonderfully.
  57. I should equip a shield that is efficient and has a high performance, but I still haven't found a place where farming gold and experience is efficient.
  58. How many abilities have I already unsealed...... There are too many to keep track of.
  59. In the first place, after unsealing lower class equipment such as the Orange Balloon Shield, I have never used the ability.
  60. The most efficient shield I have is the Whetstone Shield and that is a necessity.
  61. Though, I can use all my shields.
  62. Today I unsealed 4 shields which probably won't be used.
  65. We were walking slowly back to Forest Village, reaching only when evening arrived.
  66. It seems cart training for Raphtalia is necessary.
  67. We advanced leisurely a few times before she felt sick and had to stop.
  68. As a result we arrived after the day was over.
  70. "I am very sorry"(Raphtalia)
  71. "It's fine, you'll gradually get used to it."(Naofumi)
  73. I am pretty strange too, I can't get drunk. I'm not saying she doesn't have spirit, it's just in her nature.
  74. Motion sickness is hard to get accustomed to.
  75. Therefore, I want Raphtalia to quickly get used to the carts.
  76. Well, I think Firo's explosive running speed is also part of the problem.
  78. "Gua!"(Firo)
  80. At this point, the change has already begun.
  81. For a while, we didn't notice. No, I noticed but I chose to ignore it.
  83. The next morning.
  84. Raphtalia notices the changes and is lost in thought.
  86. "Guaa!"(Firo)
  88. When I arrived at the barn, the change was already over.
  89. Firo..... In every aspect, has greatly deviated from the average Philorial and has become gigantic
  90. The average height for a Philorial is 2m 30cm, about the size of an ostrich.
  91. However, Philorials have bigger heads and necks.
  92. Firo's current hight is 2m80cm......
  93. Her head reaches the ceiling when she stands up.
  95. "Did we really get the egg of a Philorial? I'm beginning to think we bought something else entirely."(Naofumi)
  96. "Yeah...... I think so too." (Raphtalia)
  97. "Gua!"(Firo)
  99. Firo swallows something with gusto.
  100. There appears to be no more Chimera meat left in the stables.
  101. 2 cows worth of meat just disappeared.
  102. Was that the last piece?
  104. "I thought her appetite stabilized but......"(Naofumi?)
  105. "She ate everything-!"(Raphtalia?)
  106. "Gua-!"(Firo)
  107. "Hahahahahahahahah"(Naofumi)
  108. "This isn't a laughing matter!" (Raphtalia)
  110. Well then, what should I do about her huge appearance......
  111. .....However
  112. Piki......
  113. The sound of growth is heard again.
  115. "Something is happening to cause that sound!"(Naofumi)
  116. "Ummm Perhaps the cause of this growth is due to Naufumi-sama's shield?" (Raphtalia)
  117. "That's possible. Maybe it's from Demon Trainer Shield 3's ability: Growth Correcting (Intermediate)"(Naofumi)
  118. "Uh.....Naufumi-sama, what about the effects of Slave Trainer Shield?" (Raphtalia)
  119. "Iyaaaaaaa"(Raphtalia)
  121. Raphtalia cried and ran from the barn, so I had to chase.
  123. "Ra-Raphtalia!?"(Naofumi)
  124. "Recently, I thought my body was light. But that's because of Naofumi-sama!" (Raphtalia)
  125. "Calm down!"(Naofumi)
  126. "Wi-Will I become big like Firo!? I'm scared!" (Raphtalia)
  127. "I don't hear any growth sounds from you"(Naofumi)
  128. "Well... If you say so. Phew, that's good!" (Raphtalia)
  130. That still doesn't change the fact that this is an unpredictable situation.
  131. I glance at Firo and imagine Raphtalia growing to be like that.
  133. "Are you thinking something rude?" (Raphtalia)
  134. "......What are you talking about?"(Naofumi)
  136. Raphtalia looks at me doubtfully.
  138. "One moment, should we go back to the slave trader tent and confirm the situation?" (Raphtalia?)
  139. "Yes, I think we should." (Naofumi)
  141. It can't be helped. I don't want to return to the castle town because that place is unpleasant...... But we might have no choice.
  143. "Gua!"(Firo)
  145. We left Forest Village with Raphtalia fighting against motion sickness while Firo attracting attention.
  146. On the way, Firo got hungry so we took a break and fought some demons to feed her. We arrived back in the castle town during the afternoon.
  148. "Hey......"(Naofumi)
  150. Firo's appearance changed again while I wasn't looking.
  151. Her feet and neck shortened gradually, now she looks like she has the torso of an owl.
  152. Though it changes the way the cart is being pulled.
  153. The front of the cart that was pulled by rope around her body, similar to a leash.
  154. Now, she uses her wings as hands and skilfully pulls the cart along.
  156. "Kue!"(Firo)
  158. Her chirp and colour have changed again, now she is pure white.
  160. "Huh?"(Naofumi)
  162. I got off the cart slowly and remeasure Firo's height.
  163. She shrank?
  164. Her height is back down to 2m30cm. But her width has increased and now it feels somewhat oppressive.
  165. She resembles a certain mascot from an amusement park who gains weight unnaturally.
  166. (Tl note: I don't get this reference.Can someone explain?)
  168. "Kue?"(Firo)
  169. "No, this is fine."(Naofumi)
  171. Does Firo herself notice the change?
  172. I don't understand this creature any more.
  174. " matter how I think about it it's surprising. Yup."(Slave Trader?)
  176. The slave trader continuously wipes cold sweat while observing Firo.
  178. "Kue?"(Firo)
  180. Firo became huge width-wise and now resembles an Owl-like demon.
  181. Where did the figure of a friendly ostrich disappear to?
  183. "Well, I want an honest answer. What was the demon that was inside of the egg you sold me?"(Naofumi)
  185. In any case......
  186. When I point my finger threateningly, Firo prepares to attack.
  188. "Kueeeeee!"(Firo)
  190. The slave trader hastily checks a bunch of documents.
  192. "This is strange. It says here that the egg Hero-sama purchased was a Phirorial egg."(Slave Trader)
  193. "This?"(Naofumi)
  194. "Kueee!"(Firo)
  196. I throw some food at Firo, who skilfully swallows it all in one go.
  198. "Well......"(Slave Trader)
  200. That reminds me, I haven't heard that growth sound from Firo for a while now.
  201. Is this her final adult form?
  202. (tl note: Mega Evolution = Loli form)
  204. "However, Hero-sama. It's only been a few days since you have purchased that egg, I take my hat off you."(Slave Trader)
  205. "Don't deceive me with compliments. What kind of egg was that."(Naofumi)
  206. "Umm... Is this the appearance the demon had in the beginning?"(Slave Trader)
  207. "Nope"(Naofumi)
  209. I explained about Firo's growth to the slave trader.
  211. "It was a normal Philorial for half the time?"(Slave Trader)
  212. "Ah, I stopped trying to understand this demon."(Naofumi)
  213. "Kue?"(Firo)
  215. I feel a little irritation at Firo who looks at me with a cute pose and tilted head.
  216. Whose fault do you think it is that we're here.
  218. "Kueee"(Firo)
  220. *SuriSuri*She snuggles her entire body on me. Then I'm embraced by her huge wing, It's hot, Firo.
  222. "Mu....." (Raphtalia)
  224. Raphtalia raises her eyebrows and takes my hand.
  226. "Kue?"(Firo)
  228. Firo and Raphtalia stare at each other
  230. "What's your problem?"(Naofumi)
  231. "Uh, Nothing"(Raphtalia)
  232. "KueKue"(Firo)
  234. I say nothing. I wonder what's going on.
  236. "So? How about it?"(Naofumi)
  237. "Well, That is......"(Slave Trader)
  239. It is pretty awkward in front of the slave trader.
  240. Don't you know all kinds of demons? Aren't you supposed to breed and sell demons?
  241. "Anyway, for the time being let me call an expert so she can be inspected, is that Ok? Yup"(Slave Trader)
  242. "????"(Naofumi?)
  243. "Kue!?"(Firo)
  244. "I understand, it might take a while before the expert comes though. Yup"(Slave Trader)
  245. "Well that's fine. If anything goes wrong, I demand consolation money."(Naofumi)
  246. "Kueee!?"(Firo)
  248. It seems Firo objects my answer by flapping.
  249. However, a subordinate of the slave trader attached a collar to Firo and brought her into a cage.
  250. Partially due to the fact that we are here, Firo enters obediently.
  252. "Well then, I'll come pick her up tomorrow. Have an answer by then."(Naofumi)
  254. Raphtalia and I then leave the tent.
  256. "Kueeeeeeee!"(Firo)
  258. I was surprised at the loud voice from the tent.
  259. That evening, the storekeeper of the hotel suddenly calls for me.
  261. "Umm Hero-sama"(Storekeeper of the hotel)
  262. "hm? What do you need?"(Naofumi)
  263. "A visitor has come to see you."(Storekeeper of the hotel)
  265. Who is it? While I was thinking the storekeeper points to the counter. A man who I don't recognise is sitting there.
  267. "Do you have some business with me?"(Naofumi)
  268. "Um...... I am on an errand from the Demon dealer."(Errand guy)
  270. Demon dealer......Ahh, that slave trader. Certainly you can't introduce yourself in public as such.
  272. "So is there something wrong?"(Naofumi)
  273. "Ummm, we want to return the demon that is being held there."(Errand guy)
  274. "What!?"(Naofumi)
  276. It's only been a few hours since then...... What could have happened?
  277. When Raphtalia and I return to the tent, Firo's cry can still be heard.
  279. "Iya, Iya, I apologize for the disturbance at this time of night."(Slave Trader)
  281. The slave trader has a tired face while he greets us.
  283. "So what went wrong? We had a promise to meet tomorrow."(Naofumi)
  284. "Yes, that was my intention too, but Hero-sama's demon is slightly troublesome."(Slave Trader)
  285. "Kueeeeeee!!"(Firo)
  287. Firo behaves violently inside the cage until she spots us.
  289. "She destroyed 3 iron cages, injured 5 of my subordinates, and 3 other demons have suffered serious wounds. Yup"(slave Trader)
  290. "I'm not compensating you."(Naofumi)
  291. "I take my hat off to the Hero-sama who thinks of money at such a time. Yup"(Slave trader)
  293. Is this slave trader a masochist?
  295. "So, what is it? did you find anything?"(Naofumi)
  296. "Well...... It seems there's a witness report that says this one is similar to a King of Philorial."(Slave Trader)
  297. "The king?"(Naofumi)
  298. "Actually it's a lord of a group of Philorial, it's a story that is famous among adventurers."(Slave Trader)
  300. This slave trader seems to have quite an extensive information network.
  301. Well, there is a big group of wild Philorial and there are stories that they have a king who manages them.
  302. The master of Philorial which rarely appear...... And it seems Firo is one of them.
  304. "Hmm"(Naofumi)
  306. Is this information reliable?
  307. Maybe removing the slave crest, killing Firo, and letting the shield absorb her body.
  308. Even though I can absorb blood and feathers, it is still my demon. Only the demon trainer shield will appear.
  309. Or the level I have is insufficient.
  310. I stare at Firo.
  312. "......Kue?"(Firo)
  314. Though the race does not appear on the shield, she is not hostile.
  316. "So, what now?"(Naofumi)
  317. "She is called the Philorial King, or Queen."(Slave Trader)
  318. "Is it because Firo is female?"(Naofumi)
  319. "Yup, it is awkward for me to do business with Hero-sama under these conditions......"(Slave Trader)
  321. I observe the destruction caused by Firo around the tent.
  322. Everything is broken!
  323. I have no plans to sell her.
  325. "......Sama"(Unknown Voice)
  326. "N? What was that unfamiliar voice I just heard?"(Naofumi)
  327. "uh,Ummm...." (Raphtalia)
  329. Raphtilia holds her mouth and points to the cage where Firo was held. The slave trader is also speechless.
  330. I look back at the slave trader and we trade puzzled looks.
  332. "Masssterr~~~"(Yup, Firo)
  334. A naked blonde girl with wings extends her hand towards me.
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