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  1. Handguns:  SIG SP 2340, Taurus PT111, Glock 17(Stainless slide, selector switch, RMR, suppressor sights, texturized frame, X300, match grade stainless barrel w/ profile comp), Beretta 950 Jetfire, Custom blued 1911(Kobra LH slide, RIA frame, stainless controls/trigger/beavertail safety, ambi mag release and ambi extended safety, white pearloid grips), Glock 19, Taurus PT911, Taurus Tracker Model 44, Walther P38, Beretta 90two(9mm), Glock 26, Beretta 92FS Inox, CZ 100, S&W Model 10, Springfield Mil-Spec(Stainless, black controls/trigger, black pearloid grips, beavertail safety, beveled magwell, ambi extended safety, ambi mag release), Star Model B (Stainless, pearl grips), CZ 85B (bi tone, nickel frame/w blued slide/controls, black grip panels), Beretta 92FS(Conforming blue/black grips, stainless controls/trigger/barrel.), HK P7M10(Nickel finish), Beretta 96, Taurus Protector 851Ultralight bi-tone, Vector CP1, S&W M&P45, Beretta 3032 Tomcat, Makarov PM, AMT Hardballer, Stainless Bersa Thunder .380, Glock 27(/w +0 mag), Glock 22(/w small hemp leaf insignia on grip[x2]), Beretta 92FS-C, Stainless Colt Python(4in barrel), Bond Arms Texas Defender(.357 Magnum), Springfield XD9 V-10 (/w metallic blue slide, platinum controls/accents), Walther PPS, CZ 83, Stainless CZ 75B, 'Plain-Jane' Beretta 92FS, Glock 18C, CZ 75B, PSS(x3),
  4. Sub-guns: Agram 2000, MAC-10(.45ACP), Skorpion SA Vz 61, Mini-UZI, Full auto TEC-9(Extended barrel), BXP, Colt 635, Star Z-84, Norinco Type 82,
  7. Rifles/Carbines: AKM(No muzzle compensator, sling), AKS-74, Norinco Type 56-1, HK E11, M1 Carbine, Ruger KAC-556KF, Norinco CQ M311(sling), M16A4, M16A2(/w A1 lower), AK74(Ultimak, T1, folding stock, bottom rail handguard, XTM handstop, Thorntail/X300, MS3, TWS dogleg w/ peep, Hogue pistol grip), Galil ARM(5.56), G3A3, Type 56 LMG, Colt M4 Upper(M4A2 lower, Troy Alpha 13, Seburo Talon 6x scope in Larue QD mount, offset Trijicon MS03, ASAP, STR, XTM handstop, Thorntail/X300, KAC micro rear, DD fixed front, Surefire brake, Surefire Mini, MIAD grip w/ batteries, duracoated black), Zastava Arms M70B1(Nickel plated, rosewood furniture), PM md. 90, Magpul PDR(iron sights/buckle sling), Colt M4(buckle sling, T1 w/ Larue QD, rear black MBUS), G3(Folding PRS, FF bottom rail handguard, XTM handstop, Thorntail/X300, S&B lopro mount, S&B PMII 5-25x H37 MRAD scope in Larue QD mount w/ level, QD Harris bipod, match barrel[trued], offset RMR, tactical 2 point sling)
  10. Shotguns: Remington 870(/w top folding stock/6 capacity shell carrier), Maverick 88 6-Shot Security, SPAS-12,
  13. Melee: Folding Knife(hemp leaf emblem on grip/ 3.5in blade), Spaceball bat(dented), Classic design lightweight Brass Knuckles(round finger holes), Double edged bootknife /w rubberized grip(5in blade), Black OTF tanto switchblade, Nickel plated brass knuckles(oval finger holes), Small plastic knuckles, Stiletto switchblade(false edge, 4.5in blade), Neck-knife push dagger(3in blade), Damascus patterned folding knife(4in blade), Razor-blades(x25), Italian Stiletto switchblade, Buck Short Nighthawk(/w boot sheath),
  17. Explosives/Etc: Molotov Cocktails(x4), M61 'Lemon' hand grenade, M67 hand grenade, GP-25, VOG-25 grenades(x2), FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher, M203 standalone launcher, M72 LAW(x3), Pipe bombs(x12), Molotov cocktails(x3), 40mm HE rounds(x7),
  20. Rifle/carbine mags: AR 30rd mags[Full(x28)][Half-full{12}(x1)][Empty(2)], Magpul P-mags(x6), AR 10rd mag(x1), AK-47 30rd magas([x14], Norinco[x8], Nickel plated[x4]), 75rnd RPK drum, 40rnd AK mag, Ruger AC556F 30 round mags(x6), Ruger AC556F 20 round mags(x2), G3 20 rnd mags([x7], E11[x4]), 30rnd G3 Mag, HK E11 80 round drum mag, M1 Carbine Mags([Full(x2), Half-full(x1), Empty(x1)]),
  22. Handgun mags:  SIG SP 2340 Mags(x2), Taurus PT111 Mag, Glock 17 mags(x10), Beretta 950 Jetfire Mags([Full(x2)]), Taurus PT911 mags(x3), RIA 1911 mags(x3), SA 7 rnd 1911 mags(x6),  Walther P38 Mags(x5), S&W Model 10 speedloader, Beretta 92 15 rnd mags(x13), 20rnd Mec-Gar Beretta 92 mags(x2), 30rnd Mega-Mag Beretta 92 mag, Glock 33 rnd 9mm mag(x3), Star Model B mags(x6), CZ 75/85 mags(x10), Glock 23 mags(x6), P7M10 mags(x5), Akdal Ghost mags(x3), CZ 100 mags(x3), Springfield XD9 mags(x3), Ruger Mk.III mags(x4), Colt Python speed-loaders(x3), Springfield XD9 mags(x3), Walther PPS mags(x3), 1911 mags(x4), Bersa Thunder .380 mags(x3), Makarov PM mags(x4), Beretta 3032 mag, CZ 83 mags(x2), CZ 75 mags(x3), Beretta 96 Mags(x4), M&P45 mags(x3), Vector CP1 Mags(x2), Beretta 92FS-C mags(x3), PSS mags(x10),
  24. SMG/MP mags: Agram 2000 32 round mags[Full(x5), Empty(x0)], MAC-10(.45 ACP) mags(x3), Skorpion SA Vz 61 20 rnd mags([Full(x2), Empty(x2)]), UZI 25 rnd mags(x2), UZI 32 rnd mags(x3), BXP mags(x2), 25 rnd Type 82 mags(x3), 15 rnd Type 82 mag, TEC-9 50 round mag, TEC-9 30 round mags(x2), Star Z-84 32rnd mags(x4), Star Z-84 25rnd mag,
  26. Loose ammo: PSS rounds(x200), .223 62 gr FMJ(x40), 60 rd 'good' .308, 40 rd JHP .40 S&W,
  28. Equipment/Armor/Etc: High powered flashlight(x2), Multiple 2x4s/other wood, nails, claw hammer, wagon, cement, cement mixing tank, Gas Masks(x4), Good filters(x4), Climbing harnesses(x4), Monocular(Water resistant/18x zoom), Hard plastic rifle case, Army Green Military Jammer, , Tactical Comm base station, Throat comms(x4), Oakley half jacket black glasses, Taclite pros(x2 khaki, x2 black) w/ kneepad inserts, TT quick release 1.75" belt, TAD Stealth Hoodie LT gray, 5.11 sweat wicking briefs(x5), sweat wicking socks(x10 pairs), BFG Hive Satchel, Jansport large black backpack(x2),
  31. Gun parts: AR collapsible stock, AK74 fixed stock, G3 collapsible stock, Hensoldt Fero Z24 4x scope w/ G3 claw mount, AR FF quad rail(dark blue), AK-74 suppressor, MAC-10 two-stage suppressor, Thick Seburo pistol suppressor(9mm), Slim Kobra pistol suppressor(9mm), Threaded Glock 19 barrel(none extending), Threaded Glock 17 barrel(none extending), Agram 2000 suppressor, blued 1911 parts(LH safety, slide release, mag release, hammer), stainless 1911 parts(Extended safety, mag release), 1911 GI grips, 1911 Black grips w/ ,'M', blued RIA 1911 slide, High Scope rings(Size ??), Glock 17 stock barrel,
  34. Gun gear: CLP paste lube, Chest rig(2 double rifle pouches, 2 single pistol), Chest rig(3 double rifle pouches), Chest rig(4 double rifle pouches), 2 point rifle slings(x6), IWB holster for PPS, Thigh holster for Springfield XD, Wrist ejector for Derringer, Shoulder rig for Colt Python, Chest rig(2 double rifle mag pouches, 2 pistol mag pouches, trauma plate pouch), Shotgun bandoleer(55 capacity), black double pistol mag pouches(x4), IWB holster for G27, 40mm Olive Green Bandolier(Holds 12), Leather double pistol mag pouches(x2), Leather Glock holsters(x2),  Glock+X300 kydex holster, TACO rifle pouches(x8), TACO pistol pouches(x10), Moduloader frames(x10), BFG 10 speed M4 chest rig, IWB 1911 holster, Ruger Mk.III shoulder holster, Universal Cleaning Kit(For firearms), Beretta 950 Jetfire ankle holster, Shotshell belt(24 capacity), PSS IWB holster(x3)
  38. Other: Caucus' Unlocked Paycard(0), Philip Caucus' PC, Tan Dick Tracy style raincoat(half-pack of cigarettes in pocket), Brown leather jacket, Jean Jacket, Mauler Wallets(x6), Mauler Cell Phones(x8), Can of white spray paint(Nearly empty), pipe cleaner, Battery powered Lantern, Fancy filtering showerhead, Mauler money clip(For credit chips), Mauler gold teeth(x6), Mauler PCs(x5), Marijuana(9lbs), Cat's paw wallet, Small blue flashlight keychain, Silver cigarette case(filled with joints), White Shutter Shades, 'PIMP' bling, Gold rings(x12), Diamond earring, Oakley half jacket black glasses, Taclite pros(x2 khaki, x2 black) w/ kneepad inserts, TT quick release 1.75" belt, TAD Stealth Hoodie LT gray, 5.11 sweat wicking briefs(x5), sweat wicking socks(x10 pairs), BFG Hive Satchel w/ large dapper loops, Jansport large black backpack(x2), Neoprene elbow pads, Tactical Trainer 2.0 low shoes, Oakley Factory Pilot black gloves, TDI knife(plain edge), arcteryx half mask black, Flashbang(x6), Belt jammer, C4(50lbs, .5 lb bricks), Ballistic gel vest(1/8"), ballistic gel shirt(1/4"), ballistic gel one-piece suit(1/4"),
  40. Vehicles: Dented up four door Kia Serendipity 2315, Chevy Dart w/ remote system, Ford sedan
  42. Credits (on card): 3,591,736
  44. At penthouse: 9mm FMJ(x50), SIG P229 SAS Gen2, P229 mag(x2), SKS, CZ 52 Magazines(x3), CZ 52
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