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Jahar/dzhokhar Tsarnaev fanfiction : not finished yet

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May 3rd, 2013
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  1. His lips curl into a small smirk. His jet-black curls frame his face and caress his temples. I push him on the bed and he lets out an amused groan. He's laying on the bed, toying with his zipper while looking at me with dirty eyes. He knows that he's the one in control and I'm his toys. He knows I want him so bad that it has taken over me. I spread my legs and sit on his thighs. He put a hand on my hips, the other still toying with his zipper. He bit his lips and smirk once more. I put my hands under his shirt to discover his slender and slightly toned torso. He removes it and throws it on the ground while I remove mine. I bent and start teasing his nipple with my tongue while one of his hands caress my hair. I can feel his cock hardening through his boxers against my thigh. I then reach to his mouth. His lips are soft and wet. I lick them, and my tongue reaches for his. We kiss passionately. He takes my head between his hands. Then one of his hands reach for my pants while we continue to kiss. He unzip it and I hurriedly remove it.  Our underwear vanish in the flinch of an eye and finally, I can feel him in me. He lets out a groan and I begin to wave on him, my hands on his hips, his hands on mine. I can't take my eyes off of those big dark intense eyes. I'm once more struck by their beauty.
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