The Problem with Unlicensed Games (Three Stories in one!)

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  1. Prologue
  3. “I’m so booooored!” Dreamcast yawned, as she rolled on the floor of her collective room/classroom.
  4. “Never imagined a day without classes would be so boring” Saturn stated as she got up from their couch. Today, Professor Center gave the Sega Hard Girls a free day as a reward for their great job, but with free time, comes the dead hours where nobody knows what to do.
  5. “Get yourselves a book” Mega Drive complained as she flipped to the next page of her favorite book, The 16-Bit Pedia. “Or play video games together, it’s not like we are short of them here” Mega Drive did an arm gesture to get the two other girls to look around. Their room was completely full of arcades, consoles and bookshelves that should rather be called “gameshelves”.
  6. “Mega Drive-san, we have played all of those games already!” Dreamcast exclaimed as she got up.
  7. “It’s physically impossible you have! There are decades of history in these shelves!” Mega Drive replied. As the nerd she was, hearing her friend claim she has played ‘all of the games’ struck a minor nerve.
  8. “Well, we may not have played all of them” Saturn tried to justify “But after going inside the games ourselves, just playing loses its charm” Saturn also got up and got near the TV that they used during classes to travel to the different video game worlds “Good thing we still have this baby with us!”
  9. “Center keeps all of his games locked, how do you plan to travel without him?” Mega Drive asked, still hooked to her book.
  10. “We can get them from the Internet, of course!”
  11. “Internet? I can do that!” Dreamcast enthusiastically said this as she held a single finger in front of her. She was trying to connect herself to the Internet, but all that came from it were dial up sounds.
  13. Dreamcast had the talent of being able to connect to the Internet, but her outdated technology meant it was no longer a talent. As Dreamcast kept failing to connect herself to the web, Saturn was browsing on the TV’s internet browser with its touch screen, until she found a sketchy “Sega” website that seemingly had games to download. Saturn looked up the different categories the games were organized into to see if she could find anything interesting.
  15. “Action, Adventure, Role-Playing Games, Sports… Unlicensed? What is that?” The moment Saturn said that, Mega Drive closed her book and quickly went to the TV to stop Saturn.
  16. “Don’t go there!” Mega Drive commanded “Unlicensed games are games that Sega did not allow their publication as they did not follow their standards. Who knows what can be there?”
  17. “Huh? And what do you mean by that exactly?”
  18. “Last time I tried one of those it was a game about a cute cat…”
  19. “Oh no! Not the cute cats!” Interrupted Saturn.
  20. “…who ripped his skull out” Mega Drive concluded.
  21. “Well I better go to another category before I-“
  22. “Hey! What are you guys looking on the Internet?” Dreamcast cheerfully asked as she came close to her friends, but accidentally slipped and put her finger on a button that read ‘Autopick’. The moment it was pressed, the TV screen started to glow white and sucked in all three girls. The games they visited this time were nothing they had ever seen before.
  24. Shield Break (Mega Drive’s story)
  26. A glowing white portal opened up and Mega Drive came out of it, falling flat on her face over a bricked floor. As she got up and brushed off the dirt her clothes, she looked around to try to guess what game was this. She seemed to find herself on a square arena surrounded by old stone architectures. Like the Sega expert she was, she knew exactly what game this was.
  28. “Virtua Fighter 2, on the Sega Saturn” Mega Drive thought to herself “Or at least, a game based on it. I was not very good at 1 but with the refined style I am sure I can do better”
  30. Last time Mega Drive visited Virtua Fighter 1 not only she was the only one of her classmates to be KO’d, but also most of the work done was by Dreamcast, who happened to get an overpowered attack during their stance. As Mega Drive sighed, remembering those painful memories, she heard a war cry. It was her first opponent, Lau.
  32. “Gah!” Exclaimed Mega Drive as she turned around and saw Lau running (but not too fast) towards her. As an act of reflex, she shielded her face with her book, that Lau punched. Even though it did work as a shield, the book shattered itself to pieces! With hundreds of pages flying all over the battlefield. This served as a distraction for Pau to follow up with a crouch kick, that caused Mega Drive to fall over like when she arrived.
  34. “You… are going to pay for that!” Mega Drive quickly rolled to get up and as Lau tried to kick her, she side stepped, run towards him and launched him into the air with a well-aimed knee attack. Before Pau could even land, Mega Drive juggled him in the air by hitting him with weak punches.
  36. “Great to see this technique still works!” Mega Drive exclaimed as she saw Lau’s life bar drain and drain. She finished him with a roundhouse kick as the narrator announced the fight was over. Mega Drive, in the tradition with the game, did a slight victory pose. But she realized something was missing when she kicked Pau.
  38. “Hey, where are my shoes?” Turns out Mega Drive was barefoot, which was odd for her as she did not remember taking off her shoes or socks at all. Either way it did not seem to make much difference.
  40. The game progressed quite well for Mega Drive. Akira, Jacky, Sarah… all going down with her trademark combo. It was a cheap way to win, but it was also cheap for them to break her book! Her lucky winning streak was about to come to an end, when Mega Drive teleported herself to a beach shore to fight against a familiar face: Jeffrey.
  42. “It’s him again! But it will be no match for my technique!” Mega Drive ran towards Jeffrey when she noticed her knee was stopped by something metallic. A… battle axe!? Jeffrey countered her knee by slashing her with the axe. Luckily this was still just a fighting game, so the axe did nothing but to make her fall into the ground again. She was unharmed besides that. Though that could not be said for everything…
  44. “W-What are these pieces of cloth?” Mega Drive asked herself until she recognized the color pattern. Then she looked down and saw the horror, her jacket and undershirt were nowhere to be found. She was almost topless! Luckily she still had her bra, but did not know for how long it’d last. Was clothing damage always in this game? Mega Drive did not give up. Sure, Jeffrey had a battle axe, but she knew she would still beat him. Plus, she still had clothes.
  46. Neither of those statements were true around 3 seconds later.
  48. As Mega Drive, adjusting her bra to prevent another wardrobe malfunction, got up. Jeffrey was already right in front of her, and swung his axe vertically to her. Mega Drive tried to cover herself from the axe with her bare hands, as she would do to cover from a punch. This left her unharmed, but the remaining of her clothes still shattered to pieces. Now Mega Drive was completely naked, with nothing more than her pair of glasses on her body. She blushed as red as a tomato as she covered her breasts with one of her arms and her crotch with the other. She did not bother to move, as she froze in place due to her embarrassment. She knew it was just a game but, what if anybody was seeing her? Jeffrey showed no mercy for the undressed lady and drained the last bit of her health bar with a simple kick. He posed to celebrate and suddenly vanished.
  50. Mega Drive was now alone, laying on the sandy ground with nothing to cover herself. Over her head the words “Continue?” and a decreasing number appeared. Still dizzy from her last battle, she got up, with her hands still across her bare body. As quickly as possible she got her arm out of her tits to click on the letters.
  52. “P-Please, let this be the moment I get my clothes back” Mega Drive begged, but that was not the case. She found herself once again face-to-face with Jeffrey, and none of her outfit came back for round two. “I’m out of here!” Mega Drive exclaimed.
  54. She went from having a winning streak to having to streak, as she ran as fast as she could to get out of the battle arena. Jeffrey followed her, given he was still fighting her, but Mega Drive could not stop thinking that he just wanted to stare at her exposed assets. She found herself on a difficult situation, as the only two ways she could get away from Jeffrey would be either going into the water, or climbing one of the palm trees.
  56. Mega Drive’s heart pounded faster than her Blast Processor would even be able to go, as she had to deal with her lack of skill of swimming by climbing up the palm tree.
  58. “He’s not staring at you; he’s not staring at you…” Mega Drive tried convincing herself. Climbing the tree meant she had to spread herself more than usual. With her ass in the air for everybody to see, and the feeling of wood over her sensitive parts, she started to feel rather tingly inside. She shook off these feelings by reminding herself in which situation she was in. So she hurried up and reached the top of the tree.
  60. Jeffrey, however, had a plan. He started chopping off the tree like a lumberjack! Mega Drive face palmed realizing she should not have tried hiding on a tree from a guy with an axe as she just accepted her fate. But when the tree was going down, and she was about to fall right into the water… a portal opened up and she went right in.
  62. Showoff de Amigo (Saturn’s story)
  64. Saturn came out of the portal, landing on her butt. She arrived on a completely different place, this being some sort of backstage. It was dark and rather untidy, but what was on the backstage was not important. On the floor, there was a circular window, and peeking through it Saturn saw a beautiful and colorful stage, full of strange looking people as a rather loud festive tune played. Saturn immediately recognised what game she was in the moment she saw a Sombrero-Wearing monkey alongside them.
  66. “Oh, this must be that ‘Samba de Amigo’ game Dreamcast always talks about” Saturn commented, as she kept staring at the party that happened down there. “She always considers herself a master at rhythm games, but I am going to prove I am better than her at music!”
  68. It was no surprise Saturn, despite being friends with her, was a bit jealous of Dreamcast. She always felt like a teacher’s pet and never really seem to suffer through the same sort of problems she had to. But now that Dreamcast was possibly in another game, it was Saturn’s time to show off! But not too much, she was a bit shy. While humming “Super Sonic Racing”, Saturn went to the closets of the backstage to find an appropriate costume for the Carnival, but in her way she noticed a pedestal which had an inscription saying “Dress Up Here”.
  69. Without even getting to pick a costume, Saturn placed herself in the pedestal, believing it was some sort of auto-dress up feature. And turns out, it was! Saturn’s outfit sparkled and turned into a traditional Mariachi outfit, complete with a Sombrero.
  71. “Fun, but from the wrong country” The machine seemed to listen to her as she went through another sparkly change of clothes. This time she found herself on a fancy tuxedo.
  73. “Eh, it’s not this kind of party” The machine once again listened to change Saturn into a beautiful white dress. “Yes! This one is perfect!” This time the machine did not listen though, as it replaced the dress with a purple jester outfit.
  75. “I liked the dress, but this one is fine too, I love Nights!” The machine kept malfunctioning, replacing the Nights cosplay with something more appropriate for the carnival, but could be considered “inappropriate” by some. It was a skimpy pink bikini with hearts on each side of the top, a pair of green butterfly wings and a feathery pink hat.
  77. “Hey! I want to get the attention of my audience but not this much!” Sadly for Saturn, this suggestion was also ignored when the machine changed her outfit with one that was seemingly the same but with two major differences. First of all, the colors of it were now rainbow-themed. And secondly, it included no bikini!
  79. “Eh!? What the hell!?” Shouted Saturn as she covered up “I’m not going there like this, I’m pretty much in the nude!” For one last time, the machine did not listen to Saturn’s criticisms, as the pedestal started going down like an elevator, essentially carrying her to where the Carnival was being celebrated. “No! No! Bad machine! Bad machine! Go up already!”
  81. It did not go up.
  83. The pedestal kept going down as much as Saturn kept hitting the walls of the elevator thinking it would stop. But as soon as it reached its destiny, a door opened to reveal that Saturn was, indeed, where the carnival was happening. Luckily for her she still had her butterfly wings, so she used those as a coat before she became exposed to the audience. Saturn walked shyly out of the pedestal. Her front was perfectly hidden, but the wings did not do a good job at covering her rear end.
  85. She paraded all the way to the edge of the stage, where she found Amigo, the monkey she recognised. He took off his hat and took something out of it. Saturn hopelessly expected it to be another bikini, but it was just a pair of maracas. Sheepishly, Saturn opened up her wings as little as she could to grab the maracas and use them as her cover up as soon as she picked them up. She liked to think she managed to have her naughty bits hidden, but her nipples were perfectly in view the moment she opened the wings.
  87. Samba music started playing and Amigo, with his own pair of maracas, started dancing at the beat of the music. In front of Saturn there was a TV Screen showing at what moment she should shake her maracas herself, and she tried doing that. Not by dancing like Amigo was doing, but by simply shaking them but moving no other part of her body. She would never do that! If this indecency was not enough, at one point the song stopped, and all of the bizarre people who were dancing alongside her kept staring at her with bad eyes.
  89. What was she doing wrong? Amigo placed himself in front of her and moved in a way where the position of his arms matched with the visual aid of the TV.
  91. “Y-You want me to do that!?” Saturn asked nervously, to which Amigo nodded. “Well, here goes nothing…”
  93. Saturn accepted her fate and decided to finally uncover and do what the monkey told her to do. Moving her arms and legs up and down, focusing only on the TV not just to do it right but also to forget the exhibitionism she was partaking in, Saturn was truly on a situation she had never been before. Sure she was already seen in her underwear by the entire galaxy when she went to Space Channel 5 but this was somehow more humiliating, more personal. Yet, she was having fun! By the time the song was almost over, she had pretty much forgotten about her state of undress, even making up her own dance moves to spice up the show-off. She was still sweating and wondering when it was going to end.
  95. With a dual pose by her and Amigo, the song ended and both the audience and the rest of the dancers applauded at her, as she saluted to them in gratitude. Then, her embarrassment kicked back up when she looked at the TV screen again.
  97. “N-Ninety Nine percent of ratings?” Saturn stuttered, to which Amigo nodded. “A-Are we being broadcasted on TV!?” He nodded even more.
  98. Saturn could not believe it. What she thought was just a little bit naughty ended up showing off her two “planets” and more to possibly the whole galaxy again. Saturn looked at herself, with only ridiculous accessories on, and blushed harder than ever. The thought of what she just did, willingly, made her faint. But before she could hit the floor, a portal appeared and went through it.
  100. Mind Games (Dreamcast’s story)
  102. Dreamcast elegantly came out of her portal to land on what seemed to be a forest. Said forest did not have that many trees, it could even be seen as just some plains, but the forest itself was not what was important. Instead, the point of interest was a cave, which coincidentally was right next to where Dreamcast landed. The moment she saw it, she knew exactly what to do.
  104. “A fantasy RPG, like Skies of Arcadia! I’m so excited!” Dreamcast yelled as she took little hops to enter the cave.
  106. It was very dark inside, so Dreamcast took off the controller from her forehead and used its lights as an improvised flashlight. It was rocky and full of moss inside, with not much of interest at first glance. However, as soon as she came across what seemed to be two rectangular “holes” side by side, the cave lightened up. From inside the cave, another explorer arrived, this time with an actual torch. She was a redhead girl with a blue headband and a blue outfit that looked more like a schoolgirl uniform.
  108. “Is that, Arle Nadja? This is not an RPG, it’s Puyo Puyo!” Dreamcast said, still excited, even though deep down she knew she sucked at puzzle games. It did not help that she was a little chubbier than usual, and the differences did not stop as she started talking. Well, less “talking” more of a giant text box appearing over her head.
  110. “I’m going to… make you eat my dust… in a game of Puyo…” Dreamcast read, slowly “Hey, that is rude!”
  112. Arle remained speechless as a pair of Puyos started falling on both of the previously mentioned holes. The game was on! Arle used a strange structure that looked like a controller to control the falling Puyos, while Dreamcast casually discovered her own forehead controller worked.
  114. Dreamcast concentrated herself on her own side, slowly but carefully planning her strategies. But after just a few seconds, some Garbage Puyos fell on Dreamcast side. Already? Well given who she was battling against, she could expect some early attacks like those. Even then she kept trying to make combos, thinking they are good, until another barrage of blocks fell on her side. She did not know if Arle was in the same position as her, but she did begin to feel something strange, like a draft of air.
  116. “M-My panties!?” Said Dreamcast as she moved her view away from the board to look at where she was feeling chilly. Her skirt was gone, revealing her Chao panties to whoever was seeing her. She tugged down her shirt when she started seeing it slowly dematerialize. Dreamcast was now in her underwear! She quickly realized why as she squealed in embarrassment. The more Garbage Puyos fell on her side, the more she’ll start being stripped!
  118. At this point, Dreamcast shifted from casual to serious mode. She grabbed into her controller and spun around the Puyos like she had never had before. Combinations of 4, 5, 6, linking each other back and forth… Dreamcast truly felt like a master that time. At a point where she knew nothing could stop her, she smugly smiled and looked at Arle. She was fully clothed for some reason, but her board was full of Garbage Puyos. Dreamcast pulled a “The Hare and the Tortoise” and relaxed, she knew she was going to win, and wearing nothing but the minimum (and some boots).
  120. But Arle pulled something else, a lever that was next to her controller structure. Giant letters stating “SWAP!” appeared out of thin air and both of the boards cleared up. The game seemed to have reset itself, but instead of falling Puyos, it was jewels!
  122. “Wait! That’s not fair I have never played this one!” Dreamcast rapidly grabbed her controller but it was too late. Why are there columns of 3? Why are the garbage blocks coming from below and not from above? Why don’t they rotate?? Before she knew, Dreamcast’s board was filled with jewels, which went overboard and fell all over the floor. In a similar way, her underwear melted, leaving her wearing nothing but a pair of boots! As Arle giggled at her naked opponent, Dreamcast tried not to show her much of her boobs and pussy as she bent down to grab some of the jewels. She held two of them over her breasts and another one on her crotch, thinking it would cover enough. These jewels were semi-transparent though, meaning all she did was tinting her nude body artificially.
  124. Dreamcast had to get out of there! Running away, careful not to drop her jewels, found the entrance to the cave, but once again tripped with a rock, dropping all of them. Luckily enough, a portal opened right about when she was about to fall.
  126. Ending
  128. At unison, the three girls came out of the TV and fell on one another. The soft texture they were all feeling made them feel rather aroused, but weirded out. Why could it be? Oh yeah, they are all in their birthday suits!
  130. The three girls kept squealing at each other as they got up and kept the distance. Now that they were all covering, blushing and far enough to not feel too attracted to each other, they remained in silence, waiting to see if any of them was going to explain what happened.
  132. “Oh ho! I see you are back, Sega Hard Girls” It was Professor Center, he was on screen again.
  133. “P-Professor! We were not doing anything… like that” Mega Drive tried to explain, still with her hands glued to her sensitive spots (and still slightly wet because of what happened to her).
  134. “We were only…”
  135. “There was a website…”
  136. “I told them not to…!”
  137. “Puzzles!” “Samba!” “Axes!”
  139. The three girls kept interrupting each other before Center shouted:
  141. “SILENCE!” All three got quiet “I know what you all did, and it seemed like it was not a lot of fun in the end. I hope you have all learnt a lesson”
  142. “To not battle someone at Puyo if it’s rigged?” Dreamcast asked.
  143. “Not to check out unlicensed games?” Saturn followed up.
  144. “Books are better than games?” Mega Drive sheepishly questioned.
  145. “INCORRECT!” Professor Center shouted again. “The moral is not to touch the teacher’s stuff! As a punishment, I’ll be keeping these for the rest of the day!” Center showed a screen with the girls’ uniforms, all vanishing with a special effect.
  146. “Eh!? You want us to stay naked and exposed!?” Saturn yelled.
  147. “Well, yes, to the first one, but you won’t be exposed, Sega Hard Girls”
  149. Giant black boxes appeared over the three’s naughty bits. It was not clothing in the slightest, but at least they would not have to worry about being seen like this as those boxes would cover up everything.
  151. “Bless censorship in games…” Mega Drive sighed, forgetting how much she was against them back in her days. She simply took out another book from the shelf and read it, completely ignoring whatever happened.
  152. “Hey Saturn” Cheerfully asked Dreamcast.
  153. “What’s up?”
  154. “We may not be able to see them, but we can still touch them”
  155. As Dreamcast poked Saturn somewhere that made her heart pulse raise to the max, she knew it was going to be a longer, awkward day.
  158. Oh and Segata Sanshiro? He was not in this story.
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